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    Friday, January 09 2009

    The power of the bikini. (
    B&B Breakdown For the Week of January 5.

    Bridget’s Back!
    It was so good to see Bridget again and for her to actually have something to do! I’m excited about her and Owen and can’t wait to see it unfold. However, I don’t believe she would have shown up at Owen’s ready to seduce him out of the blue. In my opinion it just didn’t fit with her character. I was also really hoping for some follow through on their encounter. Based on Bridget’s reaction, I assumed Bridget was thinking Owen was gay when she saw the candles and wine and Owen said the dinner was set up for him and a ‘buddy’, but we never got a real reaction. The next scene should have been Bridget running into Donna and making a comment about it. Instead, once again, it was just left.

    Pam's Latest Target?
    The whole Pam/Owen scene leading up to Bridget’s visit was kind of weird as well. I sort of get why Owen had Pam come over – so Donna wouldn’t have to deal with her while they worked - but his nervous/stressed out reaction was unclear. And why did he send her upstairs? I didn’t really get it and once again, no follow through on it. Is Pam going to obsesses over Owen now? Hopefully we’ll find out.

    Speaking of Pam, she better get crackin’ if she’s going to single handedly crochet the thousands of bikinis that were ordered!

    Rick vs. Stephanie
    Rick and Stephanie’s face off in his office was great. While I understand why Stephanie wants some sort of justice for Phoebe (she’s clearly still in the anger stage of grief), I loved that Rick gave back as good as he got. Each actor portrayed their character in a very controlled manner, so there was no whining or hysterics. Kyle Lowder (Rick) and Susan Flannery (Stephanie) did an excellent job in those scenes and I can’t wait to see what happens with Eric’s decision.

    A New Man For Taylor?
    I’m not sure why we haven’t seen more of Taylor dealing with the death of her daughter, but I think she needs to start moving towards her own storyline now. Maybe she can seek therapy, or start to act out in strange ways, or find a nice man friend to confide in who will later turn into something more.

    Things have changed for Steffy and Marcus. (
    So if Taylor were to have a man, I was thinking maybe it could be an actor who is leaving, or recently left a fellow soap. Of the recent crop of exiting actors, who do you think should come to B&B and romance Taylor?

    Many of you have commented how quickly Ridge has seemingly gotten over Phoebe’s death. However, that may all be just a cover as the spoilers indicate Ridge may be headed for an emotionally rough road, especially next week. Keep an eye on our spoilers page to find out more.

    Speaking of Ridge, what did you think of the steam room scene? I’m all for sex scenes, but I thought it was a bit over the top with all the talk of shrinkage and turning to stone. It’s amazing what they can get away with on Daytime.

    Poor Marcus
    I didn’t really feel bad for Marcus when Steffy turned down his marriage proposal. I haven’t felt the love between them for a long time, especially since we haven’t seen him console her after Phoebe’s death. His demeanor has also been a bit too chipper towards Steffy considering she is devastated about her sister. Phoebe’s death was like an afterthought to him instead of the main issue. I was surprised that Steffy said no though. I thought they would have her say yes in order to help her try and forget Rick and then it would add all kinds of extra angst for them. I have to say I’m happy they didn’t go down that road though because we’ve seen it a million times. But what will become of Marcus now? I think it’s high time his dad entered the scene. How about you?

    Alright, those are my views on this week. How about you? Please share your thoughts below.

    - Lori Wilson

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    Posted by ConnieM. at Friday, January 09 2009 01:21 PM

    I'm happy as well, they didn't go down "that" road with Steffy & Marcus...a scene we have seen one too many times, after a person's death, especially. I did feel for Marcus, though, because she didn't come clean with him about why she felt the way she did, all of the sudden. But I feel, they both need to deal with the death of her sister, before handing out engagement rings, as a pacifier! Everyone grieves in their own way, and as for Stephanie, she grieves and shows it in anger and wants justice right away. I agree with you, Lori, regarding the scenes between Rick & Stephanie today. They were powerful and very fun to watch. I always enjoy watching Stephanie when she is backed into a corner! She is one fantastic actress. My hope is, that she will be at B & B for a very long time. I sometimes remember the scenes she had with Sally...especially towards the end, when they both were drinking...and Sally cut Stephanie's hair!!! Those were unforgettable moments!!!
    So hopefully the writers will bring along a wonderful man who will fall in love with Stephanie, perhaps someone like "Clarke"!!! Wouldn't that be interesting??? Bring Eric some "heart-burn"!!!!
    Always enjoy your updates, Lori! Have a great weekend.

    Posted by ricoebefan01 at Friday, January 09 2009 04:36 PM

    Once again I agree with you on ALL fronts! I'm so happy with the way the whole Marcus and Steffy thing went down. I'm glad Steffy didn't lead Marcus on. Stephanie and Rick's scenes today were AMAZING, loved them. Go Rick LOL. I see why Stephanie would want revenge for Phoebe's death but she's blaming the wrong person. Not to blame the dead but Phoebe was the one who got in the car and caused the accident. Ridge and Brooke are making me sick. I cannot even stand to watch them anymore. Nice to see Brooke running to her son as soon as the magazine came out, NOT. Instead she was focused on sleeping with Ridge in the steamroom. I can't wait to see Eric's decision. I also can't wait to see what happens with Bridget and Owen, she needs a great man who hopefully won't go after her mother. As for Marcus I really do feel bad for him but you're right there has been no chemistry between him and Steffy for a while. I can't wait to see what happens between Rick and Steffy. Sorry for scattering my comments all over I'm trying to remember everything I wanted to say LOL.

    Posted by ohioan123 at Saturday, January 10 2009 08:35 AM

    Okay here is my take on this week's episodes. First, the wedding between Ridge and Brooke was totally stupid. They should have had a real wedding or nothing. I could not even listen to their vows; who cares about a mock wedding. Geez that was a total waste. I hope the writers don't try anything like that again.

    Who is Nick obsessing about now - Bridget or Brooke? He was certainly preoccupied when he and Katie were together. Well with Bridget finally trying to move on with possibly Owen, I sure Nick will be obsessing over Bridget.

    Stephanie and Pam make this show worth watching. I agree the scenes between Rick and Stephanie were the highlights; both are excellent actors.

    The Steffy storyline with Rick is another train wreck waiting to happen. I don't want to see a relationship between the two of them. Steffy and Marcus have no chemistry because the writers won't give them any chemistry. They would rather have Rick run through the entire family (Phoebe, Taylor, Steffy). It's a good thing Thomas is male.

    What is Donna and Owen doing at Forrester? Their fashion designs were a huge flop. Pam should be running the swimwear collection. Eric is such a dope. I use to really like his character but it has slowly diminished over the years. You know he will side with the Logans even though Rick is his son.

    I hope Stephanie runs far away from Eric as possible. She's much better than that; they just need to bring in a love interest for her. I'm sure that will turn Eric's head around.

    Posted by onaona at Sunday, January 11 2009 06:29 AM

    shes going back to marcus,because shes going to reliaze shes not in love with rick.

    Posted by ricoebefan01 at Sunday, January 11 2009 06:38 AM

    How do you know that?

    Posted by onaona at Sunday, January 11 2009 07:02 AM

    to everyone concern,this storyline is setup for marcus and steffy,when they first arrived it was steffy chasing after him helping him out,finding out that he's donna's son keeping quiet not telling her father,telling rick she's in love with marcus. the only reason she's with rick because of her sister,feeling the connection is through rick because her sister loved tell everyone she's going back to the one she love's and that is marcus. that's the way this storyline is. and it does'nt matter if you like rick or marcus or bullcrap chemistry with whoever end of story.p.s she call's rick, marcus while making love.

    Posted by ricoebefan01 at Sunday, January 11 2009 07:06 AM

    Where exactly did you find this out? I believe you I just want to check out the spoilers/story for myself. I'm just so interested to see what happens in this storyline.

    Posted by onaona at Sunday, January 11 2009 08:01 AM

    the interviews of jacqueline macinnes wood, she give you clues herself.

    Posted by onaona at Sunday, January 11 2009 08:04 AM

    oh by the way jacqueline and texas battle a.k.a marcus hang outside the job.

    Posted by ricoebefan01 at Sunday, January 11 2009 08:04 AM

    Thank you. I just can't wait to see what happens. If you ever find spoilers that aren't on here then can you please email me at If not I so understand I just thought I'd ask.

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