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    The Bold And The Beautiful Snap Poll: Brooke's Warning.

    Friday, August 03 2012

    Hope and Brooke. (
    Motherly instincts?

    At the end of this week on "B&B," Brooke warns Hope that her actions have left the door wide open for her rival, Steffy. Is Brooke giving good advice?

    Let us know where you stand by voting in the snap poll below. As always, feel free to comment or add your own answer below.

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    - Candace Young

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    Posted by foxyroxy69 at Friday, August 03 2012 02:08 PM

    Steffy is right, Hope needs to deal with her problems instead of always running off. I was rooting for Liam and Hope, but at this point, Steffy is probably better suited for him.

    Posted by ibcynthy at Friday, August 03 2012 02:17 PM

    Steffy hasn't changed at all. She is so well aware that there is a problem and rightly so; but Steffy needs to butt out and Hope needs to grow up and forgive Liam if she truly loves him. This triangle is getting really old. Let's get it resolved and let Steffy move on to another man. She just keeps stirring the pot.

    Posted by tayfan12 at Friday, August 03 2012 02:40 PM

    i agree its time for hope to work through her marriage with liam and kick steffy out of their lives for good. and be done with steffy and her nonsense in all of this.

    Posted by OhCanada at Friday, August 03 2012 02:57 PM

    I think Brooke was being Brooke and wanting her daughter to win the man like she did with Ridge. That's wrong and selfish.

    I also think that the message behind the warning is valid. Brooke knows how Steffy operates because she used to be just like her. So, giving her daughter a warning about Steffy's intentions and not wanting Hope to leave the door open for Steffy to walk through, is right. And, I think Hope is smart enough to realize that Steffy will try to convince Liam to reunite with her. She just wants to look out for herself right now. Nothing wrong with that.

    Brooke should let her daughter figure this out for herself first before Hope goes to talk with Liam. Hope is right, talking to Liam right now won't solve anything. She needs a time out so she can deal with him and their future with a clearer head. I just wish she hadn't gone to her mother's. She has the money to go to a hotel. Why didn't she do that?

    Posted by DugarStam at Friday, August 03 2012 03:41 PM

    Brooke need to stop .why would you want to see your daughter with a man that is still in love with his ex-wife. This is why hope is so confuse she has been living her life trying her best not to be like her mother what a shame normally a child look up to there parent and want to be like them . Just let Steffy and Liam get back together ,they make a hotter couple

    Posted by champ03 at Friday, August 03 2012 06:45 PM

    Liam told hope to her face that he loves her & steffy! first of alll u cant love 2 women & think ur gonna have ur cake & eat it to,, hope u & liam argue fight blah blah hes always gonna run to steffy! period..... If I were u he wld be hitting the road.. Go find urself a real man to love u & u only cuz he dont love just u he loves ur step sister to.. i wldnt be havin that. move on hope!

    Posted by squijeelulu at Saturday, August 04 2012 06:18 AM

    Steffy has always resented Hope and always wanted to make her suffer. She has bullied Hope quite openly by firstly telling her that she has no place in her family and has no right to call Ridge her father.
    Then she announced to Hope she was going after her boyfriend Oliver, and would win him with sex, because Hope was still a virgin..
    Then when Hope moved on and had Liam, Steffy decided she would pursue Liam and told Hope she would, and win with sex because Hope was still a virgin.
    Steffy made sure Hope couldn't talk to Liam in Aspen the first time, by trapping her in the gondola, while Liam was waiting for Hope, arranged a quicky wedding, and took him then.
    Brooke understands Steffy very well, and knows what a spiteful, underhanded schemer she is, so her advice is within that context.
    While Hope wants and needs the space to think about how to deal with Liam, Steffy's actions will remove ALL options for Hope.
    The ball is in Liam's court----he MUST demonstrate his love for Hope by removing Steffy from the picture.
    BUT, he only ever hears Steffy's conniving words in Hope's absence, and therefore only comes to the concusions to which Steffy leads him.

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