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    The Bold And The Beautiful Poll: Ridge.

    Friday, December 07 2012

    B&B logo. (CBS)
    The Ridge dilemma.

    When Thomas mentioned Ridge not wanting anything to do with Forrester Creations right now on Friday's episode, it was a little hard to believe. Do you like the way the absence of Ridge is being handled, or do you think it would be more realistic to bring the character back to Los Angeles?

    Let us know where you stand by voting in the poll below. As always, feel free to explain your choice or add your own answer using the comment section provided.

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    - Candace Young

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    Posted by Inmyopiniontoo at Friday, December 07 2012 12:46 PM

    Because the Character Ridge Forrester is larger than any one actor I feel the writers are doing Ridge (the character) an injustice by creating behaviors and actions that are just not believable when it comes to Ridge. Holding Ridge in limbo land just because the actor Ronn Moss has decided to move on begs the need for a good core purpose:Strength beyond the presence of any one individual. That should apply to any team,or cooperation or ensemble. I say:"Get a new Ridge and keep it moving!"

    Posted by mg1729 at Friday, December 07 2012 01:22 PM

    Move on and get a recast which should have been done by now. Ronn Moss has moved hasn't Mr Bell ever heard of the show must go on stop writing these ridiculous reasons why Ridge isn't around I would rather had a recast for Stephanie"s last episodes than the way Bell wrote it and I have been watching B&B since day one, RM left get over it and recast

    Posted by scrappie at Friday, December 07 2012 01:57 PM

    Let him come back with a new wife. Wouldn't that be interesting!!

    Posted by peggyd at Friday, December 07 2012 02:54 PM

    Bring Ronn Moss back as Ridge!

    Posted by nanadot2008 at Friday, December 07 2012 06:37 PM

    The reason given for Ridge's departure was ridiculous and didn't make sense! Especially the fact that he would not have been there for Stephanie was unbelieveable. They need to either bring Ridge back for closure, or recast. I'm actually leaning towards recasting...they just did not give his character the right closure for his departure.

    Posted by Jupoint at Friday, December 07 2012 09:34 PM

    Why didn't BB writers write some future scenes with Ridge & Brooke before he left. Or shoot some scenes with anther actor from behind to look like Ridge; Especially for his mothers death. Why not let Ridge & Brooke reunite and eat him die, fall off the boat, ....this way Brooke can start over.
    Ridge was Stephanie's favorite on, it doesn't seem right for him to de and not even a call. I think this was very poor judgement to have such a wedding just to end that way. Also, I'm tired of Taylor lays judging Brooke. The kiss between Brooke & Bill should have never been spoke of after leaving Big Bear!!!!

    Posted by can-do-this at Friday, December 07 2012 10:33 PM

    Just writing Ridge out of the soap does not make sense especially how passionate Ridge had been about FC??!! And not attending his mums farewell party was also unbelievable when it has always been obvious his Stepahnies favourite son. Apparantely she wanted to spare him the grief??? Sorry writers, but even the kiss between Brooke and Bill was a little off beat with Brooke and Ridge ending their relationship only a couple of days before and all because he lied about Deacon?? Brook has been forgiven for much worse misdemeanours. It seems people on B&B move on without grieving - how insensitive and unnatural!!! And another thing, no-one on B&B appears to be too upset that Stephanie died... business as usual I guess?? There was more hoo-haa when Sally died.

    Posted by Buddyto_u at Thursday, December 13 2012 02:13 PM

    Since you Had Broke come back from her honeymoon with no reason why Ridge didn't return with her then have him come back married and demanding his position back. Maybe Eric could marry broke again, then they can battle against each other.
    When are you going to have Liam make up his mind?

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