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    Friday, June 14 2013

    Decision time. (CBS)
    "B&B" Breakdown
    Week of June 10 - 14:

    There was no shortage of discussion-worth events this week. The variety of characters and stories has been awesome. Thoughts:

    No longer pregnant.
    It's always amazing when something happens in a soap storyline that no one sees coming. So much is leaked in spoilers that the element of shock and surprise is a rare thing nowadays. They pulled it off with Brooke suddenly being told she was no longer pregnant - heck, we all thought the big deal was going to be her confessing to Bill. Nice going! Also, it's good that Brooke's not going to have Bill's baby - it was yucky and really quite a stretch.

    Weighing in.
    You have to laugh at everyone in town weighing in on whether or not Liam and Steffy should try for another baby again right away. Mind your business!

    Steffy's decision.
    Although it was a tad melodramatic for Steffy to go to Hope and tell her to give Liam what she cannot, it made for entertaining viewing just to see Hope's reaction. As for Steffy, as much as it's such a sad storyline twist for her, it's an ingenious way to send the character off the canvas for a while...and to keep the dreaded triangle from having complete closure...again.

    Take a hint! (CBS)
    Only our new and improved Caroline would plan a photo shoot for Maya with a jail cell in it. Maya's obvious displeasure with the set-up made for a pretty entertaining couple of scenes. I couldn't help wondering why Rick didn't put a stop to it, knowing that Caroline was baiting Maya.

    Wrong person to mess with.
    It looks like Maya has way more backbone than Rick. It was fabulous how she waltzed into Dollar Bill's office and basically told him to go fish. Not to mention that she also 'handled' Bill's niece, underwear and all, later. Wow! Should Maya have confronted Bill? Let us know what you think by voting in's B&B Maya's Move poll.

    What did you think of "B&B" this week? Let us know by posting below.

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    - Candace Young

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    Posted by dairymaid at Friday, June 14 2013 11:25 AM

    Thanks, Candace for the B&B Breakdown. Awesome as always! I agree that the story of Brooke pregnancy was quite a stretch! It was such a quick turnaround even in "soap time" for her to be "pregnant" in such a short time after sleeping with "Dollar Bill"! The fact that she is "no longer" pregnant lets her "off the hook", so to speak, when it comes to keeping the affair between herself and her sister Katie's husband (old dollar Bill). I do not know much about the triangle between Steffy/Liam/Hope (have not been watching for very long) but it was sad to see Steffy break it off with Liam and to leave. On the other hand, I am enjoying the Caroline/Rick/Maya storyline very much! I am very glad that Maya stepped up to the plate and told Bill off! She did it with such class! I am also glad that she finally told Rick what had been going on and she did it in front of Caroline. Cannot wait for next week's episodes.

    Posted by dramaqueen333 at Friday, June 14 2013 11:55 AM

    I think the only reason for the stupid Brooke is pregnant/no she’s not story is that now Eric and Donna know the truth, and you know one of them will spill the beans at some point. Katie will be devastated and there won’t even be a baby.

    Brooke asked NO questions when told she was no longer pregnant. None. She obviously didn’t bleed, but she seemed to take the news with no reaction at all. The baby just dissolved into thin air?

    I don’t know why everyone weighing in on Steffy and Liam having a baby should be any different than everyone weighing in on everything else the triangle trio has done for the last year or so. For a while all Bill and Taylor and Ridge and Stephanie and Brooke and Katie and Eric could talk about was Hope versus Steffy in relationship to Liam.

    Did Caroline really think she would score points with Rick by tormenting Maya? I guess she’s really that clueless. I loved that Maya did not back down from Big Bill or his underwear-clad niece. She should give some of her moxie to Hope. Next thing you know, Bill is going to want Maya for Liam! She’s acting like Steffy used to.

    Speaking of Steffy – no. The real Steffy would have asked a thousand questions. The real Steffy would have gotten a second and a third and a tenth opinion. The real Steffy would have scoured the earth to find a doctor to “fix” her. The real Steffy would have understood that there are other ways to make a family and to make Liam a daddy such as adoption and surrogacy. The real Steffy would never have taken “no” for an answer. And the real Steffy would not have handed her husband over to any other woman, much less her rival.

    This story reminds me exactly of the Owen/Jackie/Bridget story of a couple of years ago. Jackie knew she couldn’t give Owen what he wanted (a baby), so she basically “gave” her husband away (and to Bridget). Or the much more recent one with Katie “giving” Bill to Brooke. Now just imagine if Ridge had tried to “give” Brooke to Thorne, or if Bill tried to “give” Katie to Justin. I guess it’s okay for women to give their husbands away, but not vice-versa? Wake up writers, this is stupid. Men are not books to be shared between pals.

    Posted by ShadowKat24 at Saturday, June 15 2013 10:48 AM

    Omg so happy Brooke miscarried. Can you say Bridget and deacon all over again? I'm sure she will probably tell Katie about having sex with Bill anyway because she has a taste she just can't stop. I wish they would just write Brooke out completely, but she just causes too much drama and turmoil for that so that will never happen.

    Posted by MTD 2006 at Saturday, June 15 2013 10:49 PM

    Its sad what happened to Steffy but Liam deserved it and much more i hope that Hope will open her eyes and leave Liam for good i really hate Liam since the day he showed his face to the show i think he so stupid he cant make decisions for him self.

    Posted by ShadowKat24 at Sunday, June 16 2013 10:16 AM

    Totally agree with your comment about Liam. He complained so much about being compared to Ridge, but he is acting just like him! He is constantly letting his overbearing father rule his decisions about who to spend his life with( Ridge and Stephanie). I'm sorry but any man who can choose someone who would be willing to not only put her life at risk but her own child is ignorant. I don't think Steffy is right for him because she is always keeping secrets from him. How can any relationship flourish without trust? Hope would be better off with this new guy because Liam can't handle a woman who would let him make his own choices. I can see where this is probably going to go though. If Hope is being pursued by someone else, it will just make Liam want her more because most guys want a challenge, not a woman who wants to through herself at you at every opportunity which is pretty much what Hope has being doing.

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