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    Thursday, March 07 2013

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    Posted by squijeelulu at Friday, March 08 2013 09:13 AM

    It's time to drop interfering, disgusting Taylor head first into a big pile of horse or bovine manure. That's where she belongs. She is a psychotic quack who is dangerous to society. I can't wait for her to turn into a screaming mess when "Brooke's Badroom" is resurrected, especially with Brooke as the model---hee hee hee hee. And go Donna---you seduce your honey bear away from that witch.:)

    Posted by squijeelulu at Friday, March 08 2013 09:24 AM

    I meant to say "Brooke's Bedroom". Now, as for Forresters v. Marones. Taylor said to Eric that Thomas and Steffy were rightful heirs to FC, but at the same time they have stopped calling him granddad and Stephanie grandma, and are now calling him Eric, and Stephanie (their blood) Eric's wife. Rick is Eric's natural born son during his marriage to Brooke. What's it to be? Are they Marones when they want their mother shacking up with Eric or are they Forresters when they want to own and rule FC?

    Posted by bubblyblu at Friday, March 08 2013 10:11 AM

    I couldn't agree with you more squijeelulu. I am sick of the way ths show is going. I am also sick of the way they are going to do Brooke with Bill. It is time for the Nu Ridge to get home. His reason for leaving has gone to long. The reson Brooke did what she did was understandable as it was Bill who caused it and any mother would want to know why he was there. The writers are not real with that at all. It's time for him to come home and now for Brooke. Talor can't use her old tired excuses anymore about Brooke. She has done the exact same thing!

    Posted by bubblyblu at Friday, March 08 2013 11:13 AM

    Who cares about that skank I just finished watching todays episode. He is thinking about Hope and she him but I am glad she told him to take care of business. As long as the slutty manipulator and her cohort bill. Not a chance in hell hope could win. Now that there is 2 kids instead of 1 it isn;t worth it. Hope hurts for now but a new love will fix that.The best was actually Pam. Now this will be really funny and the Taylor will get some of what she so richly deserves.I am ready for some pammy revenge...Go Pammy!!!

    Posted by wildcountry at Friday, March 08 2013 11:14 AM

    Liam said it seem to me older you get lee about the life you what then,the life you can life with,Liam said you ask me what I what,I what is to be the man you see went he look at her,know that man wouldn't walk way from the child he made out of love.Liam said he recall's laying in his bed as a chid thinking,why don't my dad,were is he,why can't he be there...Liam said yes we should be marry...Hope ask him why he said that Liam said because somethings can't be undone.

    Posted by wildcountry at Friday, March 08 2013 11:29 AM

    Hope asking Liam to marry Steffy because she duesn't what to cause Liam child to be hurt by her & she don't what Liam baby grow up like her & Liam & she whated to end this triangle with them.Hope talling her brother what Liam was going to do,was the last change because thing's can't be undone & then needed closure & she whated to help Liam to chose his child & Steffy.What Hope did was mirable out of her Love for Liam & she whated closure.

    Posted by wildcountry at Friday, March 08 2013 11:49 AM

    So B&B ya'll what Liam & Steffy together that find, have Hope get in to her work & litter later get her new man who is hot & has is own bussinces so she can be happy to & maybe Steffy will stop taking Hope man for her!Now fan's I know ya'll may say Steffy don't like this but go back & you will see & I know some don't care for Liam & Steffy together to but this way very one will like the out come.

    Posted by boredsilly at Friday, March 08 2013 01:10 PM

    Pam kill that thing that is stalking your brother in law if you put them big lips together stuff some lemon bars in there and she will suffocate then it will be you and Donna and we know you 2 can share you cook and she gets him some viagra and so on

    Posted by boredsilly at Friday, March 08 2013 01:15 PM

    If they get hopeless a new man stappy will go after him like she has every man hope has had she wants what hope wants if hope wanted Oliver again there would be stappy wanting him too

    Posted by wildcountry at Friday, March 08 2013 02:13 PM

    for Tayor and her kid's are not Forrester then are Morone and we know Hope isn't one to But Rick and Thorn are the Forrester boy's so yes Rick dues belong there and dues Brook she know's the business and she is the one who started the bedroom line.Taylor seem's to forget that Eric was like a grandfather and give her kid's a job at Forrester. people seem's to for get all the thing's Steffy did befor and now to get Liam after she couldn't get Bill. If Liam is thinking about Hope then that just saying he is still in love with Hope to.Pam don't give up go after your change with Eric.I say Pam would be butter for Eric then Taylor.

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