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    In our 'The Bold and the Beautiful' News Room, keeps you up-to-date with the latest Soap Opera news on the net. We also feature interviews with the soap stars, as well as local appearances by the actors and actresses.

    B&B Poll: Brooke And Bill's Loyalty.

    Wednesday, August 07 2013

    Will they slip up?

    Katie has been wronged in the worst way possible and continues to test those who claim to be loyal to her. In this case, Bill and Brooke. However, it wouldn't take much for Bill or Brooke to slip up and may only be a matter of time before one or both of them does. Will Bill and Brooke stay loyal to Katie, or will they give in to any lingering feelings for each other and throw caution to the wind at all costs?

    Vote from the choices below then feel free to leave us a comment on what you would like to see happen next.

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    - Amy Mistretta

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    Posted by TF Anne at Wednesday, August 07 2013 06:07 AM

    I voted both will go to each other because that is what I want to happen. I like Katie as she is now strong and running that business and loved the way she did it to him. She has been cow tawing to Bill for too long and I hate it. I don't like the logans, but Katie is about the only one I can stand, so keep her strong and let them slip again and Katie lay into to them one more time and kick their butts out of her life and the baby's.

    GO KATIE!!!! You do not want him or her back in your life! What they did is unforgiveable. I would never take my husband back or my sister would never be in my life again and not my baby's thats for sure.

    Posted by bothersome at Wednesday, August 07 2013 06:51 AM

    I've got mixed feelings about Bill and Katie. While I'd like to see them together again (their's was a REAL love story!!), I TOTALLY hate him and Brooke for sleeping with each other. No matter what Katie did to throw them together, YOU NEVER SLEEP WITH YOUR SISTER'S HUSBAND!!!! Also, when you're living with post partum depression and a real fear of dying, you do some pretty jacked up stuff. ANYWAY...although I do like Katie taking back control of her life, I know that she loves Bill and Bill REALLY does love her. What do you do?

    Posted by Yvonnenae at Wednesday, August 07 2013 07:26 AM

    I'm getting back to watching B&B and would like to know what happen to Ridge and Shephaine?

    Posted by Vero89 at Wednesday, August 07 2013 10:06 AM

    Brooke is the most disgusting character of this soap! Please do not put Bill and Brooke together! No person in their right mind would want to see this w**** together with her brother in law!

    Posted by ShadowKat24 at Wednesday, August 07 2013 11:19 AM

    I voted that Brooke will but Bill won't. Even though Katie pretty well set them up to be together, once Brooke Logan has a piece, she tends to think that any man she has been with, she is automatically entitled too.
    Hey Katie, If you didn't want something to happen between those two, why did you set it up in the first place, and why are you continuing to do it now, when you know what the outcome will be?
    I don't believe in the whole post partum depression crap. I think she may just have completely lost it lol. Maybe she wanted this all along. Either way, I like the Katie now and I don't want to see her back with Bill because once trust is lost, you can never get it back. It doesn't matter how many times those two are tested, those thoughts will always be running in Katie's mind. Will does deserve both parents, but he doesn't need them in the same house when their relationship is broken.
    Plus, Bill and Brooke are just too much alike, so let them make each other as miserable as possible until they finally burn out.

    Posted by SickOfLogans at Wednesday, August 07 2013 11:35 AM

    Katie should have put CHEATER's on that case... For Bill to go to Monte Carlo and sleep with Brooke because Katie put in ICAM... Why is he upset.....He continues to let Brooke disrespect Katie by bringing up the dropped seed, she received through and adulteress affair, Brooke continues to dream about her and Bill's Adulteress affair. She stays alone with Bill when Katie sends him to relieve her, she continues to take the attention off Katie for self yet Bill doesn't see this as being manipulative by Brooke. But yet he sees that mold in Katie's eyes... Let's see what reason Katie has for the Nanny Cams.

    1) He and Brooke inappropriate Behavior with each other are the reason for the Cam's...

    2)Brooke speaks inappropriate to Will about Dropped Seed....

    Bill and Brooke gage into each others eyes, even inappropriate touches by Brooke.

    4) Bill hasn't put distance between he and Brooke for the sake of family..

    5) Bill involve himself in FC. business, Katie is CEO if she wants Brooke in Monte Carlo's for FC/SP business why not let Katie do the asking?

    6) Didn't use this time away To Monte Carlo's as bonding time for his marriage?

    Posted by Luvdasoaps at Wednesday, August 07 2013 04:29 PM

    These Logan's are a bunch idiots! Idiots!!! Complete idiots!

    Posted by ziva at Saturday, August 10 2013 08:13 AM

    to the Yvonnenae Ridge Left after hhe and Brooke got married at Stephanie"s house they left for Europe but Brooke come back alone and Ridge stayed to FC in Paris apparently Brooke sent text message to Hope's real father without telling Ridge, just a very flimsy excuse because the actor Ron Moss Left B&B. As for Stephanie she go cancer 2 years a go and seemed like she was getting better but the cancer come back and she died just before christmas last year, I hope I did answer your Question.

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