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    Friday, June 08 2012

    You did what? (
    "B&B" Breakdown
    Week of June 4 – 8:

    Monday - Thanks For The Memories.
    You have to marvel at the way Brad Bell keeps the Hope/Liam/Steffy triangle going. Each time it looks like one of the girls is 'winning', the storytelling tips slightly in favor of making the other relationship look better and more genuine. Also, thanks to Steffy ending things with Liam, we were left hanging as to what his intentions were when he called her over there. Liam so reminds me of Ridge in that he lets all of his decisions 'come about' or be made for him. Wishy washy! Anyway, after being closer than ever, Steffy and Liam parted ways, while across town at Forrester, the adult busybodies all gathered to speculate on which way Liam might swing come midnight. Not to be left out, Bill put in a call to Taylor and then passed time shooting sinister looks at Deacon’s photo on the laptop. So, all of these people were at their offices at midnight, waiting for the big decision to come down. Really.

    Tuesday - Count On Me.
    Today kicked off with Liam telling Bill he let Steffy go, er, she let him go. Needless to say, Bill wasn’t pleased. Steffy broke the news to her family over at Forrester – were they there all night? Hope asked Brooke to stand up for her, Liam told Hope that Steffy saw their video chat, and Steffy was too upset to work. Blah. Back at his office, Bill, unaccustomed to not getting his own way, decided he would break out his secret weapon – Deacon Sharpe.

    Wednesday - Not The Father.
    Since Bill is about to bring Deacon back, it’s only natural that Hope would suddenly develop a huge void in her life where her father is concerned, and that Deacon’s name would start coming up in every other conversation. Funny how that happens. In other news, Liam finally learned that Katie is pregnant, and asked Bill to be his best man. It's creepy that these young people only hang around with their parents. Liam returned to his office to find Stephanie waiting, and Hope showed up at Bill’s office.

    On Cloud 9. (
    Thursday - Bamboozled.
    Brooke stopped by Steffy’s office (why?) and after making kind overtures, left warning her not to cling to any fantasies. Stephanie, meanwhile, put in her two cents with Liam about his plans, and though she made a lot of good points about the fact that he's marrying anyone right now, the bottom line is that she's as biased as any of those she’d accused of misleading him. I don’t know how Liam stands all the advice and interference – talk about being smothered. But it’s up to him to stop it – you don’t see people showing up to try and 'bamboozle' Dollar Bill, now do you? Of course Hope gave it a shot. What a train wreck that visit turned out to be. Another couple of rounds with Blunt Bill and Hope will be back on prescription meds. Or perhaps she already is – what else could explain her going to Steffy and asking her to be in the wedding? No words.

    Friday - Baby Steps.
    Although Bill pressed relentlessly for Steffy to go to Italy, she still didn’t seem to clue in that he’s up to his old tricks – perhaps grief is putting her a little off her game. Across town, Liam seemed ready to read the riot act to ditzy Hope for asking Steffy to be part of their wedding – actually thought I caught a glimpse of a backbone – but then he settled back down into sap mode and told her he admired her efforts at making peace. Ick. Over at Forrester, pregnant Katie floated in on Cloud 9 to see Brooke and Ridge and even joked about Bill getting up to no good at the wedding. Later, she showed up in Bill's office and gushed to him about how he’s coming through for Hope and Liam. He might even have experienced a tiny wave of guilt up there on his ‘little step stool’. But not enough to slow him down; he was soon on the phone intimidating the warden and jetting off to pick up Deacon Sharpe. On the Forrester jet, the most awkward scene ever unfolded as Steffy joined Hope, Liam, Brooke, and Ridge to accompany them to Italy. Hope demonstrated her true maturity level when she giggled and asked Steffy if they could be best friends. Yes, she really did. Hope then proceeded to make out with Liam as everyone exchanged uncomfortable looks. What is this, "The Junior Jerry Springer Show?" What do you think of Hope asking Steffy to be in the wedding? Vote in's B&B Hope’s Request poll.

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    - Candace Young

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    Posted by dramaqueen333 at Friday, June 08 2012 12:04 PM

    Yes, marvel at the way BB keeps this triangle going, and marvel at HOW and WHY he does. But I guess he learned from his parents, Brooke/Taylor Ridge has been going on for decades now, and I’m sure it hasn’t gasped its last breath.

    It’s a wonder that any of the parents, grandparents or step-parents on this show get any work done since they spend every minute of every day worrying and speculating about their grown children. Bill is the worst. If he put half the effort into his business as he does to playing puppet master for his son, he would rule the world.

    Agree about Liam and Ridge -- both having two "loves of their lives" and both allowing other people to make their lives happen. I guess that way they never have to take actual responsibility for their choices. Whatever happens is just “done” to them.

    Hope never said word one about Deacon, not last fall when she was days away from marrying Liam, or even a few months ago when she was minutes from saying “I do” (or thought she was) and on her way down the staircase. She never said anything about her bio dad then, she was happy with what she had always had. Now suddenly she wants someone she knows nothing about to be intimately involved in one of the biggest events of her life. Huh? Maybe instead of pharmaceuticals, she should just have a brain transplant. Asking Bill if she could call him “dad” when she won’t even call Ridge dad anymore?

    Asking emotionally devastated people to do ridiculously difficult things runs in the Forrester family -- remember when Ridge told Hope she had to toast newlyweds Steffy and Liam at Thanksgiving? He told Hope she simply had to accept what happened and get on with it.

    Poor clueless Katie. It will catch up to you, sweetheart, when you are nine months pregnant. Then Bill will sue you for custody of the baby and raise the poor thing to be as ruthless as he is. Liam is a lost cause for Bill (as far as being like him), so this baby had better come through for daddy.

    Posted by BHOLD at Saturday, June 09 2012 12:49 PM

    Steffy should know anytime she is near those 2 she is the one that gets physically hurt.

    Posted by Nefarious at Saturday, June 09 2012 04:13 PM

    I think that a very wealthy, handsome Italian man is quite taken with Steffy. Preferably someone in the journalism business that the Spencers know of. This excruciatingly handsome man invites her on a day cruise to his private island on his yacht and Liam (and Bill) get very jealous. Hope sees Liam's strong interest in her possible romantic escapades, Hope calls off the wedding when Liam asks Steffy not to go.

    Posted by Nefarious at Saturday, June 09 2012 04:20 PM

    I wonder if Hope will need pharmaceuticals to make love to Liam, like she did the first time...I hope he thinks about Steffy every time he is with her in bed.

    Posted by CATLADY7 at Sunday, June 10 2012 05:00 PM

    I hope Liam marries someone. I prefer Hope, but if it turns out to be Steffy than maybe this s/l can finally die. Please someone tell me how Bill can get who he wants out of jail. Don't you need a judge to overthrow the conviction? If all a rich person had to do is threaten the warden then no rich people would spend a day in jail. This is a joke. Liam needs some really big balls. He should tell Bill, Stephanie and the rest to mind their own buisness. If Bill can dig up dirt on the warden then how come he does not know his sister is a lesbian? I thought he knows all about everyone all the time, this makes no sense. B&B is on its way out I guess, that is why they don't care what we the viewers think.

    Posted by cent at Monday, June 11 2012 08:37 AM

    I will be glad when this plot is over. I am hoping that the writers will do the right thing and let Steffy and Liam have a happy ending. It is time that Steffy and Thomas have a happy ending. They worked hard let them be rewarded.

    Posted by karmau at Wednesday, June 13 2012 06:25 PM

    Everyone says that Hope is immature but Liam himself cannot grow up (grow some balls) and needs to open his eyes to see what his Dad is doing. He needs to stand up to everyone when they talk badly about Hope, tell them to shut up and not to talk about Hope like that, instead of keeping his mouth closed and looking like a damn ass. I hope you do find out once and for all and tell your dad where to go!

    Posted by bold and the beautiful lo at Thursday, June 14 2012 03:46 PM

    Thats right let Steffie and Liam get married its time for them to be happy . He loves her you have to be blind not to see it. Hope is not ready for marriage she's still immature she thinks everything is like a fairtytale. If BBB writers have any kind of knowledge let Liam marry Steffy instead of Hope " Steffie is the one for Liam"

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