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    The Bold And The Beautiful Spoiler Video: Taylor's Truth.

    Thursday, June 27 2013

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    Posted by kalsav156 at Friday, June 28 2013 11:20 AM

    The problem that everyone has with this is that Taylor is acting as if she HAS to do this and its her duty. She isn't acknowledging several issues.
    1. She broke I don't know how many HIPPA laws obtaining the information on brooke at the hospital
    2. She claims that Katie's best interest is her main concern. If that were true and she felt that Katie had a right to know she wouldn't embarass her in front of all these people. She would talk to her in private and tell her the truth.
    3. She claims that this isn't revenge on brooke. That is a bold face lie. If it wasn't revenge she just wouldn't have shown up at the party, she would have outed her to her sister in private and outed her to her face.

    Everyone's problem is not defending brookes actions. She was deplorable, and so was Bill. Its Taylor being a hypocrite claiming Katie is her patient and she has a duty to tell her as her doctor. That is a delusion in her own mind. No decent doctor would ever do such a thing to their own patient. She just wants her pound of flesh. Does Brooke deserve it? YES!!!! But their are other innocent people involved who are going to be devestated and embarrassed. And she could care less.

    Posted by Ronnie12345 at Friday, June 28 2013 11:24 AM

    Of course Katie should know...but not this way. This was done purely to get at Brooke. Taylor is a doctor and always going on that she cares for Katie. She should have told her in private and with more compassion.

    Posted by soapsalive at Sunday, June 30 2013 07:33 AM

    Really it doesn't matter how Katie finds out, the truth is devasting no matter who tells it. Obviously no one else was going to tell it, you know like her loved ones so kudos Taylor, you finally get your chance to nail that no good HOgan! Don't hate on Taylor for Brroke's whorish ways. Brooke has meddled in Taylor's life forever, karma is what this is called!

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