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    Friday, March 08 2013

    Baby daddy. (CBS)
    "B&B" Breakdown
    Week of March 4 - 8:

    It was a strong week on "B&B" with focus on several storylines. Here are some thoughts on the week:

    Legal brain.
    Okay, Marcus' brother may look good and have a great legal mind, but he's terminally boring so far! I can't imagine what they're going to find for this guy to do storyline-wise - they hardly even use Marcus and he's a Forrester! I just don't see the point unless he's going to end up in a triangle with Rick and Maya or something. Speaking of which...

    Look what the wind blew in.
    Rick and Maya are definitely sparking, and she brings out a different side of Rick, but at the same time, it's utterly confusing. Rick's been an absolute ass these past months and suddenly he's become Mr. Nice Guy. Also, presumably to facilitate this storyline, Caroline has inexplicably become a spoiled, selfish, pouty diva. As a viewer, I wish they could have found a way to tell the story of Rick falling for Maya without the abrupt change in personalities. As for Rick lying to Maya about who he really is - this will obviously backfire; she's going to be awfully pissed after trying to pay him $10 only to find out he runs a huge company. You'd think Rick had been around enough to know this.

    Rawr! (CBS)
    Brooke's bedroom.
    Bill probably wasn't far off when he told Brooke she'll soon be back on top again. Ahem. There's really no way Brooke can plead innocence after modeling her lingerie for Bill right under Katie's nose - she had to know what she was doing. The continuing closeness and innuendo surrounding this pair, along with Katie's sudden disinterest in sex with Bill, tells me this affair won't be too long in coming to fruition. Again, the sudden shift in character personality - just a couple of weeks ago Katie was appearing in their bedroom in lingerie and Bill was thinking of Brooke. Now she's not interested? On another note, why is Bill acting like he's running Forrester just because he has shares? What did you think of Brooke showing her lingerie to Bill? Let know by voting in our B&B Brooke’s Bedroom poll.

    She has to be stopped.
    The renewed animosity between Taylor and Brooke has been pretty entertaining. I don't even mind Eric and Taylor so much because it's really stirring the pot. From that portrait of Stephanie watching over everything, to Pam going psycho, it's provided quite a few grins and giggles. I felt bad for Donna on Friday though - however unexpected, I became a fan of her and Eric together in the past.

    Promise me.
    Oh to have an ego the size of Hope's, where after the guy chooses the other woman, you still presume to have the power to tell him what to do. Who says he wasn't going to propose to Steffy anyway? Certainly not Liam, who can't seem to get a word out of his ever lovin' wishy-washy mouth. And so the controversy continues because we really don't ever know where Liam truly stands on anything ever. Good luck to Steffy with her baby daddy.

    Be sure to share your thoughts on "B&B" in the comment section.

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    - Candace Young

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    Posted by CA_JRZGRL at Friday, March 08 2013 11:06 AM

    Eric & Taylor? Every time he kisses her I have to look away. Ewwww. Eric & Donna would be great. Taylor is a hypocrite. Stephanie is still warm, for God sake! She should know he is still mourning. I hope Pam takes care of Taylor with that knife!

    Posted by ChewMoo at Friday, March 08 2013 11:22 AM

    Good article especially the part about Hope's giant ego. That triangle is being dragged to death. Liam is no prize. The ladies need to tell him to beat it.
    Brooke is being Brooke. This character hasn't changed in oh... 100 yrs! Bill is the disappointment here. He couldn't stand his wife's family. Now suddenyly he's Brooke's "Stallion". Worst story line ever. Not to mention the zero chemistry between them.
    Don't care about Rick/Caroline/Maya story line. Too forced and Rick is just icky considering his personality.
    Donna's grieving over Eric is too funny. She's really only been like a playmate to Eric rather than a life's mate. Hard to take her seriously. Her famous lines had to do with honey and bear.
    I'm liking Taylor and Eric which says a lot because Eric has been a complete louse for the most part. Being Taylor's champion is giving him some much needed redemption.

    Posted by mg1729 at Friday, March 08 2013 12:17 PM

    Totally Candace about the size of Hope's ego, you thE hell does pyscho Hope think she is thinking she needs to tell Liam to marry Steffy. Hope is so pathetic she knew after Liam telling her that the baby was conceived in love how deep Liam's feelings were for Steffy and she knew he would propose but if she got in first she could throw it in Steffy's face that it was her idea for Liam to marry Steffy. Hope is pathetic she needs to go back to school and get some brains she none zero IQ

    Posted by dramaqueen333 at Friday, March 08 2013 12:45 PM

    I love how Liam seemed shocked that he should marry Steffy! He chose to be with her and she is carrying his child (who was "conceived in love") so why would marriage not be the next step? I mean, he married the woman on top of a mountain after being un-engaged for 48 hours! He has to STOP mooning over Hope and STOP telling her that he will always love her. Does he really think that helps?

    As for Hope, she has to STOP, too. It's nice that she wants Liam to marry Steffy -- it will help her, too. But, really, stop manufacturing ways to be alone with him. And Oliver is not right for you, either, he takes you backward, not forward.

    And Brooke needs to STOP pushing her daughter toward men. How about pushing her toward travel or college? And she also needs to STOP meeting alone with a very horny Bill who seems to have one set of rules for his son and another for himself.

    Why were Brooke and Rick shocked that Hope would want Liam to marry Steffy? He made his choice, Hope left and Steffy moved in. Why would marriage not be the next step?

    Katie is just being stupid and she will regret it.

    Eric and Taylor is contrived and moving too quickly. It may have worked if they had spent time together over a period of weeks and months, but to have one dinner and then hop into bed and then proclaim LOVE and move in together is too much. Even for former in-laws! And how come all of a sudden "Granddad" has become "Eric" to Steffy and Thomas?

    Why didn't Brooke and Donna call Eric's house and warn him about Pam and her knife in the magazine trick? They just stood their like two cows (sorry, that is an insult to cows) grinning over what Pam might do.

    Rick is a creepy idiot and he's digging his hole deeper and deeper. And Caroline seems to have lost her mind -- when did she become Paris Hilton?

    Posted by Mariegagnon at Thursday, March 14 2013 10:00 AM

    Steffy plays a better sneaky women then a baby mama and wife she needs a new story line where she can do what she does best plot scheme lie and much more!

    Posted by karmau at Thursday, March 14 2013 11:01 AM

    The storylines in B&B are so pathetic, annoying and so stupid. Eric and Taylor make me sick. Taylor keeps having a go at Brooke; that she has been with all the Forester men, what about her, she's been with all of them too. What is the difference Taylor?, you are such a hypocrite. I cannot bare to watch this silly programme any more.

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