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    Monday, October 01 2012

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    Posted by mustangmike at Monday, October 01 2012 06:57 PM

    Wow!! Really!! Seriously?!! I didn't see Katie rushing to call Hope or Liam over when she got home from the hospital. I certainly didn't hear her tell them while they were all in the hospital room together. Deacon didn't tell his daughter(whom he loves so much) either. So why is Steffy the bad guy? So she slept with Marcus(her boyfriend @ the time) & Rick(her fiancé @ the time) Bill..(almost doesnt count).
    Brooke..humm. let's see..every man on the show except male family members. Hope slept with a married man, not Steffy, Hope had to pop pills just to cope with life, not Steffy. Stop acting like Hope is so innocent in all this, she is as much to blame as any other party. Liam doesnt deserve either one of them, Steffy is to much woman for him & Hope is not enough woman for him.

    Posted by firstliner at Monday, October 01 2012 07:36 PM

    Let Steffy and Bill be together somewhere off the show so we don't have to see their ugly selves. Totally sick of both of them!

    Posted by jkremke at Monday, October 01 2012 08:31 PM

    Steffy is a lying , manipulative witch who knows just what to say and what to do to get under liams skin. She always has to have what Hope has and went after every guy Hope was interested in , WHy would you want someone elses left overs ? and wasnt steffy still so much in love with Liams dad when she kissed him while liam was engaged to Hope i might add. This show is making me ill its reruns of the past with new people is all

    Posted by lisa44ohio at Monday, October 01 2012 08:51 PM

    really steffy and liam makes you sick please i'm so tired of hope I don't no what to do. the upcoming pregnancy do you really think it would be hope they probally slept together all of twice and she had to be doped up then. she really has issues starting with her mother as her role model blame brooke for hope's misfortune she has alot of growing up to do. Let's go back steffy never slept with marcus or rick. I say get rid of katie poor little katie and hope miss confused all the time and donna. what role do they have really and lets not forget about pam.

    Posted by Dannyjo at Tuesday, October 02 2012 04:58 AM

    Hey Shashad, Do you know for sure, Steffy is the one that is going to end up Pregnant?? They are not releasing who exactly it is yet??? If so, I too believe it will be false and she will be manipulating again!! I think she is so cheap and skanky! Hope and Liam all the way!!!!

    Posted by rosiepow at Tuesday, October 02 2012 10:22 AM

    Dannyjo.... I completely agree with you... I am so sick to death with this Steffy and Liam BS. I am ready to STOP WATCHING.......
    Steffy and Liam make me sick. Can not wait for everything to come out. I want Steffy Bill and Rick to get what they have coming to them.... HOPE DOES NEED TO HEAR THE TRUTH. AS WELL AS LIAM FROM BILL, STEFFY NEEDS TO "GO AWAY" SHE IS TROUBLE, THIS NEEDS TO BACK FIRE ON HER, SHE DONT BELONG WITH LIAM. GET ON WITH IT,TELL HOPE AND LIAM THE TRUTH ABOUT EVERYTHING THAT, BILL,STEFFY,AND RICK HAVE DONE.... GET LOST STEFFY.... Deacon didnt write the letter and i hope he mans up to his daughter and tells her the truth of his involvment. Bill needs to finally come clean with Liam and Hope both including his using Steffy in his escapades Let lies get caught (like bill) he should be jailed at and the same goes for steffy.
    The best part in this soap is the logans girls and what they stand for. Bill wants you bad stephy..cant you see that??? He trying to have you thru his son, wake up!!! I hope Liam and Hope gets the truth soon from all parts that has lied (Steffy, Bill, Rick) really wake up. Nothing good will come from that Steffy and Liam beeing toghter, STEFFY move on, find your own man ( noo Liam was not hers to begin with and will never be) I WANT TO SEE HOPE AND LIAM STARTING TO PATCH UP, AND START THERE LIFES TOGTHER Let the upcoming pregnancy of Hope be the key to something finally!!! It is time u writters put hope and liam beck together what r u waiting for the show to go off the air u all r falling asleep wake up it it time let the true comes out about Rick, steffy and bill do something hope and liam that is true love

    Posted by Dannyjo at Tuesday, October 02 2012 06:10 PM

    Rosiepow, Thanks, your comment said it all! Today's episode put me over the top!! I have to sit out a couple of days, I am totally disgusted with the whole Liam and Steffy scene. I wanted to throw up watching them today!!!Something had better change soon or I am DONE!!

    Posted by stopthemadness at Tuesday, October 02 2012 10:47 PM

    I also wish steffy and bill get caught, I mean do you really think liam will still be interested in steffy if he knew that she knew what bill did in Italy come on !!!!!!
    if steffy is so good why didn't she tell liam ?? I mean she told her mother what happened and she told her not to tell that to me conspiring with bill to keep the truth from liam and hope.

    Posted by Realist1566 at Wednesday, October 03 2012 06:57 PM

    Are you kidding me? The manipulative one wins the guy? What are you telling everyone that watches this show? Liam is an idiot who is constantly manipulated by Steffy and Bill. Is that the message that yor sending? Liam CLAIMS to love Hope and yet he jumps in the sack with Steffy within hours of proclaiming his love for Hope. I have watched the show since it started, and I have never been so disgusted. Brooke and Taylor were bad enough, but this is just ridiculous! Let someone get the respect they deserve. Manipulaters shouldn't come put on top. Oh wait! Missing a moral compass, spoiled brat, have to have my way, Steffy chose the missionary position this time.....really!?!?

    Posted by kayla gorton at Saturday, October 06 2012 06:05 PM

    you guys dont get the picture steffy will be pregnant with liam steffy all the way

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