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    Friday, January 11 2013

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    Posted by karmau at Friday, January 18 2013 11:17 AM

    And one thing I do not understand, Liam says he cannot do this to Steffy, but he did it to Hope. He needs to grow up himself and be a man. Choose a girl and be done with it, and stop his Dad from making his decision for him.

    Posted by Eden Garden at Saturday, January 19 2013 01:34 PM

    The writers of this show are driving me absolutely crazy with this endless Betty vs. Veronica/Blonds vs. Brunettes competition. Every time things start to go right for Taylor's clan the writers make the characters act out of character. For example, when Ridge left Brooke and left Thomas in charge as C.E.O. they turned his character into this big jerk whose new found power went straight to his head, to the point his disrespectful to his grand-Dad and throwing Rick out of a window? Really? And now they’re doing it with Taylor's character too. Since when did she ever break doctor/patient confidentiality, concerning the whole secret kiss between Bill and Brooke? She has never sacrificed her integrity to spite Brooke regardless of her animosity toward her. Then theres the Steffy character, if you go back in time and remember why Steffy went through her rebellious phase, it was because she was reacting to everything done to her and her family from the Logan clan. Remember Rick dating Steffy’s twin and braking her heart by pursuing her mom when she was on the rebound from Ridge, then pretty much being responsible for her death in that horrible car accident. And while in her grief from losing not just her sister, but her twin sister, the closet bond next to a mother’s love , Ricky boy goes after Steffy. When his sole purpose of that was to get p/o Ridge so much that he would leave Brooke. He even went as far as taking Steffy’s virginity, did you guys forget that, the writers sure did because once again the Logans are back on top, not only do they always get the girl/man they also always win at Forrester Creations as well. It’s really only a matter time before Ridge forgives Brooke again for the zillionth time. Biased much? Aren’t they supposed to be a family here…? And Stephanie past on the torch to Brooke to be the next matriarch of the family? Pah-leez, she could never be unbiased enough to put the needs of Taylors kids above hers or her children, She did one time, once upon a time ago when everyone thought Taylor was dead that is. Now we have to watch the same BULL going on with the next generation, PLEASE HAVE MERCY! I’ve been a loyal viewer and fan of this show for years now, but if the writers of this show continue like this l’ll be slowly but surely be weaning myself form this show. Can you people at least balance the scales some, there doesn’t have to be a winner or loser, how about sometime Taylor peeps get their time and other times Brook. But no, you writers love your blonds to much, right, the show does take place in Hollywood so I guess that makes since. W/E, I’m done, I got it out of my chest…

    Posted by ziyah at Saturday, January 19 2013 08:13 PM

    I want hope and liam together again, let steffy
    Lose the baby . Because it was hope that was to
    Get pregnant not steffy , im tried of steffy.
    Let hope win for wants.

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