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    The Bold And The Beautiful Snap Poll: Hypocrite Hope?

    Friday, March 23 2012

    Hope (
    Hypocritical actions? wants to know what you think about the accusations that Hope is the worst kind of hypocrite. Does that sound about right, or is the accusation ridiculously over-the-top given the circumstances?

    Let us know what you think by casting a vote in the snap poll below. As always, feel free to sound off, add an answer, or elaborate in the comment section provided.

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    - Candace Young

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    Posted by Nurselysha at Friday, March 23 2012 12:02 PM

    Team steffy. Hope is a joke.

    Posted by AGoodFriend at Friday, March 23 2012 12:20 PM

    Team Steffy, Hope is "NOT" only a "BIG" but now in the eyes of her not so adoring fans she is a "BIG" Hypocrite.

    Posted by Cincigal at Friday, March 23 2012 12:51 PM

    Hope put herself in this position by telling the whole wide world what shouldd be personal and private information.The girl obvously has serous problems.She craves attention for some reason and is seeking the approval of the entire world.And no wonder with Brooke for a mother she was born with a major handicap.

    Posted by BonsterTM at Friday, March 23 2012 01:32 PM

    Can't think of anyone who has ever been a bigger hypocrite on this show ever. Saving herself for marriage. Preaching, teaching values, chastity. Having value in oneself, etc. She did it in her own personal life, her professional life and put a LABEL on it to make money for the HFTF line! And, it's not just like she just made out with a guy in public. She HUNTED down Laimeo every second of every day who is MARRIED. She then moved in with him after sucking his MARRIED face for months, and gave up her virginity that was SO important. We've been spell bound for at least a year to her precious virginity. Then she moves in with a married man, pops a pill and gives up all her values in one night. Agreed with prior post. She put herself and her entire line and family in this position. And she did tell the whole world.

    Posted by goodgogamoga at Friday, March 23 2012 01:34 PM

    I CANNOT WAIT UNTIL I CAN SEE THIS EPISODE!!! Yes, Hope is a hypocrite. She sold an image. Kinda like Britney Spears...and we saw how the WORLD reacted to that. TEAM STEFFY ALL THE WAY to find a NEW MAN. Liam is a jerk and cannot appreciate what he either woman/girl.

    Posted by Miss Monarch Butterfly at Friday, March 23 2012 03:59 PM

    First off, this is only a soap opera and all soap operas capture our attention with gossip among the characters, adultery, deceit, addictions (alcohol, pills, or drugs), secrets, blackmail, and even murder. So, we have the writers making a BIG deal of talking about Hope’s adultery with Liam, a married man.

    Excuse me? Have the writers of B&B rewritten the Bible or God’s law?

    The B&B writers sure have decided to make an example of Hope, who is in her 20’s, a virgin, and decides to have sexual intercourse for the first time with a married man. I will use relations instead of sexual intercourse for the rest of my post.

    Adultery is NOT just when a single person has relations with a married person.

    But, the B&B writers are sure trying to cram this concept down our throats. By “our,” I mean the viewers of this show.

    Adultery is when a person has relations with anyone who is NOT their own spouse. The Bible even says that if you look at a person lustfully or think immoral thoughts about them that you have committed adultery in your heart. (Matthew 5:27)

    So, why have the writers decided to make it such a big deal in Hope’s relationship with Liam?

    Why does Steffy Forrester Spencer keep throwing the word “adultery” up to Hope when she is one of the worst adulteresses on the show?

    During the first episode when she did this, I about died laughing and thought the writers had decided to write comedy instead of soap opera drama.

    Why? Well, because Steffy Forrester committed adultery with Bill Spencer when she was single woman and Bill was a married man. She did this long before she started pointing a finger at Hope for the same thing. Plus, the first time she said this to Hope, Hope was still a virgin and had not slept with Liam yet, but since she was thinking about it, it still is adultery.

    Let’s examine Steffy’s relations record. As a single woman, she committed adultery by having relations with Rick Forrester, Oliver Jones, and Marcus Barber Forrester (born Marcus Walton). All men were single at the time, but it is still adultery since she was NOT their spouse at the time. She committed adultery in her heart with Oliver Jones since she lusted after him for a long while. She even dressed up in sexy black lingerie and straddled Oliver and tells him to leave Hope for her and she'll give him money and power. This was adultery, too, when she was even trying to seduce him before she finally made him her conquest.

    I probably should open another forum on this topic, but it is one that I have wanted to get off my chest for a long while.

    Dr. Taylor Hayes Forrester Marone Jones committed adultery with Dr. James Warwick when she was married to Ridge. (It was years ago, so if you are a new viewer you missed this old story line.)

    For all of you who praise Taylor over Brooke Logan Forrester as though Brooke is the worst sinner, take note that Brooke has NEVER slept with anyone else when she was married to Ridge; whereas, Taylor’s character did when she had relations with Dr. Warwick.

    Taylor during the times she was single or divorced has engaged in relations with many men who were NOT her spouse at the time: Rick Forrester (a case in which she was a cougar since Rick is so much younger than she is), and with Nick Marone and Whip Jones prior to her marrying them.

    Other cases of adultery on the show:

    Katie Logan and Nick Marone
    Brooke Logan Forrester and Nick Marone (prior to marrying each other)
    Bridget Forrester and Nick Marone (prior to marrying each other)
    Bridget Forrester and Owen Knight
    Marcus and Amber
    Oliver and Amber
    Liam and Amber

    … and on and on and on.

    Bill Spencer had a daydream about Brooke unbuttoning her blouse. He was having lustful thoughts about her. This is adultery in his heart per the Bible.

    So, based on all this, it really bugs me that they take the ONE woman character on the show who managed to stay a virgin until her early twenties and create this plot line as though Hope is so evil to engage in the act with a married man for her first time.

    Remember that they are all characters and the puppet masters are the writers, but I don’t think the writers should have put so much emphasis on her character’s behavior and the loss of her virginity as the worse case of ADULTERY ever on this show. This is what they are doing with all the recent scripts.

    But, it isn’t the worst since you have most all of the other characters on the show committing adultery with all sorts of other partners and it doesn’t matter if they are single, married to another person, and even just lusting after someone.

    Of course, it does make us watch, but I have become disgusted with this plot line since the writers have picked on Hope’s character with this plot line and it is truly OUT of LINE on their part.

    They should have made this much fuss when Steffy and Bill were carrying on in Taylor’s house! She was single and Bill was married to Katie. Steffy was having an affair with a married man, so how dare she throw the same thing up in Hope’s face.

    I know they need to set up this conflict for Hope and make her feel guilty and nervous over the sexual act. Now, they have put these pills in her hand. Prescription pills. But, I am sure this is to take us into the world of abuse of prescription drugs.

    Then, we will all focus on this and not all these cases of adultery. I just wish they’d put this much emphasis on subject when Steffy was with Bill and not with Hope and Liam since Hope has had a much better record than Steffy when it comes to committing adultery!

    P.S. – Hope’s fashion line and the message was NOT all her own idea. Don’t you think the adults around her – Brooke, her mother; Ridge, her step-father but the only father she knows; her brother, Rick; and the man she sees as her grandfather, Eric – should have provided her some guidance in starting this fashion line and tacking this virginity message to it? Hope is not all to blame here. A fashion house does have an advertising/public relations department and the people should have been talking the elders of the company on how terribly wrong this could go if and when Hope decided to have relations for the first time.

    The odds were against her in waiting for marriage even on a soap opera. Have you read the national statistics on when American girls engage in relations for the first time? It is not a pretty picture.

    Don’t blame Hope for all this when all these people around her should have been helping her with her fashion line and this message. They should not have let her put so much emphasis on it. It was bound to be a disaster and affect their business in terms of money that her line would bring in if there was a major disaster. Ridge, as the head of the company, should have let her line just be fashionable, tasteful clothes for young women who didn’t want to show much skin since Steffy’s line was for the bedroom and for young women who wanted to show a LOT of skin.

    Think of it this way, the writers set all of this up to make it go this way for Hope, but if this was real life and a real business, it never would have happened this way since the PR dept. and Ridge would have never allowed such a message to be connected with a line when one false move by the young woman could cause so much financial trauma and loss to the business.

    Posted by ShiningStar82 at Friday, March 23 2012 05:09 PM

    I don't consider myself a Hope fan ( although if I had to pick, I would pick her over Train wreck Steffy anyday) but I don't see how she is a hypocrite. Yes Liam is still legally married but a divorce is legally in process, his soon to be ex-wife is well aware of this, there are no parties in the dark about what is going on so what is the deal? And is everyone forgetting that not only did Steffy go after Liam knowing he was with Hope but she also has committed adultery when she decided she was in love with Bill? How about some people start bringing up what a hypocrite Steffy is.

    Posted by fattybonebatts at Friday, March 23 2012 05:16 PM

    bonster TM not 2 add when steffy was in the hosptial how hope tongue stayed in lameass mouth talking about no respect or class hope just make me mad every time i here her name steffy didn't do anything 2 her who she need 2 blame is her mammy ,lameass ,heart attack and leave stffy the hell alone and blame her selve and her DR.and the pills

    Posted by Inamaria at Friday, March 23 2012 05:21 PM

    Saw Friday show and looks like Steffy and Bill will be up
    to something to make it look bad for Hope. Isn't this how
    she lost Liam in the first place. What ever Bill's plans
    to help Liam and Hope is going to backfire on Hope.
    No longer like the show on this storyline.

    Posted by fattybonebatts at Friday, March 23 2012 05:27 PM

    i can always here hope ,brooke ,katie even donna steffy lied now the table has turn how does it feel 2 do the dirty nasty perfect hope can't dono wrong well the the truth just hit the fan your expose hopey dopey MISS PILL HEAD

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