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    Friday, February 08 2013

    Confronting Eric. (CBS)
    "B&B" Breakdown
    Week of February 4 - 8:

    Way too much of the triangle this week. It weighs down the show. Here are some comments on the events of the past five days:

    Learning from the past.
    Having Brooke and Taylor reignite and rehash their past issues due to the controversy with their daughters is a little more interesting at this point, because Ridge and Stephanie aren't around to be buffers. That said, it doesn't make the triangle any more palatable, and it's still a tad surprising that two grown women can't look back on the situation and see it for what it was - they both have to concede on a few points. Brooke saying she never saw Taylor as an enemy threw me - she certainly saw her as a rival at times! Are you interested in watching Taylor and Brooke revisit their past rivalry now? Let know by voting in our B&B Rehash poll.

    "B&B" is one soap that can usually be counted on to deliver lots of love in the afternoon. Except for a few short scenes with Katie and Bill, and Marcus and Dayzee, it's been a little lean lately!

    Pick up the phone.
    You almost have to laugh at each of the parents - Bill, Brooke, and Taylor - all running around town making their pitches re:the triangle, and Katie running off to tell Hope that Liam moved Steffy out. Then you could kind of cry, since it's all been going on for so long, and no one has learned anything, and it all feels so silly and endless...

    Being pushy. (CBS)
    I wasn't surprised to see Rick confront Eric about his decision to promote Thomas - just wondered why it took so long. Honestly, it's amazing this company hasn't gone down the tubes with the amount of in-fighting and dropped lines.

    Adoption papers.
    So Marcus' brother is conveniently a lawyer now that Dayzee thinks she might be in trouble. I'm finding this hard to understand - if there was something wrong with the process, wouldn't she have questioned it back then? Here's hoping we get more on this storyline next week.

    Don't talk about my mom!
    The big Friday episode-ender was Hope shoving pregnant Steffy into a desk. There will be much debate about who is to blame if Steffy loses the baby - Steffy for getting in Hope's face, or Hope for getting physical. Why was Hope even there? Clearly she went to Steffy's office looking for a confrontation, so that's not good.

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    - Candace Young

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    Posted by awall at Friday, February 08 2013 11:59 AM

    Hope needs help. Anytime someone is telling her the truth, she becomes violent. Steffy did not go to her, Hope came to Steffy to gloat as she usually does. Did she think Steffy would not come back at her in some way? Besides was Steffy saying anything that wasn't true? I hope Steffy does not lose their baby. This brat needs to be put in her place once and for all. Hope only wants Liam because he didn't come crawling back to her. If she notice, he nevers comes to her. That should speak volumes to her. But as usual she is in la la land.

    Posted by mskye at Friday, February 08 2013 12:57 PM

    Hope is violent and needs to do some consequences. She's been the teflon kid from the beginning - has a campaign about modesty & virginity & then sleeps with a married man - and beside a few days of bad press has no consequences. She graffitis a mansion and has no consequences, breaks into the Spencers & breaks the french doors with a golf club & has no consequences & now she physically pushes a pregnant woman. She is mentally unstable and that has never been addressed, it's just ignored. She needs a reality check for once to be believable. Nobody does all that damage and gets rewarded. I'm about done with B&B - it's not so much Logan vs. Forrester anymore as it is about teaching that manipulation & lying & violence get you what you want in life.

    Posted by foots at Friday, February 08 2013 02:26 PM

    If I remember, before Hope knew about the lie she had told Liam that he did not deserve her. That was the day he begged her on his knees and in his underwear to give him another chance. So the lie had no impact on their relationship at that time. Just a thought.

    Posted by foots at Friday, February 08 2013 02:29 PM

    Hope is so confident that Liam will choose her. She went to see Steffy to gloat about her moving out of Liam's home. Hope had suggested that he put Steffy out.

    Liam does not have a back bone he is a jelly fish. They both should leave him.

    Posted by RMtnGirl at Friday, February 08 2013 04:59 PM

    Hope needs to be carted away in a straight jacket. She gets in Steffy's face and PUSHES her? I hope this is just a way for the pregnancy to become known and not a way for Steffy to miscarry. I'm so tired of this. Liam doesn't need to think, he knows Steffy is the one. Hope is, was, and always will be an idiot. Please, please let us have our pay off from this. Let Steffy, Liam and their child have some peace. And PLEASE let Hope get what she so richly deserves - absolutely nothing.

    Posted by RMtnGirl at Friday, February 08 2013 05:02 PM

    Candace, Why can I no longer view the B&B sneak peeks? There is a bit red button to click on, but it hasn't worked for me for about 3 weeks now. I miss them!

    Posted by waxlow at Friday, February 08 2013 06:59 PM

    all steffy fan are hope hater but if that would have ben steffy do that to hope all steffy fan would rejoying and talking the same bs.

    Posted by wolfeyesonly at Friday, February 08 2013 07:06 PM

    I have watched this show since day 1. Love it! But sick of Taylor thinking she is MISS GOODY GOODY! She is quick to tell Brooke everything is her damn fault. Hell no! She needs to wake up and smell the damn roses. I will say thank you Brooke for reminding her that she slept with your Dad but you forgot to throw at her how she went after your son as well! Taylor always tells Brooke her faults but she sure does not own up to her own!! Taylor wants everything given to her because she feels she has been cheated but that is not the case. Now she will stoop and be with her ex husbands Dad. Come on now! How can you look at yourself in the mirror after all the crap you gave Brooke about passing through the Forrester men. Oh yeah, you can't forget she was with Thorn as well. As for Steffy, she needs to be put over someones knee and her butt whipped like the child she is. Hope was with Liam first so it is Steffy's bad for doing that to herself. So stupid to make them fight over the same man like Taylor and Brooke but to me Hope and Liam need to find there way back to each other but now this baby thing. You suck writers if Hope gets all the blame for this! Liam should be mad at Steffy for not telling him. ANOTHER LIE TO HIM!! On the fence about not watching anymore!!

    Posted by LiamLuvsHope at Friday, February 08 2013 07:06 PM

    Steffy shouldn't have been talking about hopes mother and hope warned Steffy to stop come on would all of you Steffy fans want somebody talking about your mother no of course not . Also hope doesn't know that Steffy is pregant . Give hope a break if the roles were reversed all Steffy fans would have been saying good for hope. I'm really getting tired of Taylor's crying about her children I understand what she's saying about Thomas but not Steffy , stefffy is a hoeeeeeee come on we all know that she's a rebound for Liam .

    Posted by SoapToNut at Friday, February 08 2013 10:39 PM

    Hope is a vile person.

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