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    Friday, April 05 2013

    Afterglow (CBS)
    "B&B" Breakdown
    Week of April 1 - 5:

    It's been another very interesting mixed bag type of week on "B&B." Thoughts on the latest events:

    Brooke to the rescue.
    The entire premise of Brooke rescuing Bill following the car wreck was silly. If Bill crashed that car hard enough to wind up unconscious on the air bag, chances are it wouldn't have been drivable. What about witnesses? The most ridiculous part was Brooke phoning Katie to tell her that Bill was staying the night at her place and then not letting her talk to him! "B&B" loves this bizarre little plot device - remember when Marcus called to talk to Dayzee before their wedding and Stephanie wouldn't let him? The fact that no one would ever do this - especially without providing some kind of explanation - just doesn't seem to matter. It's hilarious!

    You should have come home.
    The showdown between Brooke, Bill, and Katie the next morning was dramatic goodness, with Katie's hysteria becoming just a hair annoying. She really told Brooke off though! Conveniently for half-dressed Brooke and Bill, Katie went from 0 to divorce in less than sixty seconds, and stomped off to leave them to do what they've wanted to do for eons.

    Why? (CBS)
    Quite a filly.
    Even with the cheeseball 'Stallion' and 'Filly' references, Brooke and Bill have an crazy amount of sexual chemistry. I was looking forward to the day when they'd have a legit reason to get it on. Unfortunately, the day they chose just seemed too soon to forget about Katie - someone should have put on the brakes. Now that she's in the hospital it will be bye-bye afterglow, hello guilt city. Had they waited until a time in the future when Katie had chosen to move on with someone else or whatever I could have popped my corn and really enjoyed the Stallion and Filly show. How do you feel about them giving in to passion when they did? Let know by voting in our B&B Stallion and Filly poll.

    Is she for real?
    Maya's words about Caroline couldn't have been truer. Over the past few weeks, Caroline's become a joke - a caricature. It might be funny if we hadn't known the first incarnation of Caroline - so much was made of her being just like her beloved late aunt! Adding insult to injury is Dayzee taking part in the campaign against Maya - totally unlike her to be selfish about Maya 'infiltrating' her life. Judging by how little patience Dayzee had for Caroline at lunch it's actually a wonder she doesn't want to get rid of her instead of Maya. As for Rick - why the hell is he continuing to date Caroline if he's into Maya? Confusing...

    What might have been.
    As long as we're questioning the bizarre - why is Hope suddenly an authority on babies and pregnancy? Why is Hope spending mornings with Will at the house where she put a golf club through the window? At least she wasn't using her seductive woman-of-the-world voice for this occasion. It was back to the girly giggling about what her and Liam's fairytale life shoulda, woulda, coulda been like... She's like a wind-up doll that starts repeating the same lines over and over as soon as she sees her ex. Liam still shuffling his feet and muttering regrets is equally annoying.

    Be sure to share your thoughts on "B&B" in the comment section.

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    - Candace Young

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    Posted by foots at Friday, April 05 2013 04:04 PM

    I knew Brook would sleep with Bill. This is who she is. As far back as I can remember.. Ridge and caroline Spencer, how Brook wormed her way in to Ridge. Then Eric, then Ridge again lost count. then Thorne, then deacon her daughter's husband. Nick Her daughter's husband again (Bridget) I forgot the other guy's name. Then Hope's boyfriend, she keeps it in the family. Brook is mental case. Today I fast forward when I saw she had slept with her sister's husband. Typical Brook I did not want to listen to what they were saying to each other. The fact that she slept with her brother-in-law was enough for me. (SOAP)

    Posted by Brooke is disgusting at Friday, April 05 2013 05:06 PM

    I had agree! I knew she would too.... She only cares about herself.... Always has..... It really makes all the men she slept with look like idiots... Why would they want her???? She's disgusting! She slept with every relative of every man she's known! Very tired of watching her get what she wants and still have people love her! Baffling!!

    Posted by ShiningStar82 at Friday, April 05 2013 05:32 PM

    Omg Candace, you are spot on about Caroline. The sudden personality transplant makes no sense whatsoever and what strikes me as odd is that the stuff she is pulling reeks of what Amber would pull to get what she wanted. So instead of making Caroline an Amber clone, why not just get the real Amber back? Caroline then can go off somewhere and get some mental help or something.

    Posted by PossibleXfan at Friday, April 05 2013 07:55 PM

    Why ask us BB fans these questionnaires? It is evident the writers do not care what we think. Are they living their lives thru these characters pretty warped mind writing this storyline. But, they keep rehashing dopey n lame with what ifs. They should have kept Bill thinking Family was important instead of this garbage with an aging old lady in her underwear. What happened to the Matriarch angle. Where is Steffy her mother fighting her battles.What is that about? Every Week is a sicker storyline than the last.Caroline honestly and caring attitude went out the window. She no longer has any pride and integrity . Brooke knowing her baby sister has a bad heart puts her through hell. Ten seconds of saying you can have him she jumps in bed.After all she said to Steffy about putting on dopers ring same night dopey took it off. The only person that is not wacky is the wacky lemon bar lady. Story does not make since. When did copy talk with Katie about her weekly visit with baby Will. Being that that is Bill biggest complain he never gets time with Katie and Katie does not like sitters. They should let Katie stay with her Dr since he is the only one that cares about her health. Hopefully ,Maya is street smart enough to find out from the producer about Caroline. So Maya can tell Rick and they can ride away into the sunset leaving Caroline to kiss their ass. So, many details this writers forget do they think we are fools. They forget from one day to the next what they write.Yes, Virginia we need writers without the memory loss problem.

    Posted by bubblyblu at Friday, April 05 2013 08:17 PM

    I couldn't agree more! The questionnaires are a waste of time and they don't listen to us.

    Posted by florencea at Friday, April 05 2013 08:21 PM

    I'm glad I could fast forward today because that's exactly what I did. It really made me SICK to see Brooke with Bill in bed. What's wrong with her? Is she not capable of finding her own unattached man?.She's had everyone's man on the show except Liam.

    Posted by ginabina17 at Saturday, April 06 2013 12:02 AM

    Brook Keep B&B on Fire LOL. Taylor need to get a life KAtie is faking LOL she be back with Bill Caroling going to loose and wwhats wrong with Dayzee Im not liking her no more she need chapstick. Miss Stephanie scare the hell out of Taylor and Eric LOL

    Posted by ginabina17 at Saturday, April 06 2013 12:04 AM

    Im surprise no one dont have a diease and they all related aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaugh

    Posted by Jaden at Saturday, April 06 2013 12:10 AM

    I agree with all of you! Plus- knowing Katie had a Heart Transplant Bill should of taken a car and went after Katie..How can Brooke live w herself? Cant wait until Hope and Rick find out but that probably wont happen until Next year. I could go on & on But One more thing Where is Steffy? I hope this show doesn't let us down*meaning I hope Steffy & Liam get married & have a healthy baby! They have Amazing Chmistry- so Fun to watch these Two.Team Steffy all the way! Baden XO

    Posted by Jaden at Saturday, April 06 2013 12:12 AM

    Meant to say JadenXO

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