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    Ronn Moss Leaving The Bold And The Beautiful.

    Thursday, August 23 2012

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    Posted by abspearman at Thursday, September 13 2012 07:21 PM

    OMG!!! I love Ridge and Brooke together. What in the world is happening to the Bold and the Beautiful? Are they taking this show off the air as well? I just can't believe that Ridge is leaving the show.

    Posted by DbosGal at Friday, September 14 2012 05:47 AM

    I think you should have Ridge kidnapped for ransom. Bring in an FBI agent that is her 1/2 brother, from when her father left them. I don't think Brook should be intimate w/ anyone, but Ridge. After Brook pays the ransom they should drop Ridge off on a remote island where he could survive and show snippets of Ronn Moss building shelter finding food. Drawl out Brooke's search for him. I also feel that Ronn Moss is he ONLY RIDGE, so give him the money he wants and bring him back after a year.

    Posted by SuzyQ316 at Thursday, September 20 2012 12:24 PM

    Bring back Morgan, she kidnaps and brainwashes Ridge. She sends Brook a note from Ridge saying he needs a change and does not love her anymore. He wants out. He tells her he wants out of his whole life and to use this letter to get a divorce and move on with her life.


    Ridge gets a call from Massamo who is in desperate straints and needs Ridges help. Ridge rushes off to help Massamo with out telling Brook, he simply leaves a note that he has gone to help Massamo and will call her when he can, have him check in until you recast him...bring in John Stamos to play Ridge

    Posted by PhillieGirl at Saturday, September 29 2012 03:05 PM

    Ridge was a poor actor; who could only take his shirt off. I was fed up with his so call lust for Brooke and all that drama it brought. I hope RM takes some necessary acting lessons and does some improv and find another gig some place else. Good luck and good bye

    Posted by Sunflower73 at Monday, November 12 2012 11:57 AM

    To all the Brooke bashers... The reason why Ridge chose to be with Brooke was because she is exciting, and playfull, and FUN. The reason why he was not with Taylor is because she is boring & dull... she sits around all day telling other people how to solve their problems, while she plays BOO-HOO over Ridge for years... GROW UP, find someone else who is boring and move on!! Ridge & Brookes story is one of the greatest love stories on the soap networks. I do believe that Ridge is not man enough for Brooke any longer, they've given him such a wimpy self serving character line. I believe that Bill & Brooke should fall in love... Katie is nuts for what she did to Bill, maybe they could have her meet another guy while she is away that helps her through all of her issues and have them fall in love. Bill is exciting, Fun loving, and i think he has turned a corner and he is starting to show his GOOD side... he and Brooke would be so awesome together.... a VERY HOT couple.

    Posted by Sunflower73 at Monday, November 12 2012 12:06 PM

    To all the HOPE Bashers... I believe Hope & Liam should be together. You can see it in Liams eyes when he looks at hope that she is his TRUE LOVE... He only ran to Stephy because she was there Easy, Free & Manipulative as always. I don't see how you can bash Hope for trying to be true to herself and wanting to live a life with Liam without Stephy in the picture. Liam is ONLY settling for SECOND BEST with Stephy. I think Hope & Liam should reunite after Stephanie's good bye party... one beautiful night in each others arm's will Make Liam realize that he made a mistake with Stephy.. they are better off as friends... THAT'S IT! Hope has so much more to give Liam. I think they should bring another character to the show for Stephy.

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