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    Friday, April 06 2012

    Cha cha cha... (
    "B&B" Breakdown
    Week of April 2 - 6:

    Well, Hope is now sharing the "B&B" spotlight with Caroline, which has brought about some welcome variety. Notably, there's a certain amount of history repeating itself, which can be a good thing in that "B&B" has had great success in the past with its formula involving meddling matriarchs and love triangles, but the repetitiveness leaves longtime viewers seeking fresh angles and something more imaginative than just re-playing the old stories with younger characters. Let's peek at the week:

    Take as needed.
    Bah! Amber being written as a brash twit who makes the same mistakes repeatedly isn't working for many who watched her mature and mellow in Genoa City. She has more than enough experience with failed schemes to know that giving Hope pills will backfire. As for going up against Brooke, the only good thing about it so far is Amber reminding Brooke that she, better than anyone, should know where she's coming from. It's a real do-over of the Brooke/Stephanie scenario. Here's hoping that means Amber will land Rick the way Brooke landed Ridge - they 'get' each other.

    Cha cha cha...
    Steffy puts the 'bold' in "The Bold and the Beautiful." It's good she decided to return and not sulk anymore. The 'cha cha cha' line is slightly odd, and yet conveys her confidence, which is the best side of Steffy. It's no doubt Liam missed her - she's fun - although medicated Hope does give her a run for her money in that department! One thing that was strange this week - Steffy acting outraged by Hope taking a pill. So weird.

    Sweet Caroline. (
    On shaky ground.
    Hope has extreme withdrawal symptoms when she's in between pills. Pretty dramatic considering Dr. Barton only gave her two pills, and she's only taken about two of Amber's! Also curious is the way she behaves like she's drunk, as opposed to being 'mellow' while on the medication - bizarre! That said, the exaggeration has been entertaining. Hope stole the scene twice during Caroline's party - once when she smacked Liam while chatting with Katie and Bill, and later dancing her little jig in the background while Amber was talking to Caroline. Hilarious! At least Brooke asked if she'd had too much champagne - finally someone noticed!

    Holy harpy!
    A pet-peeve with "B&B" is the sometimes very repetitive dialogue - it will drive you snaky! Case in point, Brooke harping on Rick this week about Amber versus Caroline. She repeated the same thing to him every time he came into her line of sight and was like a dog with a bone - no matter what he said she just kept going on and on! Gah!

    Sweet Caroline.
    The arrival of the 'new' Caroline and the developing triangle, or quadrangle, with her, Rick, Amber, and Thomas, shows promise. I'd like to know more about her however. Is she edgy? Shrewd? Is she worldly or has she been sheltered? What gets her clock ticking? I can't root for her with either of the guys until more is revealed. As for her time in the guesthouse with Ridge discussing her aunt, it was very moving. The flashbacks had me choked up, and it provided necessary background information on who the character was, and how her niece ties into things in L.A. Are you rooting for Rick or Thomas to end up with Caroline? Vote in our Caroline’s choice poll.

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    - Candace Young

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    Posted by apple1950 at Saturday, April 07 2012 03:09 AM

    The Caroline return to the past is way over the top. Provides background? For what? How could Ridge be happily with(don't think married again to) Brooke and cry like a baby with Caroline? Erect a shrine for Aunt Caroline or something!Can't stand Steffy. Liam is a wus. Hope cannot get adicted on so few pills. Writers, don't insult our intelligence! I agree on Brooke's comments about Amber, so repetitive. Just get rid of Amber all together. The whole Marcus being an adopted Forrester is silly. Eric should never have adopted an grown man to begin with. That storyline is ridiculous! Now he is a Forrester and his mother isn't. Guess he now shares in the family fortune and if I were the other children, I would object! Hope/Liam/Steffy storyline: boring and repetitive. Now Caroline is thrown in and the repetitive scenes about Caroline is boring.

    Posted by LovelyM1004 at Saturday, April 07 2012 06:01 PM

    It seems as though Caroline was Ridge's real true love, not Brooke!!! in your face...hahaha. They are not even marrried, that I know of. Brooke needs to be concentrating on Ridge, and not her kids love lives! Rick and Amber are good together, Amber reminds her(Brooke) of herself, doing what ever it takes to get what she wants, uh get a life. As for Hope...tisk tisk. I cant wait for Liam to finally find out that the "love of his life" has/is taking pills behind his back..uh keeping secrets!! Now who is calling the kettle black, no,no, no... The same thing that Hope has been preaching to Steffy about, has finally come back to haunt her. I hope Liam runs back to his wife Steffy and doesnt look back. He needs to leave the little girl Hope alone and get back with a real woman Steffy, who doesnt need dope to cope with life!!! Caroline needs to get with Thomas, not Rick, he has Amber..He(Rick) did say they "get" each other rite?!
    Hope needs to go back to Oliver, and everyone will live happily ever after. Is there an age limit for adoption? How old is Marcus anyway? well anyway good for him and Dayzee on the engagement ...til the next episode..Go Steffy, patience is a virtue, your man will be back home with you!!!

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