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    Wednesday, November 21 2012

    Foot down. (CBS)
    "B&B" Breakdown
    Week of November 19 - 21:

    It was another solid three days on "B&B." A few comments on the episodes:

    Put your towel on, Stallion.
    This scene captured the essence of why a Brooke/Bill pairing is so appealing. They're on the same level in that 'takes one to know one' sort of way, and both have a similar mischievous glint in their eye. Sexy and fun.

    Called away.
    So it wasn't Thomas who called Eric away from Stephanie as some speculated, but his whiny son, Rick. Of course Thomas played a role by calling the important meeting which caused Rick's panic. If Rick was really CEO material, wouldn't he be able to convince the board to vote against Thomas' vision without Eric's help? In any case, I was glad to see Eric put his foot down with Thomas, who is getting a bit too big for his britches. I also felt for Pam, wanting to see Stephanie. Aw, Pammy.

    Boardroom business.
    I like the dynamic developing around the boardroom table at Forrester - it's interesting, if a little predictable, to see who sides with whom. As always, however, I'm embarrassed for Thorne to have to answer to his young nephew when he should be helming the place. Maybe one day...

    Take me!
    Katie's dramatics reached new levels this week as she shouted out for God to take her. Thankfully, Taylor got her crazy behind to the hospital, where Dr. Monotone, er, Meade, declared that there was nothing wrong with Katie's heart. Imagine that. Hopefully this heralds the end of the wailing baby/pounding heartbeat scenes. Three cheers!

    Together at the end. (CBS)
    Liam and Steffy continued to live blissfully in a triangle-free world, and this week decided to move back in together, though Steffy insisted on keeping her own place. This is probably smart given Liam's track record for flip-flopping - I just hope we're not going that route again for many moons.

    Together at the end.
    So it will be Brooke and Stephanie together at the end after all. Brooke was very nurturing and calming - I enjoyed the scenes with her brushing Stephanie's hair and dabbing her brow with a cool cloth, even as her own sense of panic rose at seeing Stephanie coughing up blood. Scary situation. I also love that they went outside in the sunshine. What do you think of Brooke being the one to be with Stephanie at the end? Let us know by voting in's B&B At The End poll.

    Happy Thanksgiving to our American readers! Be sure to share your thoughts on "B&B" in the comment section.

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    - Candace Young

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    Posted by grandpadanucci at Wednesday, November 21 2012 12:46 PM

    I enjoyed the scenes of Brooke and Stephanie. All the rest was boring. Bring back Hope!

    Posted by RMtnGirl at Wednesday, November 21 2012 03:53 PM

    I agree. A solid, but short, week of B&B. Loved the scenes with Brooke and Stephanie. How can they not have a strong bond after so many years? Brooke was so sweet and caring, doing what she could, all the while scared and so sad. Beautifully done. I still love the playfullness of Steffey and Liam. I hope this continues into a real relationship and doesn't get trashed in the near future. It's refreshing to see love portrayed this way. Thomas needs to back off. What a snot nosed hot shot he has become. Altho' I am not a Rick fan either. Smarmy. I felt bad for Pam. She doesn't know what to do with her pain. I hope Katie will now get her act together. Altho' her acting has been superb, I am tired of the ranting, the heartbeat and crying baby. Enough already. Move on. I know many are opposed to a Brooke/Bill pairing, but those 2 sizzle on screen, much more than either of them do with Katie and Ridge. Ridge? Don't miss him.

    Posted by Candace at Wednesday, November 21 2012 04:43 PM

    Thanks for the comments.

    I'm not missing Hope or Ridge being on my screen. Not yet anyway.

    Posted by NinaBee at Wednesday, November 21 2012 05:10 PM

    It should of been Eric and not Brooke. What was Bell thinking when he did that? Brooke will never be anything to me other than TSFTV, like Stephanie said she was.

    Posted by apple1950 at Thursday, November 22 2012 12:30 AM

    Guess Stephanie didn't want her family to see her in the end but Pam should have been allowed to be with her. Caroline is too tall and way too young for Rick. The writers have dropped the storyline for Caroline's parents. Glad the gay storyline has been off scree. Silly to introduce it and ignore it. Guess they wanted to say they had a gay storyline. Best left Dr. Meade comes again. Is he Brooke's new love interest! Enough of the hysterical Katie. Put the mother and baby together as they should be. The poor baby. NuRidge going to be with Taylor? Guess I could stomach it with a new face. It will not seem like they tired redone storyline of the past with a new face to look at. Does Brooke ever see Jack?

    Posted by seahawk at Wednesday, November 28 2012 04:54 PM

    where is Ridge?

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