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    Friday, January 27 2012

    Confronting Bill. (
    "B&B" Breakdown
    Week of January 23 - 27:

    We were treated to some powerful scenes this week as Bill's deception was revealed on "B&B." Here are some thoughts on the latest developments:

    Who does that?
    It was hilarious that Bill locked Katie in the tower, though what he hoped to accomplish besides making her even angrier, I don't know. Being serious, it will be interesting to see what Katie does about her marriage after all of this.

    Role model.
    Brooke convincing Hope to continue with Hope For the Future by telling her things might have been different for her if she'd had a role model like Hope when she was younger, made for an emotional scene. It also raised the issue of how many teens would realistically relate to a young woman in Hope's position. Also, at times, it seemed Hope wanted to sleep with Liam, but something else was holding her back (other than her message) - perhaps she does have issues because of her mother?

    Eating crow. (
    Freeing himself from the lies.
    Liam needs to start by telling himself some truths. When he was with Hope, he was looking at photos of Steffy, and since he married Steffy, he's been looking at photos of Hope. If he reconciles with Hope, he'll probably pine for Steffy as soon as something doesn't go his way. He could have been a real prize, but he's not. Also, if he's so hot on telling the truth, perhaps he should have admitted to his wife that Hope was on his mind the entire time they were together. Everyone has a point to make in this, but the bottom line is that Liam needs to go off with Hope and explore what it is he thinks he's missing, and I think it should be Steffy's idea, because clinging onto the marriage when he's clearly not that into her is not a good look.

    There were numerous very powerful scenes as those affected by Bill's deception confronted him - loved these! Bill eating crow on Friday's episode was decidedly eye-opening as well - especially him allowing Hope to tear into him. Bill didn't stay in grovel mode long though - he was back to insisting Liam honor his wedding vows by episode's end. Vote in our Liam forgiving Bill poll.

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    - Candace Young

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    Posted by radmommy at Friday, January 27 2012 12:05 PM

    I agree with Candance in her weekly blog. Steffy needs to dump Liam. He isn't that into her obviously and it doesn't look pretty on her. She deserves way better.

    I also agree with Candance when she said that Liam needs to own his lies, etc. He always seems to want the one he isn't with at the time. He had a huge part in Cabo - he was thinking of Hope the entire time. If he wants to preach honesty, he needs to follow his own advice.

    Candance brought up a lot of good points on her weekly blog. For instance she mentions that Hope could have more than just morals and values that are preventing her from sleeping with Liam. She could have issues because of Brooke's past. I have been saying that for a long time and with the ******SPOILERS****** of a sex therapist - I think that could be interesting to explore. But it should not be an easy fix. Personally, I think Hope was showing issues when she acted all hot and bothered by Liam as well and wanting him. It never sounded genuine. It sounded more forced. Is that just bad acting... or good acting? Depends on whether you feel she really was wanting Liam but wrestling with her issues or not.

    Great that Bill is owning his mistake and making sure Liam knows that Steffy had nothing to do with it. I *know* she didn't have anything to do with it - but if I didn't know, I would think she had by the way after Bill confesses it was all him and that Steffy was innocent he went into a huge diatribe about Liam not being able to leave Steffy over this latest because she was not a participant in the lie and then imploring his son to honor his wedding vows.

    Which brings me to a funny moment... Bill acts all contrite and sorry for his actions. Tells Hope I will give you anything you want. She asks for respect, support and his son. He turns around and tells his son he cannot leave Steffy over this lie and tells Hope that she needs to stay out of Liam's marriage and that he will too. Then tells his son he needs to honor his marriage. Sorry Hope, I meant you gave have anything you want besides the 3 things you stated. ha ha ha.... I love Bill Spencer!

    Posted by may blossom at Friday, January 27 2012 04:33 PM

    I wish the writers could bring the guy that plays Adam newman on The young and Restless he would be a perfect match for Steffy and a great big oppssssssssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!that lame isn't really his son and the guy from the young and restless is and I am so sick of cry baby dopie and crybaby lame who blame everybody else they are far to imature for anything or anybody even when steffy was in the hospital he was cold and distant what a sorry piece of work sure didn't stop him from jumping in the bed with her all this time and hope sure didn't live by her words.I wish just once taylor would lay into brook what a sorry mom and dad to let the blonde homewrecker destory his family and the daughter is on the same track!!!!!!!!!! what a sorry clan they point fingers at steffy but who will stand up and point back at them probably nobody no one seems to care who or what they hurt. I hope Bill divorces katie asap she is sorry for what she did there is no way she could love Bill after what she did and didn't even feel sorry about it. I hope someone better comes along for taylors childern they deserve someone better than crybaby and lame!

    Posted by dholla24017 at Friday, January 27 2012 04:48 PM

    Bill wants to be with Steffy then let him. Katie should dump him anyway he is pretty pathetic and controlling. Steffy doesn't love Liam she just likes control over the situation and hurting Brook's daughter. She loves power and Bill Spencer. I would hate to have Katie killed off the show for that to happen but Katie deserves better than Bill Spencer, no matter how much she tries she can't fix him. Write off Brook's other sister and let Nick get back with Katie they did well together. Let Jackie have her husband back cause he doesn't want to be with Bridgett anymore. The shenannagins of Pam is silly, she needs to die out the show she is boring and she doesn't do well with any men on the show. Personally Steffy could have died in Cabo and even though she didn't know about the mess that Bill did, she was too involved with her brother trying to get Hope to marry him. He is pretty pathetic too, Thomas give him back his line and put him overseas like they did Brook's son. Amber and Brooks son could go design for Nicks company and bring Bridgett back in at her families design company and be done with it. Then contact me and I will tell you what else you can do to flavor up the story. (lol) But Hope and Liam need to get married, and like the other person said, are they even legally married anyway? Where's the paperwork?!!!!!!!!

    Posted by GrandmaJackie at Friday, January 27 2012 08:36 PM

    now that liam noes steffy did not lie to him he should give his marrige to steffy a chance and tell hope he is sorry for wheat has happend but tell her he is still going to try to make his marrige work and tell bill not to intrefer in it and stay with steffy and make a go of it

    Posted by abspearman at Friday, January 27 2012 10:08 PM

    Liam needs to move on, Hope needs to hold toght for the man that is hers and Steffy needs to get to stepping. Steefy new when she accepted Liam dunb proposal on the rebound that he had been dating, engaged, and in love with Hope and in the real world you don't jus t turn your feelings on and of that easily. So, DUMBO just need to get over it. Steffy needs to get out of the phony marraige that she had no business going into and keep it moving!I feel no sympathy or empathy whatsoever for Steffy. She is a tramp and opportunist. First she went after Liam's father a married man and then the marrieds mans son and before its all over she'll be chasing his father again! What in the world? and kind of morals are we routing for for or cheering for here. Just because your night having SEX with every man that you meet that doens't mean that you should loose out to a TRAMP. GET A GRIP. There is nothing wrong with having some self respect and morals ladies!!

    Posted by apple1950 at Saturday, January 28 2012 01:53 AM

    Bill will not stop in his quest to have Steffy and Liam stay together. I understand how Hope feels with being jerked around in this triangle. Liam needs to leave Steffy because he loves Hope and not because Steffy was/was not innvolved in the hoax. The whole mess shows how the marriage needs constant bandaids and it needs to be ended. Katie needs to leave Bill.

    Posted by kathys clown at Monday, January 30 2012 06:05 AM

    OMG! what a horrible picture of Steffie. that so unfair to use that

    Posted by rosemariecoodunn at Monday, February 06 2012 07:18 PM

    People blaming all logans but the forsters aren't so inocent look what thomas and big stefanie did.Just because they wanted Ridge and Taylor back together.Fars Bill he is in love with Steffy still wants to keep her close but he wants Katie to.

    Posted by rosemariecoodunn at Monday, February 06 2012 07:18 PM

    People blaming all logans but the forsters aren't so inocent look what thomas and big stefanie did.Just because they wanted Ridge and Taylor back together.Fars Bill he is in love with Steffy still wants to keep her close but he wants Katie to.

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