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    Friday, August 22 2008

    B&B Breakdown for August 18 - 22

    I really enjoyed this week. I loved how Marcus frantically went all over town trying to get someone to believe him about Owen while Ridge was convincing his siblings that Owen is the reason their father is alive. The build up to the face off at the Forresters was pretty exciting and although I think it’s pretty obvious who Eric’s attempted murderer will turn out to be, the story has kept us guessing. However, I did find it a bit much that Det. Baker brought Donna’s underwear down with the pills he found. Couldn’t the pills in her drawer have been enough to implicate her without involving her panties?

    What was all that with Stephen bemoaning how Eric has brought so much pain to his life? Were we to believe that Stephen could have poisoned Eric? If so, it didn’t work on me. I just thought the scene was misplaced.

    And Stephanie is back! She’s definitely the centerpiece of the show, so it’s great to see her back in fighting form. Although, they kind of dropped the ball on her depression. Did she snap out of it or is she still battling it, but rallied to support Eric? I do hope they at least touch on that again.

    I don’t believe Owen poisoned Eric, but where will that leave him? Is he truly just a sap for Donna, or is there another agenda there? I hope there’s another agenda because if it’s the former, that would make the potential he has built up as an interesting complex character go out the window. I truly hope Owen and Marcus have some deep seeded secret that will come out once Eric regains consciousness and the real culprit is put away.

    Just when I thought we were going to have a Nick and Katie free week, we were subjected to them on Friday. I’m just a little tired of Katie’s self-loathing, Nick’s conflicted feelings and Bridget’s cluelessness to the situation. I enjoy a good dramatic story arc, but I much prefer the multifaceted dynamics surrounding Eric’s poisoning to the one note angst ridden love triangle that we’ve seen several times over. And how hilarious was it that Nick came to the hospital in a baseball hat! Like that’s going to keep Bridget or anyone else from recognizing him. If they really wanted to keep it a secret, wouldn’t they go to a different doctor or at least meet somewhere else for Katie’s appointments?

    Next week has a lot of promise as the fallout of Owen’s arrest continues. I for one can’t wait to watch Stephanie go off on Owen when she confronts him in jail!

    Those were my thoughts, so what about you? Please feel free to agree, disagree or rant about something I left out, just remember it’s all in good fun!

    Lori Wilson
    B&B Writer

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    Posted by ConnieM. at Friday, August 22 2008 03:46 PM

    Goodafternoon Lori and friends~~~~
    Love seeing Stephanie back to her old self. Really have missed seeing her. Now if we can only get Eric to wake up.
    Nevertheless....the mystery remains as to "who done it"!!!!! Should we call Angela Landsbury to investigate?
    I don't believe it could be Pammy. It's someone capable of getting that drug. But I also don't get the panties story with the drugs??? Wierd isn't it!!!!? I'm looking forward to next week, just to watch Stephanie in action again.

    Posted by outland at Saturday, August 23 2008 08:42 AM

    Donna... the dumbest thing since the reinvented wheel. Oh my, she is just loving her some attention, now isn't she? Marcus is going nuts trying to protect her from herself and she just keeps giving herself rope to hang herself with. Now that she realizes that someone wants to kill or injure her man, do you think she will start acting or thinking wisely??? Where is all this professed love that she has for Eric.. not to be seen.

    So far, we have seen her kick his kids out of his company, give a stranger the password to the exec computer, let him reprogram her alarm in the mansion, dance with him intimately in her comatose husbands livingroom, to her comatose husbands favorite songs... while her comatose husband is laying in the hospital listening to the in and exhaling machine, the beeping of the monitor and all the bad prognoses that his doctors can think of...

    Where does he hear her undying love? When does he smell her perfume or feel her concerned hands caressing his as she pleads for him to wake up???

    Your answer is as good as mine.

    Can someone tell me why this Woman, one who is heading a fashion house is constantly buying tacky Underwear? I mean, after Tiny ripped the last ones off, I would think that she would shudder to put that print on again. But... tacky is probably her middle name.

    Speaking about clothing... what the heck did Brooke have on? What was that supposed to be? It is obvious that she was running late for work, she didn't have time to take her rags off after cleaning Ridge's chimney!

    I hate to admit it, but Thorne and Felicia are mindless. Ridge says jump of the bridge and they nod then jump. Ridge has been the axle upon which his siblings turn. He has been going through a lot of emotional stress and his thoughts should be discussed and not just accepted. He is now being the worlds biggest Dumma fan (I just feel that he is talking himself into this.. because it isn't reflecting the man that I have grown to know over the last 21 years) then he is accusing her of being part of the plan to get rid of his father and now he is trying to get a look of the whole situation to see just what is what. It is amazing that his siblings are so eager to follow his lead, no matter where it takes them, just only to prove that family is the ultimate quantum...... hmmmm... It is a nice sentiment, but Ridge is a bit unstable at the time, he is under duress--- isn't used to distress and not having everything all planned out for him, written in his calendar from his secretary, no chance of getting mom's opinion.. then she is in Europe finding real doctors... I feel, it is time that Felicia and Thorne need to start thinking for themselves.

    I truly believe that he heard his father speaking. I mean, being in a coma must be torture. Trapped within your body, hearing what is going on around you 24/7 and not being able to get out of that room. Can you imagine being forced to listen to those machines? The ventilator as it breathes for you, breath in and breath out. The whining of your frustrated relatives and the Doctors... prognosing you right before your very ears? Imagine all that with you being strapped in an environment from which there is no shutting out... no moving around, tubes that are brutally wounding you and you can not defend yourself from any of this... oh yes, I could imagine him screaming for an end to this trauma and I believe that Ridge heard him.

    I am glad that Ridge pulled the plug, it was the only way to see if Erwimp would breathe spontaneously.. but alas, our good technology set off the alarms... leaving poor old Erectobear lost further in his limbo and Ridge with a very guilty conscience. I said it once on the commentboard and am truly happy that Brad and Co finally said it on the show... take off the machine and let Erwimp live! The sooner he starts doing the work himself, the better... what you don't use, you loose.. so Stephanie... browbeat Dumma into doing what is right for your man!

    Beth and Stephan... she is so uncomplicated, can someone please tell me what she ever saw in that man? Please.. that big old cry-baby coward is the last thing this sick woman needs...

    Stephan Logan: Champion Whiner, Sell-out-Father of the century, ignorant and foreloud image of an aged Ken Doll..... need I say more? What a maroon! I thought we had seen the last of him for a very, very long time. Yet... there he is, blaming the Forresters (Stephanie and Erwimp!) again for him being such a wimp, for him cutting out on his family with a lot of money and for him triggering the psychological downfall of his only son... well, then I guess it is justified. To quote a great line out of the movie Car Wash: Stephanie, is more Man than he will ever be and more woman than he will ever get. As for Erwimp, I believe that Stephan is just envious of the power the Forrester Money brings, after all, Erwimp has bought-out all Stephan's shares in the father-image pool, his money is the best lover and friend a Logan woman ever had...

    Guess that is why Stehan is going after a dement woman now... He wants to be the man he never was.. well, a twig one can bend but that old tree will only break. Hope all Forresters are out of range when Timber is yelled. Poor Beth.. she needs to kick him out of her life. Who knows, maybe she will have already forgotten that sloppy kiss!

    Owen, Owen, Owen... you can't fool an old Cop! It is refreshing to see the two Keystone cops starting to use the old thinking machine in their heads... although JR needs a lot of help. He is just tooo anxious to close the case! Yes, the old man is onto Owen and will probably be the one to tip off Stephanie that she may be just right about Donna and her trusty assistant. Owen is just to quick to confess after Donna was getting dragged away to the slammer! Sly fox, I am so glad that the writers are starting to take the police force seriously and that Owen is proving not to be as clever as one may have thought.

    I wonder with whom he is working???? Well, time will tell. One thing for sure, it isn't Pammy!

    Now what to do about Nix and his new childbearer?? Does this guy really think that all love is about is giving birth to his offspring? So... he and Katie have decided to carry the pregnancy out... wow... no big surprize. I have read alot of interviews and pretty much know that they don't know how this will end... the twist will come in September I guess and we will see just how much old Nix will bear--- bare... lol.

    The show is progressing nicely. Loved seeing Taylor and her Tarzan this week. They are still together and living so far a normal life. Hope to see more of that soon.

    So... that is my take on the week... see you all soon!

    Posted by Joretta at Saturday, August 23 2008 11:25 AM

    A really good analysis of the week's offering. Must agree with almost all of it. But I think Eric will forgive Donna for any "indiscretion" - after all, he has defended her from all the Forresters all this time.
    That European Dr that Stephanie brought in will be the miracle worker for Eric. That leaves Bridget in the clear.
    A really looking forward to NEXT week.m

    Posted by gladiola at Saturday, August 23 2008 03:41 PM

    Perhaps it is Pam. There was a scene on Thursday that showed Stephen expressing his hatred toward Eric. He is so
    filled with hate that he isn't thinking straight. Where would he get the poison, though? WHO DID IT? I am guessing
    that Steffie will be the next one to turn up pregnant.
    Have a great weekend, all!

    Posted by GLfan85 at Monday, August 25 2008 06:11 AM

    Here's my take on the poisening and Own. I think Pam did the poisening and framed Donna. I tought first it was Owen. He "found" the room in a shambles (that was when the potasium was planted i'm guessing), he gave the gin to Eric which is probably where the poisen was. BUT I think he confessed because he didn't want Donna to take the fall. Why? Because he knows who it was. I believe it was Pam, and I think Owen is somehow linked to Pam.

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