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    Friday, January 20 2012

    Exposed. (
    "B&B" Breakdown
    Week of January 16 – 20:

    Things were really moving along this week on "B&B," and some real drama is developing in several storylines. Let’s break it down.

    Stay out of it.
    Ugh…honestly, if I was Liam, at this point I’d opt to stay with Steffy just to irk Brooke and Katie who have been haranguing the hell out of him on a regular basis. It seems a foregone conclusion that Liam and Hope will reunite, and that’s fine, but terminally boring, so I’ll still be watching for some twist to occur – perhaps courtesy of Steffy – that might change the dynamic.

    She knows.
    Wow, Bill’s really dug himself a hole this time. I don’t see how he can stop Katie from exposing him, and no one will be on his side, including Steffy. Also, because he’s been bribing doctors, it will affect his image in the business world as well. Yike. Oh well, it’s been funny watching Justin listen to Bill’s excuses and tell him, "Whatever you say, Bill." He knows it’s going to bite Bill in the butt! As for Katie, I’ll be amazed if she stays with him.

    Caught. (
    Oh, arrogant one.
    Here’s hoping Rick and Amber cause a ruckus over at Forrester. It’s about time Ridge went down a notch simply due to the way he deals with family members. Amber and Rick also have chemistry out the wazoo, so pairing them romantically is a bonus. I’m hoping Marcus will get jealous if Rick starts bonding with Rosie and they play that angle. Rick and Marcus are both Eric’s sons, which could be another source of rivalry.

    "Let’s Make a Deal."
    Oh, I got a big kick out of seeing Pam drag Nick on "Let’s Make a Deal!" It’s amazing that Nick doesn’t even have to speak – his facial expressions convey everything he’s feeling and it’s just hilarious. Pam and Donna are funny too, but are a bit more over-the-top. The big question now is...will Donna expose Nick and Pam?

    Fairytale princess?
    Beverly’s pep talk to Hope was one of the most tedious scenes in a while. The dialogue seemed so unrealistic – who talks like that?

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    - Candace Young

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    Posted by apple1950 at Saturday, January 21 2012 05:55 AM

    Katie is actinig like any desperate wife would when she fears losing her husband to another woman. In time she will realize she is better off without this "looking over her shoulder" marriage she has with Bill. Amber and Rick, Owen and Jackie, stealing designs, Pam and Donna--all recycled storylines. Brooke called Ridge her husband. When did they remarry? Ridge, Brooke, and Taylor have all been married multiple times and to each other, yet they give advice to Liam about staying married and honoring his vows. When did they ever do it? Brooke wants a win for Hope and she is right that Steffy was underhanded. Her advice to Hope should be to move on and make a new life. Yet, she encourages a lusting after Liam and if she were a Christian, she would know this was just as bad as having an affair. And I say this one more time, Liam is no prize! The character is portrayed as a wus and I just can't see the attraction! . Nick and Donna along with Pam is ridiculous. Ridge is so arrogant and cocky. I am losing interest fast in this once like soap.

    Posted by alberta girl at Saturday, January 21 2012 09:29 AM

    I LOVE that Katie busted Bill.But I also want Katie to be happy and loved on the show.I want to see her on a daily basis.

    Posted by Cincigal at Monday, January 23 2012 11:15 AM

    Katie really has an inflated notion of herself as being someone's"saviour".She is not so lily white herself.If she does leave Bill she will head directly for the Shdy marlin and there her and Donna can share Nick.Bill really told her the truth today "Being Mrs.Spenser is not such a burden after all".She loves the money and the big name and is terrified that Steffy will take Bill away from her.Plus she wants to call the shots for Liam too.Liam should tell her to back off pronto.

    Posted by sassylady1 at Thursday, January 26 2012 03:27 PM

    Hay I wouldnt give a damn about the money angle, she can still get it if she divorces Bill. Hope and the ENTIRE family should find out how Bill was so devious with Steffy with all things......the stuff in Aspen , the bribing a doctor and that should be cleared up, it is not a good thing for folks to think we can just bribe a doctor to say such a lie ABOUT MRI, pLEASE KEEP HOPE AND LIAM TOGETHER, Let Steffy do something like spread THE TRUTH around so that Bill gets in trouble for just once......and prove that Bill REALLY HAS THE HOTS FOR STEFFY. NOT KATIE.

    Posted by Ardie at Thursday, January 26 2012 05:58 PM

    I wish Steffie would push Liam and Hope off of the building. Please get rid of Hope and get back to being the soap you used to be!!!!!!

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