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    Wednesday, June 26 2013

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    Posted by kayy666 at Friday, June 28 2013 03:37 PM

    Plastic face Taylor needs to go see a shrink!! All that anger isn't good!! Hope needs to get over Liam and find a real man.

    Posted by Dikee at Saturday, June 29 2013 12:14 AM

    Eric is to old for Taylor anyway, and Taylor should tell every lie Brooke has told and done, Brooke has gotten away with too much. how can you find it's OK to sleep with your sister husband under no reason, Brooke is a "B"
    today, just as in the past. I really wonder about me following such foolish all these years. I am going to start doing something more positive because these stories lines are too crazy. Anyway the writer is ,making Hope a litte Brooke. Taylor is and has always been more beautiful than Brooke,and a lady.

    Posted by Samantha Love at Saturday, June 29 2013 06:59 AM

    Why Brooke always have to sleep with someone husband or man is time now her role change to be a decent person, and Y is Caroline being so desperate forcing him to be with her,he doesn't want her he want Maya.

    Posted by Sweetvixen4338 at Saturday, June 29 2013 12:52 PM

    What kind of slimy ho is Brooke ? She has no respect for boundaries. There are some you just don't cross. So Katie said for her and bill to be together, Katie was in a depressed state. Brooke has slept with all her daughters men. She got hope by Deacon while telling Bridgette that he wasn't good enough for her. How could she not tell her husband of many years from a boy? Oliver, her daughter Hope boyfriend! After all the ratchet stuff she's done to Taylor, how could Taylor not hate her. If I was writing this scene, not only would I have Taylor tell it but slap Brooke for every time she slapped Taylor in the past. If its Taylor being thrown out, Katie should still give dear sister Brooke far worse.

    Posted by xjustbestrong at Sunday, June 30 2013 08:41 PM

    Can't watch this preview as it giving me this

    Configuration Error: Invalid Video ID

    Fix this issue, I wanna watch this preview

    Posted by PattyL at Monday, July 01 2013 07:04 PM

    Also, Brooke needs to see a plastic surgeon. She has crow-feet around the eyes, old lady wrinkle lips, and, aging skin. Brooke also need to see a shrink, to find out why she sleeps with her daughter's husbands, and, boyfriends. Her sister husband. Her husband's sons,and, any man that's available. Well, now, there is Wyatt, Liam and Thomas left. and, we know Hope has dated all of them..

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