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    Friday, June 22 2012

    Intense. (
    "B&B" Breakdown
    Week of June 18 - 22:

    Monday - I Wanted You Here. I loved the scenes between Hope and Deacon! Quite frankly, they were the best reason to watch this week. One could sense how torn Deacon was between his awe at meeting his daughter, and what he knew he had to do. Elsewhere, Bill and Ridge each felt Liam out to see if he was wavering, but he was ready to go ahead with the wedding. Steffy, however, was not, and told Hope she wouldn't be standing up for her. Why torture herself? Today we also got our first look at Bill's nifty suit - Dollar Bill or Pimp Daddy?

    Tuesday - I Can’t Be At Your Wedding.
    More poignant scenes between Deacon and Hope today - though it was a little weird that she told him she could handle selfish jerks. Huh? At the church, while Ridge mooned over whether Hope would ever call him 'Dad' again, everyone else started to clue in that Hope wasn't coming. Steffy hung out on her terrace and experienced more flashbacks - yes, the same ones again - gave the episode a draggy feel. At Spencer Publications, Katie overheard Marcus worrying to Dayzee about what Bill was up to. Please. He's known about this for how long, and left it until after they had gone to Italy to do something?

    Wednesday - I’m Done!
    Well, Hope watched her driver speed off, and wound up jumping in the cutest, teeniest little truck ever! I cringed a little at her getting in there with the white dress on, but no matter. They then raced to the church with Hope calling out to the driver to hurry in Italian. Gah. Reminded me of the weird paparazzi chase in Aspen, and not in a good way. Back at the church, Liam caved and headed back to the hotel. Bill called Steffy to give her a heads up. He then received a call from Katie, who had managed to get enough out of Marcus that she felt she needed to clarify the rules for her husband. Bill neatly avoided agreeing to anything. Later, Hope arrived at the church and nearly put Brooke over the edge by telling her she'd seen Deacon. Had to laugh! Meanwhile, at the hotel, Liam decided, after seeing the note, that Hope had ditched him, and went cray cray on the tablet - boy he is attached to that thing, isn't he? Making a video wouldn't have been my first thought... Anyway, he decided he was done!

    Everything's changed. (
    Thursday - He Was Right.
    The episode kicked off with Liam ranting that his father had been right about absolutely everything. Wouldn't it have been realistic for Liam and/or Steffy to be slightly suspicious at this point that Bill might be manipulating again. Especially when he calls right on cue and has the jet fired up and ready to go? Anyway, Hope was still at the church extolling the virtues of Deacon to a disbelieving Brooke and Ridge, but soon realized she'd better find her fiance. Back in L.A., Taylor and Stephanie made a girls' night out of speculating what was going on in Italy, and Stephanie chewed about the Logan girls always coming out on top...'nuff said. Meanwhile, at the hotel, Liam had done another one of the complete turnarounds he's getting famous for, and kissed Steffy after asking her to come with him. Though they are the couple I prefer of the two, I so wished she had told him in that moment that she would not be his consolation prize. Right? So, who knows what went on between this pair before Hope arrived, but he looked a little shell-shocked when Hope insisted nothing had changed. Across the hall, Brooke had flashbacks about Deacon - loved seeing those old scenes!

    Friday - A Blind Man Could See It.
    Today, Liam continued to look stunned as Hope gave him an enthusiastic account of meeting her father and trying to get to the church. Liam's reaction was that everything was not fine, and everything had changed - rather cryptic. Hope glossed right over that, and told him to get dapper again - they're going to be married on the bluff. Egad. Methinks Liam is in a tizzy because he and Steffy hit the sheets before Hope got there - anyone else? Over in the other room, Ridge suddenly got a clue and suspected Bill was behind Deacon showing up. On the Spencer jet, Alison got up in Bill's face about what he was doing - I can't imagine why he hasn't fired this chick, but it's entertaining to watch. Last but not least, Ridge confronted Bill, who appeared to be shaking in his boots. Not. Do you think Liam should marry Hope now? Let us know by voting in's I Can’t Do This poll.

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    - Candace Young

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    Posted by Holly2012 at Friday, June 22 2012 11:17 AM

    I missed a day, I would guess that Liam slept with Steffy, maybe Hope and Liam marry, then Steffy will be knocked up. It is the same old story line as Brooke, Taylor Ridge almost. They are making Steffy look so sweet and pathetic, trying to make us almost like her, and Hope coming off looking like a Pansy. But Hope and Liam belong together, Bill should be minding his own business, Bill is in love with Steffy, but then if all went well we wouldn't have a soap opera would we. but this one is getting riduculous, I am almost ready to quit watching it.

    Posted by dramaqueen333 at Friday, June 22 2012 11:54 AM

    Hope goo-ing over a total stranger who happens to share DNA with her made me nauseous.

    Maybe she said she can handle selfish jerks because her mother is one?

    Liam is too much, turning - instantaneously --to Steffy once again. Didn't they just do this last fall? He doesn't even give it an hour before he's in bed with Steffy. So much for he and Hope being soul mates. Liam is the poster child for immature spineless brats. And Steffy is just as bad, taking on a wounded bird once again. Didn't either of them learn anything?

    Someone besides Brain Trust Ridge should be catching on to Bill's part in this. Steffy should be figuring it out.

    How besides me thinks that Steffy will be dropping by the home or office of an unhappily-married Liam in a month or so, to tell him he's going to be a daddy?

    Posted by Deacon at Friday, June 22 2012 12:28 PM

    I'm done with this show. Decided to stop watching because I don't like the Liam, Hope & Steffy storyline. Hope started out with him, and there has been nothing but manipulations since. It's wrong to want someone or something by deceit. Steffy should not be portrayed this type of character because she is perfectly capable of getting someone on her on. All this because she wanted Bill and could not have him because he was a married man. Hope had nothing to do with that and I'm tired of things not going her way for a change the way it should have. Move on to something else, please!

    Posted by Agapelv at Friday, June 22 2012 12:45 PM

    I can't take it! This is too much! Same ol storyline! Come on writers! Let Hope &Liam get married and be happy. I think I'm about to stop watching this!!!!!!

    Posted by youandme at Friday, June 22 2012 03:00 PM

    The only thing that would save this ridiculous story line is if Liam finally realizes the extreme manipulation his father is guilty about and how Steffy again and again was part of it, even though she did not know the extent of it. But she knew he was up to something no good and stood on the sideline waiting to benefit from it.
    Please move her back to Paris and get going on someone else's.
    Liam and Hope need time to heal on their own terms. Eventyally she'll find out that he is the immature and unstable one.

    Posted by Logan Hater at Friday, June 22 2012 06:44 PM

    These writers SUCK! After Phillip Bell died this show took a turn for the worse

    Posted by Logan Hater at Friday, June 22 2012 07:08 PM

    This show is supposed to be focused on the FORRESTER CLAN, not the Logans. I think Phillip Bell would be so so disappointed in the direction the show he created is going. This circle with Liam/Hope/Steffy is boring as hell. nd frankly I'm tired of it. I think its time not to stay tuned. Its not exciting anymore especially when the Forresters always get the short end of the stick. Who is coming up with this mess anyway. Someone neds to do some damage control forreal. Can we get back on track sticking it to the Logans, and everyone else. This show as it is now needs to be canceled like all the rest of the boring soaps. Its just a matter of time before cbs wise up. I guess Y&R is number 1, and in my book the only one.

    Posted by Logan Hater at Friday, June 22 2012 07:16 PM

    L I A M should be with STEFFY. Why cant they get it right. Hope should be so devastated she turns to drugs and goes crazy. now that writing, not this bull these new writers are producing. Even if Steffy and Liam slept together thats the same script different cast from brooke/ridge/taylor. Yall can do beter than that. Phillip Bell did wat better than that. PLEASE, do something to save one of the only things I watch on television is has gone to hell fast. If Liam marrys Hope next week I am so done with B&B.................................................

    Posted by Synth at Friday, June 22 2012 07:22 PM

    Liam should be honest with dumb Hope who can not see that Liam is not happy and not anxious to marry her can not even kiss her. she can not see it. She is such a self centered spoiled child all she sees is what she wants. I hope Liam does not marry her. I hope now he can see she is just a little girl not a women who should be getting married.

    Posted by Synth at Friday, June 22 2012 07:33 PM

    Young and the Restless is way better than Bold and Beautiful. Ever since B&B made everything about Hope this soap has been hard to watch. Why can it not be about interesting people like Amber Steffi Thorn Taylor. I am so sick of the Logans B&B makes the Logan charters be horrible people then makes all good things happen to them and bad things happen to the nice people like the Forresters. I guess the message from B&B is nice people come in last ,

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