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    In our 'The Bold and the Beautiful' News Room, keeps you up-to-date with the latest Soap Opera news on the net. We also feature interviews with the soap stars, as well as local appearances by the actors and actresses.

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    Friday, April 19 2013

    Carowhine. (CBS)
    "B&B" Breakdown
    Week of April 15 - 19:

    The show moved at a good pace this week and continued to focus on numerous characters - awesome!

    Well, Katie woke up kicking her own butt for ever doubting her husband and sister. Gah! As for Brooke and Bill, the heart wants what it wants and all that, but it's still not possible to feel a thing for Brooke when she sheds tears over her stallion - they just moved way too fast and behaved too selfishly - the inappropriate factor of it all is just too high to get on board with their forbidden love. Unfortunate, because they do share amazing chemistry - perhaps if this had all played out differently... In any case, it looks like Bill will try again with Katie. It will probably go well until the Bill/Brooke tryst is revealed. I wonder if Katie will have another heart attack? Talk about nine lives! Did you feel sad for Brooke and Bill this week? Let know by voting in our B&B Goodbye Stallion poll.

    It has to be said that the 'new' Caroline seems to get more hilarious with each week that goes by. It's still offensive that a character can completely change without viewers being given any kind of explanation, but in this case, the change added to the character's entertainment value. That said, she may not have the same potential as long-term leading lady she had before, but it's all good for now. Get this girl a hot guy to be her playtoy!

    Motorcycle mama. (CBS)
    Carter non-starter.
    Carter may be sporting an 8 pack, but otherwise the character's sort of dry and dull. Also, it was weird that he asked Liam if he'd introduce him to Marcus' real dad, Justin. Why wouldn't Marcus have done that? Where is Marcus anyway?

    Motorcycle mama.
    It was such a relief that Steffy and Liam were allowed to be genuinely happy in the lead up to their wedding instead of marring it with a bunch of 'dreaded triangle' innuendo and doubt. All the family interactions were really well done too - realistic dialogue as opposed to saying dippy things that make it sound like they're living in a fairytale just because it's a wedding. Liam's words to Hope were believable too - people do think about paths not taken. Anyway, it was classic Steffy to roar up the driveway on a motorcycle dressed in a black lacy outfit - loved it!

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    - Candace Young

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    Posted by IHeartLizzie at Friday, April 19 2013 12:15 PM

    I love Liam and Steffy! Steam is where it is. They are Soulmates because their stars aren't crossed they're aligned. I hope the Spencers have a long and happy marriage. Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. William 'Liam' Spencer III. Can't wait to meet bby Spencer in 6 months

    Posted by maxdeb at Friday, April 19 2013 01:51 PM

    I can't believe that Steffy and Liam are getting married! Go Hope - ruin Steffy and Liam's wedding like Steffy has always messed up your weddings one way or another. Steffy has been out to get Liam ever since Hope and Liam hooked up. Taylor is just pathetic how she is always saying, "Hope needs to respect Steffy and Liam's Relationship." PLEASE..........Steffy never respected Liam and Hope and I am so tired of Taylor and Steffy always mouthing off about the Logans - I think they both better take a look in the mirror because Taylor certainly is no saint - she's bedded all the Forester men including Brooke's son so where does she get off being so saintly!! Then to boot, she killed Darla - why isn't anything ever brought up about the things she has done. I certainly hope the tables turn and Taylor and Steffy get what they deserve....

    Posted by grannyoffive1957 at Friday, April 19 2013 01:59 PM

    what a bunch of crap!!!Stefface sure was not pregnant on that bike,come on writers,you could see her stomach through that ugly cult looking dress she was wearing!!!IT IS AMAZING HOW HOPE IS CRITIZED FOR BEING AN HONEST,MORAL PERSON BUT SLUTTY AND HER PUCKER LIP MOM ARE PRAISED FOR THEIR ACTIONS,IF AHAOPE AND bROOKE ARE SUCH trash WHAT DOES THAT SAY ABOUT THEM?after all stefface and pucker lips always take the Logans leftovers!!!!and you are making Eric look like a horney old man that is about to get screwed over,but literally!!!What a waste of a good show!!!!

    Posted by Mbk52 at Friday, April 19 2013 02:02 PM

    Thank you, maxfed. I feel the same way as you do. Taylor and Steffy day needs to come when the tables are turned. I also would like to see how $Bill will treat Hope, if she does disrupt that so call wedding. Will Brooke come to Hopes defense against him?

    Posted by Mbk52 at Friday, April 19 2013 02:06 PM

    Good post grannyoffive1957. I TOTALLY agree!

    Posted by ShiningStar82 at Friday, April 19 2013 04:09 PM

    As much I really want the dreaded triangle of Steffy/Liam/Hope to end, there was a part of me today that wanted to see Hope ruin the wedding. Sorry Steffy has gotten away with everything she did to Hope( and Katie too) and now wants to act she did nothing wrong, sorry but she needs some comeuppance. So does Steffy's mother.

    And I'm sorry but Steffy's dress ( if you want to call it that) was just ugly. I can respect wanting to do things a bit different and all but that lace thing look like part of a negligee set.

    Posted by bubblyblu at Friday, April 19 2013 05:45 PM

    I agree wih all the Hope fans here.I can see that Bell and his writers favor the steffy character. They like her willingness to use sex and lie and cheat with Bill to get his boy with his steffy. The people who write this column want her to win and they make no bones about it above. The past twenty five years has been the same and now move it fron the old triangle to the younger set with the same story. I can't understand why they can't write about anything but the same tired formula a threesome? It is also unreal for a mother of any girl to have a man dislike your daughter that much and scheme with another to keep his son with the one you wanted in the beginning. Then turn around and sleep with that same girls mother?? Come on who would do that?? It is just stupid. The way people want it maybe the writers should move all the logans out of town forever like NY and let them have it all spencers and tayor and the kids. Wonder howe long the show would be on.It was suppose to be abut a fashion house but it is anything but. We never see any runway shows.The last one was I think when liam ask hope to marry him. Boy both of these are a laugh...
    i do think steffy is good but she is older than either of the other two in her thinking. She needs a older man and how about eric? He is not related by blood and it would be fun to see a threesome of mom, her and eric. This is what Bell seems to like to write almost incest?? LOL I just am so tired of the show and sick of it all.

    Posted by karmau at Saturday, April 20 2013 10:07 AM

    I agree with you bubblyblu. What makes me sick is Eric is grandad with it suits Taylor/Thomas/Steffy. Now that Taylor and him are sleeping together, it's suddenly Eric. It is so sick. I just cannot believe the storyline. Hope and Liam should be together. Steffy made sure she broke them off forever by getting pregnant on purpose. Liam can still marry Hope and just be there for the baby, what is wrong with that. He does not need to marry Steffy. Steffy looked ridiculous in the black dress, if that is what you call it. And who gets married in black anyway? She looked ridiculous just as she did when she married Liam on the mountain. Taylor makes me sick. She keeps telling Brook she has slept with all the Forrester men, what is so different to what she has done, she is such a hypocrite.

    Posted by karmau at Saturday, April 20 2013 10:10 AM

    Here's is something for you B&B script writers. you Liam Spencer take thee Steffy Forrester to be your lawful wedded wife? Liam.....I Liam Spencer take thee Hope Logan to be my lawful wedded wife.

    Posted by karmau at Saturday, April 20 2013 10:19 AM

    Everyone loves Steffy for everything she has done, I think that is pretty sick. Do you all forget how she wanted Bill to leave Katie to be with her? Then she goes from the Dad to the son (Liam), because Liam was with Hope. She wants everything that Hope has....she cannot get her own man. She has to go for someone else's. Everyone keeps saying to send Hope to Paris or somewhere else. Why don't they do that with Steffy. Anyway, like I said before, this storyline is just ridiculous. I just cannot believe how they made Thorne be ok with his Dad getting with the woman (Taylor) that he was with. And then Taylor has the audacity to always be at Brooke for what she has done. Cannot stand Taylor. She was suppose to be Stephanie's best friend. Is that what best friend soon as they pass away, you get with their husband? Wow

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