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    B&B Poll: New Forrester Matriarch?

    Wednesday, November 28 2012

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    Posted by Vero89 at Wednesday, November 28 2012 01:47 PM

    How can people to want Brooke as the new matriarch of the Forrester family after everything she has done and that she is doing now with his sister's husband? Brooke is and will always and only a filthy w****! Taylor is the right one to take the place of Stephanie,but not Brooke!

    Posted by Amyarts at Wednesday, November 28 2012 03:57 PM

    I voted for Steffy, but I cry foul. Brooke shouldn't even be on the list. Some Forrester fans will divide between Taylor and Steffy, and Logan fans will pile all their votes on Brooke. She belongs on the list as much as Donna or Katie...she DOESN'T. Not just because of her inappropriate behavior, but because she's no relation to Stephanie. Steffy is her namesake and full-blood granddaughter. The only logical choice. She's single-handedly kept Forrester Creations in family hands and already has the name Stephanie, so we'll just put Queen in front of that and we are done. I don't think Rick, Brooke, Hope, and even Eric will be employed at Forrester for much longer. Their insubordination is out of control.

    Posted by ale2011 at Wednesday, November 28 2012 05:35 PM

    Steffy..she's Stephanie's heiress, but to be honest I don't want JMW staying too long in this crap soap!! She's too talented to be wasted.

    Posted by Cassiopea at Wednesday, November 28 2012 08:39 PM

    Bell cannot help himself with the Bruk Logan delusional prop show! This is such BS! A woman like Bruk cannot be a matriarch of anyone. It's surreal that Stephanie or anyone would want to die in the arms of the hated w H ore who ruined her life and bedded her way into her family!! WTF Bell were you thinking? Stephanie was dying of cancer not had a lobotomy!! I m so angry with this man, and disgusted! Does he really think that we audience are morons? I just would like to say to Mr Bell you better do your job or F get the hell out of the way!!#BB is DISGRACEFUL!Susan Flannery and Ron Moss must be relieved not to work with a pompous arrogant, unprofessional, idiot like Bell EVER!! SMDH!

    Posted by Cassiopea at Wednesday, November 28 2012 08:54 PM

    STEFFY is the REAL FORRESTER MATRIARCH to carry Stephanie's legacy! In real life this would never happened! If we had a real writer Bruk will be out of FC and forgotten, which means KKL would be put on recurring or fired! It is overdue, actually, Bruk Logan should really be out of this show!But Bell have to keep KKL around she cannot work anywhere else, as she is a bad actress; so Bruk Logan will be F "eternal" "eyeroll" The truth is the real #BB is is become a boring, limited and horrible show cuz it lacks of the main component > GOOD WRITING < plus different actors to play different characters to create scenarios! Bell and KKL should be fired on the spot by CBS IMHO!Or if they cannot, they should cancel this farce!

    Posted by Cassiopea at Wednesday, November 28 2012 09:06 PM

    @Amyarts Totally agreed!It's not only a matter of her shameful behavior or how she become part of the Forrester but primarily cuz she has not blood relation with Stephanie or anyone of the Forresters! Steffy is the real candidate to be the matriarch! Also Bell want to let us believe that a woman like Stephanie would choose Bruk over Steffy or Taylor and forget everything the S L U T put her though over the years!! Stephanie had just to look at Rick to remember! I so hate this BS show!

    Posted by Sudsy suzie at Thursday, November 29 2012 09:56 AM

    So out of 1101 votes 713 of them are for someone OTHER than Brooke as matriarch. So actual Brooke isn't winning this poll. She is actually losing as the viewers choice as matriarch by a landslide.

    Posted by triley24 at Thursday, November 29 2012 06:36 PM

    Brooke is BB trailor park trash that F her way into the Forrester family no matter how they try to white wash her skanky self. Brooke had earned and maintained the title FORRESTER MATTRESS and should not even be considered head of a family she is not related to.
    STEFFY is the only one that is worthy to carry the torch of FORRESTER MATRIACHI. She is Stephanie blood grand daughter and name sake that share same qualities when it comes to love, family and loyality.

    Posted by MsLady1020 at Thursday, November 29 2012 10:27 PM

    I say either one of Stephanie's daughters, Steffy, Taylor, or even Pam but definately don't put Brooke and Matriarch in the same sentence, lol.

    Posted by KatyDidNot at Saturday, December 01 2012 01:24 PM

    The same case could be made for Taylor. An even larger number voted against her. What matters ultimately is who receives the most/largest percentage of the votes.

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