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    Friday, October 19 2012

    Tyrant or terrified? (CBS)
    "B&B" Breakdown
    Week of October 15 - 19:

    This week the storyline that may prove to be the most emotional ever on "B&B" began to play out as Stephanie started making decisions on how she would spend her final days, and began breaking the news to her loved ones. It's going to be a tough farewell. In happier news, we only saw a glimpse of the dreaded triangle this week. Thoughts to ponder:

    Baby blues.
    The issue of post-partum depression is being well-addressed in Katie's storyline, though it's a little tedious to sit through as a viewer. Hats off to Heather Tom for tackling this emotional material while she was pregnant in real life. Awesome. The most intriguing development has been the closeness in scenes between Brooke and Bill - it seems very deliberate. Could a Brooke/Bill hook-up be in the future?

    In it for the long haul.
    Though we know there is no such thing as 'the long haul' for a couple in Daytime, it was refreshing to see Liam and Steffy simply being together this week instead of the usual angst, flashbacks, doubt, and rehashing of drama. Here's hoping it lasts for a while, though it's doubtful, given that Rick seems to be on the verge of outing himself. Notably, Hope now has the failure of her union with Liam down to one identifiable glitch - him making out with Steffy at the nightclub - if only that hadn't happened, then everything would have been a go. Sigh.

    Teary time. (CBS)
    Tyrannical Thomas.
    Thomas raising eyebrows by running around Forrester playing Bossy McBoss and generally acting like a rude jackass was kind of entertaining this week. That said, I'm sure we'll see that he's acting this way to cover up his insecurities. Here's hoping it all gets sorted out - I miss the sparkly-eyed Thomas. Meanwhile, Caroline isn't giving him the time of day. She's so not what she appeared to be - suddenly she's very judgy and snotty - even mean. Personality change for the sake of pushing the plot? It seems so. In any case, through Donna, we got some insight into Thomas' thoughts on Friday. Donna, notably, was behaving more like her former self - much preferable to the slapstick comedy version of Donna we've been seeing hamming it up with Pam on a regular basis (one Pam is enough!). Do you think Donna should be the one to comfort Eric after Stephanie's gone? Vote in's B&B comforting Eric poll.

    I will always love you.
    Watching Stephanie and Eric digest the news about her prognosis was heart-rending, however, the real waterworks started when Stephanie told Pam, and later, Brooke, that she's going to die. The raw emotion this storyline will evoke in "B&B" fans is a testimony to the depth of feeling and attachment they develop for the characters they have watched for so many years. Stephanie is like a mother to Pam and Brooke...and to us. Whether you loved her, or loved to hate her, it's the end of an era. Friday's scenes between Brooke and Stephanie, often referred to as the real supercouple on the show, didn't disappoint. I was shedding tears before Brooke had finished reading the invitation. I'd have liked to have seen some more heavy emotion from Eric this week, but perhaps he's in shock and that's still coming. More invitations and more tears await next week...

    Be sure to share your thoughts on "B&B" in the comment section.

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    - Candace Young

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    Posted by dramaqueen333 at Friday, October 19 2012 12:21 PM

    Stephanie has been a polarizing character on this show since its inception, and I think her "leaving" story is going to be very well done and sadly beautiful. It will be sad to see her go (she and Sally were for so long the backbone of the drama), but if Susan wants to go, this is the way to do it.

    Thomas is being a donkey. He has no right to act like he has all the experience in the world. I guess Ridge appointing him interim CEO has made him think he belongs in that chair. Ridge should have asked Eric to step in, with maybe Rick and Thomas as interns so they can learn. CEO is way too important a position to just throw it away on a kid who has very little business experience. Sort of like giving Hope her own line.

    Heather Tom rocks. She is very brave to do this work, and to be seen without makeup! I do see a potential Bill-Brooke hook-up. In trying to keep Will's family together, they will destroy it. But hey, Brooke made a baby with her daughter's husband, so why not go after her sister's!

    So now Hope has watered down her entire reason for jettisoning Liam to a kiss? That's not what she said a few days ago. Whether or not he kissed Steffy, the entire "being in love with two women" thing is apparently now secondary to a dance floor kiss. Oy.

    I think Eric should be allowed to be on his own for a bit out of respect for what he and Stephanie had together. He spent the better part of his life with her, so it would be nice to see him grieve alone for a bit before throwing someone else in his bed. I am sure Stephanie will tell him to "go on" though, so someone will probably be trying to snog him at the funeral. And if it is, hopefully it will not be Donna, but someone more his age like Jackie, who hasn't been seen in months.

    And what is up with Amber, Jackie, Bridget, Oliver, etc? They are all still in the credits but haven't even been mentioned since the spring.

    Posted by Soapguyy at Friday, October 19 2012 01:16 PM

    Susan Flannery is by far one the best actress to ever be on daytime TV. Over the years, she has made Stephanie a lady you either loved or hated, but always a force never to be ignored. The love and mostly hate relationship with Brooke is soap opera classic at it's best. And I do hope that if the character of Stephanie does die that Ron Moss will return as Ridge to say goodbye. But this is the land of Soaps and reality is never as it really seems.

    Posted by bonnylady at Saturday, October 20 2012 06:48 AM

    Friday's broadcast was so sad and so well done, way to go B & B, now if only you would get rid of Steffy and Liam, cant stand either one of them!! Hope is better off without that milk toast!! She is too sweet for him, Liam and Steffy deserve each other, when they are on, I turn off my tv!! Yuk yuk.....

    Posted by cutjordan at Monday, October 29 2012 08:44 PM

    i will allways beleave hope and liam deserve a chance at happiness something steffy had to mess up every time .. if they would get her away from liam i truely think hope and liam would be together ... it's steffy that is their problem .. and i hope and pray that katie tells liam everything maybe that will give liam and hope their chance to be together even if steffy is there .. liam will finally see steffy for who she really is .. a manipulater and liar and back stabber and trouble maker just like bill .. if bill gets a divorce from katie you can bet he will go after steffy and steffy will go for bill .. i think steffy still loves bill . deep down ... i want hope and liam together so bad ... and i want it to be hope thats pregnant . then she can have what she deserves and thats her man liam and a new baby to .. that would make this soap very very good ?

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