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    Friday, May 17 2013

    Tearjerker. (CBS)
    "B&B" Breakdown
    Week of May 13 - 17:

    It certainly wasn't a 'feel good' week on "B&B" as Steffy lost the baby, Brooke continued to deal with her dilemma, and Maya was framed. Thoughts on the week:

    Uncle Bill's blackmail.
    At first it seemed ridiculous that Bill would put himself out for Caroline, whom he had nearly disowned, or that she would even go to him. However, given that Caroline's had a personality transplant and is no longer all about honesty and integrity, and Bill always welcomes a way to have someone indebted to him, it's not so unbelievable after all. It's humorous how Alison always adds her observations to the mix before running off to do Bill's bidding. I think she likes living on the edge!

    Jesse's girl.
    It's not hard to see a future for Jesse on this show - sexy, semi-reformed bad boy. Rawr! I'd love to see Caroline fall for him while fighting it every step of the way. He has great chemistry with his ex, Maya, too, so there are plenty of possibilities. The set-up at the nightclub was pretty transparent, but the photograph will probably be all Bill needs to convince Maya to ditch Rick. We'll see. Do you think Jesse should stick around? Vote in's B&B Jesse’s Potential poll.

    You are the father. (CBS)
    The happiness Steffy and Liam shared is on thin ice now that she blames herself for losing their baby, and he apparently does too. Such powerful scenes between Liam and Bill! Most heart-wrenching, however, was the scene where Steffy realized that she'd lost the baby. So sad and emotional! It will be a complicated road forward for the newlyweds now - especially with Hope hovering.

    You are the father.
    Wow! Brooke is certainly presumptuous. Never mind that Eric is living with Taylor, Brooke just informs him that he will be the father of her child. As though he owes her some enormous debt or something. Gah! I would love to see him refuse, so she would have to face the music, but it's not likely to happen. He will likely kowtow to Brooke's demands and sacrifice to protect Katie - something Brooke should have done when she was in the bedroom with Bill.

    What did you think of "B&B" this week? Let us know by posting below.

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    - Candace Young

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    Posted by SassyR at Friday, May 17 2013 11:18 AM

    First of all, Bill Spencer needs to back off of Maya and handle his own brewing problems. Brooke really should face the music on this one. There must be some repercussions for repeating her past mistakes over and over again. Not to mention that I would like to see Katie hand it to both her and Bill for their thoughtless infidelty. When your sister gets angry about your spending way too much time with their husband, you do not reward yourself by sleeping with him under any circumstance.

    As for Liam and his daddy's heart to heart, it was touching! Nice to see Liam express some raw emotion for a change. I hope that he and Steffy works it out and leave Hope out of the picture

    Posted by OLD ENOUGH at Friday, May 17 2013 11:34 AM

    Well I don't normal post to any of this. However, I have been a viewer of the B&B since it began and I can honestly say "I'M DONE" This show is totally ridiculous. When the writers finally get a good story line going they end up blowing it. I'm so sick of the slutty Logans. I think maybe Ridge was the smartest of them all. GET OUT OF DODGE while you still have some sanity.

    Posted by jc1234 at Friday, May 17 2013 11:35 AM

    How can Brook ask something like that to Eric. And he is so stupid to accept it? Wow. Brook should face the consequences of her action for once.
    So... she can save Katie marriage but ruin Taylor relationship with Eric? OH come on. I was already giving up on watching this when Brook had sex with Bill. But I think is the time to not watch this crap anymore.

    Posted by Shadows Mom at Friday, May 17 2013 12:03 PM

    So sick of the logan show, and to kill a baby around mothers day, unforgivable, to make it worse brooke gets to keep her baby with her brother in law and again destroy Taylors happiness at the same time.

    Bill needs to leave Maya alone and deal with the mess he made of his marraige, he and brooke need to confess their adultary.

    Liam better man up and remember all the pain he's already caused Steffy and she forgave him, he needs to stay away from cry baby hope. but the writers wont do any of that, that is why I'm so done with this show.

    Posted by DINO1200 at Friday, May 17 2013 12:09 PM

    This show has gone from the sublime to the ridiculous, the way it is written is very questionable about the views of women, making them out to be trampy and totally hung up on the same man, all back and forth with nothing new or exciting to offer the viewers, I have quit watching and was a viewer from day one, sorry Bell, your repetition and low vision of women has made me tired of this. Thank you for making me see what a waste of time this show hasw become

    Posted by Katz123 at Friday, May 17 2013 12:22 PM

    Maya's story needs to pick up the pace, the story there is long and drawn out, boring at this point. I like Jesse, hope he adds some spark to the show. I hope he sticks around, he's a good actor. just please don't have him fall in love with Brooke and sleep with her.

    Eric - stupidest story line ever. I know Eric likes to protect Brooke (because she's so helpless all the time). We all now that he is going to go along with it, kick Taylor out of their house, and show little remorse for hurting Taylor and why? because it's Brooke. Why can't Brooke just say she slept with some random guy in a bar, people would believe it. Taylor yet again has reason to hate Brooke, which I am glad HT is leaving if this is the best s/l they can think of for her.

    It would be nice to actually see Steffy and Liam attempt to repair their marriage and deal with their emotions instead of running away from them. The triangle is so boring, give Steffy, Liam and Hope something else to do, besides hanging around waiting for Liam to decide who is marrying this week. All of those actors have talent that is now being wasted on the triangle.

    Posted by foots at Friday, May 17 2013 01:43 PM

    Because as always Brook gets what she wants no matter who it hurts. That is why I don watch any more I read the messages.
    It is a shame she wants Eric to take the fall for Bill's baby.
    This soap is out of control. There will be no viewers except for the Hogans.

    Posted by foots at Friday, May 17 2013 01:47 PM

    I love the actor who is playing Jesse. Maybe I come back to see him on the soap. He was on the Y&R, he was a nut case but he is good. Hope to see him when he is on. Did I miss him. I stopped watching B&B.

    Posted by coop53 at Friday, May 17 2013 02:19 PM

    I remember watching the first episode of the Bold and Beautiful from the common room in my dorm in '87. I was a freshman and watched the show faithfully since then. I registered to this site to simply say farewell to the show I have watched since I was 18. I told my husband if they killed off Steffy and Liam's soon to be born child I would never watch the show again. I am keeping that pledge and saying farewell. The show has certainly taken a turn for the worst and just re-playing old and recycled scripts. It has really gotten too predictable and tiresome. The spoiler say the "Liam kisses Hope" next week and that just spoils my faith in the writer and human nature. They should re-name the show, "The Logan's." Oh well. The summer will probably be more productive without watching......

    Posted by Steph123 at Tuesday, May 21 2013 09:57 AM

    I don't understand why everyone is so against Hope and all for Steffy. Steffy is a selfish little b@#ch and has caused nothing but heart ache for Hope. Yes, it is awfull Steffy was stupid and selfish and got on the motorcycle and killed the baby. Taylor is absolutely sad to watch, she is so insecure and jealous she is pathetic and should not be a psychiatris, she needs to see one. Taylor and Steffy are not poor innocent little victims like everyone is making them out to be, they are evil...and you can bet if Ridge came back into town and told Taylor he loved her she would dump Erick so fast. Liam deserves to lose both Steffy and Hope.

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