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    The Bold And The Beautiful Poll: You Owe It To Me.

    Friday, March 15 2013

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    Posted by Sadia at Sunday, March 17 2013 11:52 AM

    Hope has no right to demand anything. That's completely unreasonable, its a Forrester company, Steffy is a real Forrester, not bastard child Hope. Hope needs to get a life and stop basing her happiness on wether our not she's going to be with Liam. Its weak and pathetic and I have no respect for her. Steffy should've slap her into reality for asking such a ridiculous question, but Steffy is a real woman and doesn't need to stoop such measures, even though she would be justified. If anybody should leave the company its Hope. The writers need to give her a life, stop chasing after Loyal like a idiot!!

    Posted by Sadia at Sunday, March 17 2013 12:05 PM

    I want Hope to stop pinning over Liam and acting like her life is over cuz there not together. I'm not saying Steffy should flaunt her family in Hope face but she had all the right to be at Forrester. I think Brooke and Hope should the company, all they do is cause trouble and then sit back like there innocent. Brookes a opportunist and will always be a low life. Hope is a weakling, crybaby with no back bone. Who btw has had little to no success at the company, she's to busy worried about Steffy and Liam, instead of getting a life and doing her job, whatever that is. Go away Hope your a flea, go find your real dad you bastard child

    Posted by Sadia at Sunday, March 17 2013 12:08 PM

    I completely agree with you. Bye forever Hope. Nothing better not happen to that or I will be outrage and stage a boycott!!!

    Posted by Sadia at Sunday, March 17 2013 12:19 PM

    I just have a serious question. Why does everything revolve around Rick, Brooke and Hope. I hate it. It makes me not wanna watch the show cuz its unrealistic and stupid to have a group of people constantly getting whatever they want, especially when they don't deserve it. I want Rick to get with Maya, I think it will make him a better man. I want Brooke to find another job and stop meddling in others lives and stop seducing her sisters husband., she's so nasty!! I want Hope to either get a new job our go away to college and stop basing her happiness around Liam. Frankly i'm over it and if things don't change i'm gonna stop watching!!

    Posted by mlarry4 at Monday, March 18 2013 01:18 PM

    Whoever Vero89,in ref to 3/15/13 post, may need some therapy, get a grip, it's TV!!

    Posted by Vero89 at Tuesday, March 19 2013 12:34 PM

    mlarry4 The fact that it is only a soap does not mean that I can not insult the characters. There are people that you allow themselves to insult the actresses in the soap on their physical appearance and I can not allow me to insult a stupid character who is not REAL? Why? Those people need therapy,NOT me!

    Posted by BarbCarey at Wednesday, March 20 2013 03:32 PM

    Sadia...Steffy is NOT a real Forrester. Ridge was not a real Forrester. Rick IS a real Forrester but I notice that you never admit that. I don't think either Hope or Steffy is a real woman. Steffy likes what Hope has. Just like her mother, Taylor. She has always wanted what Brooke had. Why anyone wants their daughters to be with Liam I don't understand. Taylor knows what she has gone thru bc Taylor kept holding on to Ridge. Why would she want the same for Steffy. Do you really think Liam will stay with Steffy? Liam is going to be just like Ridge. Going from Steffy to Hope and then Hope to Steffy. I wanted both Taylor and Brooke to tell Steffy and Hope that Liam was too weak for either one.

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