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    Friday, August 10 2012

    All's well... (
    "B&B" Breakdown
    Week of August 6 - 10:

    The misadventures of Hope, Liam, and Steffy featured heavily again this week, with the storyline about Marcus's troubles wrapping up. Here are some thoughts on the storylines:

    Hit and run.
    Like the revelation about what really happened to Anthony, Marcus's texting and driving storyline felt like a bit of a 'hit and run'. About two weeks ago, Marcus suddenly developed a heavy texting habit. The texting while driving crash occurred right after. Within a week, Marcus had a tense wedding night, an overnight stint in jail, a melodramatic hearing in court, and then Caroline and Thomas found evidence that cleared him. Marcus and Anthony made up, Dayzee and Marcus reconnected as husband and wife, and Caroline and Thomas celebrated being a great team. While it was timely and admirable to address the dangers of texting and driving, and the return of the bumbling Baker boys was entertaining, the super-fast storyline and feelgood ending was all a little too pat. Now what?

    While it was interesting to see Rick get into the triangle action this week and put in his two cents to Hope, it's all just starting to sound the same. Even with different characters weighing in, there are only so many ways to look at the Hope/Liam/Steffy triangle, and so many times you can listen to it being discussed and rehashed before you are just sick to the teeth of the whole thing.

    No, you want me! (
    Liam reached a new low this week by leaving Steffy at his house while he ran over to get Hope to make his decision for him, but other than that, we've seen it and heard it all before. Hope wants everything to be perfect to the point of being nauseating, Liam's lost all credibility, and Steffy has regressed from having some dignity back to throwing herself at the object of her affections. Bleh.

    Taylor and Ridge.
    Their candid conversation about the past was interesting this week. Seems Taylor is still romancing Thorne (not that we'd know, we never get to see him or them as a couple) but still can't get past her love for Ridge to give his brother her whole heart. Ridge says he'll always love Taylor. Could this be leading to another go 'round of the Brooke/Ridge/Taylor triangle? Would you like to see it happen? Let us know by voting in's B&B Brooke/Taylor/Ridge poll.

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    - Candace Young

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    Posted by ineedu4me at Friday, August 10 2012 11:54 AM

    HOPE and STEPHY>..get some BRAINS...LEAVE LIAM> He is and has and will betray both of you over and over again. He is scum. Leave him in the gutter.

    Posted by londonrose at Saturday, August 11 2012 10:18 AM

    The character Liam is sooo unbelievable! This whole storyline is making me sick. What are the writers thinking? When Hope caught Liam & Steffy kissing in the car, and she left her ring and Liam picked it up and put it on Steffy, i thought that was the craziest thing i ever saw! He didn't even know why Hope broke up with him...I thought the end of this storyline would have been when Hope was seeing Thomas and it was clear that Liam wanted to be with her, but nooooo. I watched Friday and couldn't believe that Liam didn't even mention to Steffy that Hope could come home any minute and she should leave. hell, Steffy didn't seem to care about Hope coming home either..WTH? I use to root for him and Hope, but not anymore. Hope should have stayed home instead of going home. Liam could have slept on the couch if that was her problem. I thought Steffy said that she wouldn't step foot in that house unless she was married to Liam, she is getting on my nerves too. I can't believe she still wants him after what happened in italy..One minute he's telling her it's not over and the next he's marrying someone else!!

    Posted by lkk_1965 at Sunday, August 12 2012 08:20 PM

    I too use to root for Liam and Hope, but now not so much. Hope deserves way better than Liam, and his relationship with Steffy makes me sick. There's "Best Friends" and then there's "Friends with Benifits". He should try pushing Stephy away for a change instead of just letting her kiss him. He might even try getting a backbone and tell her he loves HOPE !! I'm sick of the storyline ... too bad Rick is her brother - they're a much better match !!

    Posted by akosohu at Monday, August 13 2012 03:33 AM

    I hardly ever post, but this is how strongly I feel about what has happened with The B&B....THIS SHOW ABSOLUTELY SUCKS!!!
    Now that is off my many things are wrong with this show and its lame stories:
    1. Hope and Liam- is not only boring (Hope is beyond ANNOYING and UNINTERESTING) but it is also just plain stupid. Liam is too young to be switching up wives so much. Another wedding????seriously..I would rather get a bikini wax with bleach than endure another wedding day for Perfect Hope...this is ridiculous...someone tell her to grow up, grow some hair under her underarms and go claim her husband or let him go- PLEASE IIM BEGGING YOU WRITERS, FREE ME OF THIS TORTURE!!

    2. The Marcus driving and texting story..someone on staff must have had a personal incident with this issue and they must be someone in a high position, because I can't see how a group of individuals unanimously signed off on the dullest story ever in soap history..I mean it is not even worth typing about.

    3. Taylor and her tired story of still being in love with Ridge..Seriously? She is a Ph. D and DUMB! I think she is dumb anyway, but please send her back to Morocco for a awhile, that is the last time she was exciting to watch. She has had all the hot guys on the show except Eric and she still likes that effeminate and doofus of a guy Ridge?? The plastic surgery (ooops ok I won't go there)-let's just say that over the years they have written her intelligence out of the show and it has passed on to her daughter. I really miss Phoebe, she was so much more entertaining ..I wonder why they killed her off. Please bring her back from the dead.

    3. Bill needs a new hobby besides stalking his son's love life..He has so much potential as the bad guy villain you love to hate than this weird dracula in the office planning his son's stupid love life. I would rather see him out womanizing.

    4. Brooke desperately needs a new look..She looks washed out and that long hair blonde thing worked in the 80-s to 90-s..but seriously, they can't find a more flattering cut? I mean can she at least have a curl. Her hair looks dead and blonds really have to be careful as they age, the color easily brings out the cracks and crevices in the face. I am only saying this because they keep pushing this "she is sooo sexy and such a vixen" puhlease...Jackie has more sex appeal in my opinion..Brooke just looks tired and played out.

    Ok, I'm done. Some of ya'll may get mad at me, but I have been watching this show for over 20 years, since the first day and I only keep up with it out of habit now...I need treatment to break me away, because I really want to be free of this ridiculous show.

    I will never post again. Thanks

    Posted by ldt1 at Tuesday, August 14 2012 11:08 AM

    I don't usually post either. But someone needs to the writers this is ridiculous. Liam makes me sick. He is such a coward and acts like he doesn't have a clue. I hate watching him. He acts like he doesn't have a brain he needs to man up. I don't think I have heard him say two words. He just has that dumb founded look on his face. I don't see why Hope or Steffy would want his butt. Hope should just give him to Steffy and find her real man. He acts like he is under Steffy's control and he has no idea of right or wrong. ENUFF. Be done with this already. PLEASE!!!!

    Posted by arienna at Wednesday, August 15 2012 08:40 AM

    who is this ballless wonder called liam. who is writing this segment, obviously someone who knows nothing about male and female interactions. I would like to see bill spencer seduce hope. now that would make a story, and send liam off to a monastery, that's where he belongs.

    Posted by Ms Gumbs at Wednesday, August 15 2012 09:34 AM

    I am so fed up with that triangular relationship with hope, stephie and liam. This is utter nonsense i can no longer relate to that the things that are being happening (no shows) is so lame and mundane. I need a new storyline about now. liam is stupidy and believing everybody. stephie is just a slot and do not know when to give up. I want someone to tell me why the writers making hope act this way she is brook daughter she need to stand up for herself and start fighting for her man in all ways necessary. plan a secret wedding without letting everybody know, be spontaneous. finally i wish hope gets pregnant and put a damper in stephie uneding love for liam.

    Posted by Ms Gumbs at Wednesday, August 15 2012 09:56 AM

    just to add it would be nice to see sally spectra son make a miraculous comeback. B&B needs more case to make it more interested and the storyline are so repetitive.

    Posted by rollin with the tide at Friday, August 17 2012 09:45 AM

    I use to root Liam and hope. Hope is too good for him. Steffy and Liam better match, they have been with so many. Steffy with Bill, Rick and Liam. Liam with Steffy and Amber. Steffy is dif a trouble maker. Hope needs a better man like Thomas. Not sure about oliver since Brook dipped there. I am sick of story line. Like several have said Liam did't know the reason why Hope broke it off first time. Then Italy! He is always turning to Steffy. Let her Have him! Hopes more attractive she could lot better!

    Posted by SassiBlack at Saturday, August 18 2012 10:18 AM

    wow I dont know about everyone else but frankly im over the whole liam/hope/steffy triangle it has gotten old, he needs to choose 1 or the other and move on this has been going on for way too long and quite frankly I'm at the point where I dont care who he chooses its like the ridge/brook/taylor scenario all over again!

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