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    The Bold and the Beautiful News Room, Daily Updates & Cast

    A word from the Recap/News Writer of The Bold and the Beautiful

    First airing March 23 on CBS in 1987, The Bold and the Beautiful storyline focuses on the trials and tribulations of the beautiful and affluent people of the fashion world in Beverly Hills. Soap fans are invited to read comprehensive daily recaps/updates, most recent news about the actors/actresses and the show, the latest spoilers and join our entertaining message boards!

    The Bold and the Beautiful Daily Updates

    B&B Recap: Empty Meaningless Words.
    Monday, July 28 2014

    Bill tries to explain himself, Wyatt and Hope debate about the diamond, and Ally warns Liam.
    At Brooke's house, Katie and Ridge look on as Bill apologizes to Brooke and insists he never meant to hurt Ridge. Ridge feels he never meant to get caught. Bill counters that he reacted impulsively. Katie smirks as Bill promises Brooke nothing like this will ever happen again. Brooke sheds a tear. "Why did you have to do this?" She lashes out and Bill protests that he'd never intentionally hurt the father of her son.... » read more

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    The Bold and the Beautiful News Room

    Ex-B&B's Antonio Sabato Jr. To Fix It & Finish It.
    Monday, July 28 2014

    New series.

    Actor Antonio Sabato Jr., who played Dante Damiano on "The Bold and the Beautiful," is set to star in Raycom Media and Bellum Entertainment's "Fix It & Finish It." The new series, which debuts on September 8, will feature Sabato Jr. and his crew traveling the country helping families fix and finish their homes. Every day of each week the team will be in a different city finding homes with rooms needing a full makeover. The contractors and designers will take on the challenge and go in and create magic by turning the rooms around in a very short period of time. Each episode will also feature the homeowners, with Sabato Jr. doing the wraparounds and sometimes... » read more

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    Star of the Week

    Name: Ashlyn Pearce
    Character: Alexandria 'Ally' Forrester
    » read more

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