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    Friday, August 03 2012

    Big drama. (
    "B&B" Breakdown
    Week of July 30 - August 3:

    "B&B's" focus has been back on the triangle this week, as well as on Marcus's accident. Check out the thoughts for this week:

    Serial texter.
    Marcus's dialogue felt too much like a PSA at times this week, but what really got me was the heightened drama surrounding his case. Dayzee's uncharacteristic damsel in distress routine was a bit much considering he was facing a maximum of six months in jail. You would think it was six years! But that was nothing compared to what went on in the courtroom, where Baker accused Marcus of being a - gasp! - serial texter! Things got even more entertaining when the D.A. and Justin went head-to-head and the judge decided that Marcus was a flight risk and remanded him to custody. Get real! This was so ridiculous that it made a bit of a farce of the storyline. It will be interesting to see what Thomas and Caroline discovered on the video footage. Will it get Marcus off completely? Probably, which is too bad, because that also compromises the integrity of the story/message about texting and driving.

    Confronting Liam.
    Hope put on her low, serious voice to deal with Liam this time. The foot-stomping was at a minimum as she asked him why he's able to switch back and forth between her and Steffy like he's changing channels. Reality check, Hope - because he can! In any case, she tore up the papers as a declaration that any wedding of hers that isn't fairytale perfect, is nothing more than a hoax. She then announced she was going back to her mother's house. Steffy told Brooke that Hope needs to learn to deal with the real world. If the 'real world' means understanding that things are rarely perfect, and that Liam isn't great husband material, then I agree.

    Making her move. (
    Welcome back, Steffy.
    Things had just got to the point where I could no longer buy Steffy's self-sacrificing routine as believable when she showed up at Liam's door. In response to hearing that Hope had moved back to mommy's, she finally declared her own position. Thank you. Steffy is the kind of girl that knows what she wants (though why she still wants Liam is beyond me) and who goes for it. The girl scout bit was getting old. Of course, now that she's put her cards on the table, it won't be what Liam wants. Sigh. It will never end...

    Leaving the door open.
    Brooke couldn't stress enough to Hope on Friday that by moving out of Liam's house she was leaving the door wide open for her rival. Most mothers would, by this time, be of the opinion that Liam was a fickle mess, not worthy of their daughter's love, but not Brooke! She's still clinging to the dream. Sigh. I don't really get it. What do you think of Brooke's warning to Hope? Let us know by voting in's B&B Brooke’s Warning poll.

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    - Candace Young

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    Posted by Saraheelee at Friday, August 03 2012 02:56 PM

    Liam should forget about Hope after this new development. He kept his promise to marry her, he never promise perfection. which he can't because he has too much of a connection with Steffy. He said so himself during the debate over weather to tell Hope about what happened before their wedding. (He did try to tell her when she came to the hotel room, but as usual Hope never allow him to finish a sentence.)And Hope need to realize that once you break up a marriage there is a price to pay. She is paying it now. It does not matter how the marriage came about vows were made, she should have respected that and move on. It is obvious that Liam and Steffy are in love with each other.

    Posted by bettyrubble76 at Friday, August 03 2012 06:52 PM

    Does anyone else think this is the most ridiculous triangle ever? Hope and Liam were together for a long time and head over heels in love. Steffy seduces....Steffy manipulates....Steffy tricks Liam into marriage...and it was clear that for the extremely short duration of this farce of a marriage, that Liam could only think about yeah because she was the one he had a relationship with.... Steffy and Liam had zero history and then they were married....what?! His discontent during that awkward marriage was clear. Then once that ridiculous marriage was almost legally over, he starts to act like he is giving up another true love? What's up B&B writers? There are some real gaps in this triangle. I have been watching this show since I was a teenager and always bought the triangles with Ridge, Brooke, and Caroline or Taylor....but this one is just weird. I don't buy the suddenly-Liam-loves-Steffy-too bit. Hope and Liam need to realize that they can only be with each other, and this oddball triangle needs to end....maybe B&B can pursue a different triangle with new Caroline, Thomas, and Rick....oh sigh.

    Posted by thommy at Friday, August 03 2012 09:32 PM

    People are saying why Hope always Listens to her mother, they have a special bond not like the pathetic Taylor who keeps pushing her slot of a daughter to be like her running down people's husband. What about Stupid Liam who does everything that Steffy say's. That's what Hope was talking about it seems like Steffy is running Liam's life not Hope. Time for Liam to put Steffy on a back burner for a while and focus on getting Hope back.
    Steffy should realise that Hope and Liam was in a relationship and was about to get married b4 she and $Bill did their stupidness to spoil it, and after they did all that to her she respected the fact that they were married and stayed away and it was Liam who wanted her back ok so she should really back the heck off and give Hope a chance.

    Posted by thommy at Friday, August 03 2012 09:39 PM

    And yes bettyrubble76 it is by far the most rediculous triangle ever!!!! it is time for Hope to be hvppy in the show oh god man let Liam tell Steffy to back off and let him think on his own and stop manipulating every situation when it comes to him and Hope.

    Posted by londonrose at Saturday, August 04 2012 08:45 AM

    This whole "triangle" was stupid from the beginning..It was Liam and Hope. Steffy was madly in love with Bill a fews day before she fell madly in love with Liam..The writers could have avoided this mess a long time ago. The night Hope caught Liam & Steffy kissing in the car, she should have knocked on the car window instead of leaving her ring and running away. I could not believe that without even talking to Hope, Liam puts her ring on Steffy! The same thing happened the day of the wedding. Liam reads a note, believes it, and again without talking to Hope, he plans a life with Steffy!. The writers keep forgetting this part in all of the lines they keep writing over and over and over. Liam has to be the dumbest character i have ever seen hands down...

    Posted by londonrose at Saturday, August 04 2012 08:50 AM

    The Marcus storyline is crazy too. In a matter of 2 whole days he becomes a serial texter..I think they had to scramble for this story, because I thought Amber was suppose to give them a hard time before the wedding. That hearing was a joke, you would have thought he was a serial killer! He should have been able to post bond even if he had to where an ankle bracelet. Even if the bond was a million, he would have gotten out before trial..dumb writing but good message about texting and driving..

    Posted by Candace at Sunday, August 05 2012 10:25 AM

    Thanks for all the comments! Interesting to read!


    Posted by firouchka at Sunday, August 05 2012 01:48 PM

    I did not use to watch B&B regularly except when I vent to visit my aunt and I got involved with it.It was just about it until Hope and Liam met each other and fell in love. Well then at this point I got involve and fell for the story and start to watch it regularly to see what is going on with this two beautiful young lovers and their beautiful love story. For a while I did understand the challenge of Steffie , then next challenge was Amber which it got more serious to damage this love story, when it finished the most serious one and most dangerous one start which was Steffie and Bill, O.K. it was like a rolling coaster and you could get mad, upset , happy , cry or laugh for a while ,. with all the hardship during the Aspen drama and Hope was trapped in the gondola, Steffie's marriage , sex and confusion of Liam for his Love for Hope and lust and friendship with Steffie ( which was not even a real friend ship since it was one side from Liam to Steffie who believed she is his best friend since the truth was and has been Steffie using her friendship to manipulate, decide for Liam and destroy Hope). O.k. Hope start to live her life and let Liam go and did not interfere in his marriage to Steffie , She start to date Thomas, Liam could not handle it but bare it, They went accidentally for two absolute different reason ( Hope in order to get away and cope with letting go of Liam , Steffie in order to keep Liam away from Hope , whom she was sure Liam in love with)all the hide and seek went on with excitements, drama, nerve wrecking until the two lover got united and Liam made his mind that; it is Hope he loves and wanted the divorce from Steffie; he got trapped in Bill's tricks and scheme, everything post pond until he asked Steffie for divorce and committed his love and future to Hope .
    O.k. until now rating of the series went high, comments and involvements of the audience got to the maximum , every body thought that this is it and most were getting tired of the story and prolonging the drama and reputation of the same old story over and over but we all bare it and tried to cope with it, hoping for a change in story line, hoping to see the happy ending and get to a new story and new drama in FC and Spenser publication, Taylor and Thorne taking over the FC, taking over of Jacki M. , some business challenges , some new story with new characters, BUT unfortunately all of a sudden the whole scenario changed and the story line ( writer and producer) thought that since the rating have gone up they can continue the same story which was getting really boring to every one continue and make it even worse and out of proportion, all of sudden they made a weakest character out of Liam who was sure about his feeling for Hope, made Steffie a lovable character which we see it was all pretends and was not real. Hope went down to the most serious problems and damaged over and over ..Since that point I for myself stopped watching the series regularly and tried to read the spoilers or facebook comments to keep the track and wait for the story to be finished. Wedding start to happen ; again I watched and happy for the end of the cheap story line to be finish and see the happy ending and Steffie goes on with her life, play a shroud powerful executive which she is very good for and start to challenge the fashion world, But no it was not still enough for the producer and the writer !!!! it should have been not only the Deacon problem to try to destroy the wedding it should have been another most stupid event ( Steffie and Liam , just right before the wedding !!) Bill regretted and apologized to Hope , promised her to love and protect her as his own daughter.

    I can not believe that how the producer and the writer can go so much wrong , they had lost a lot of viewers from the time of return of Mexico by now, they could have get the clue and not to carry on with the same old story of Liam , Hope and Steffie. They should have read the comments of the audience , they should have realized that by continuation of this old story they have lost all the admiration, they have lost most of the positive comments , they have lost a lot of viewers interests to the point that even a group has stopped watching it any more!It seems from the spoilers that this routine is going to continue even on another wedding ceremony and this time Steffie tried to Make Liam drunk and he does not show up for his wedding with Hope!
    I am talking to the producer and the writers, if you continue this and if you make Steffie to win Liam again by tricks , manipulation and brain washing you will lose a lot of viewers , a lot of followers ; you will see the rating even will drop drastically , then you have to make you mistakes correct and bring back your viewers! So if you have not filmed for a long time ahead , please think over change your decision stop the continuation of Hope and Liam's fight for love and their future , let them be happy at least for couple of years.
    May be I should let you know that I have a master degree in Media from New School for Social Research in New York and I can claim that I know a little bit of media.
    Start a new story anything but this triangle, Steffie with Ric/Deacon/Bill or Thomas/Rik/Caroline, Stephanie/Eric/Donna, Share holders fight between FC and SP, Ridge, Thorne and Taylor, challenge between Stephanie's children and Brook children on controling the FC, Hope and Liam in one side challenging Steffie and Thaomas in business afairs between FC and SP. You can have a lot of new story to start and not continuation of an old same story .

    Posted by Anotherworld at Monday, August 06 2012 09:09 PM

    Gosh you all have alot to say about hope Liam and Steffy! One person wrote a book on it! I've watched the show from the first day it came on. But Liam deserves to be with a woman, Steffy or whoever, but come on hope is a little girl! Brooks attitude towards her daughter, is brook! In brooks mind this is like her daughters boyfriend not her daughters husband! And hey stop insulting Taylor, at least she is not yelling at hope or dictating what Steffy should do, like brook is! My goodness less then two years ago, hope was graduating high school! Steffy is a good ten years older then hope! Would you want your young daughter, who has had problems with Liam for awhile, married at such a young age to him? And Liam put the engagement ring on steffys finger, so she sped up the wedding, she was protecting her engagement! And Liam and hope were not together a long time, have you forgotten, brooks mistake with hopes last boyfriend? I hope Liam walks away from hope, she has walked away from him enought times, ever time anything goes wrong!!! Hope and Liam will become boring in two months ! Get over your hate for Steffy, I like her she got spunk!

    Posted by soapallday at Wednesday, August 08 2012 12:03 PM

    I am so sick of the Liam/Hope/Steffy issue. Be done with it. Is that all the writers know how to write about. Started the Marcus storyline and now it is done. So all the Bold and Beautiful is is Liam/Steffy/Hope. Please you are boring me. I am about to stop watching this soap again. What about a takeover with Thorne/Taylor/Thomas/Steffy. Come on you guys.

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