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    The Bold and the Beautiful News Room, Daily Updates & Cast

    A word from the Recap/News Writer of The Bold and the Beautiful

    First airing March 23 on CBS in 1987, The Bold and the Beautiful storyline focuses on the trials and tribulations of the beautiful and affluent people of the fashion world in Beverly Hills. Soap fans are invited to read comprehensive daily recaps/updates, most recent news about the actors/actresses and the show, the latest spoilers and join our entertaining message boards!

    The Bold and the Beautiful Daily Updates

    B&B Recap: I Got This Girl.
    Tuesday, July 22 2014

    Deacon gets info from Alison and passes it on to Katie and Ridge, and Bill gets Brooke on board for a wedding in Catalina.
    Over coffee, Brooke thinks Ridge has gone too far. Bill just hopes he won’t take his slanderous accusations further. Later, Brooke catches Bill talking to his contact in Catalina. He tells Brooke he wants to get married there – today. Brooke is totally on board but Bill demurs on details. She threatens to use her ways to bring him down but after a kiss he promises she won’t break him.... » read more

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    The Bold and the Beautiful News Room

    The Bold And The Beautiful Poll: Should Brooke Cut Deacon A Break?
    Wednesday, July 23 2014

    Another chance.

    Deacon Sharpe returned to Los Angeles to make things right with Brooke and have a relationship with his daughter Hope - so he claims. Hope wants her father in her life, but Brooke is having a hard time believing Deacon has changed. As he tries to make amends with Brooke, who at one time thought he could have been 'her destiny', should she cut Deacon a break and give him the benefit of the doubt? Or is Brooke right to remain cautious where he is concerned.

    Vote in's poll to give us your opinion and feel free to discuss this storyline further in the comments section as well. » read more

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    Star of the Week

    Name: Ashlyn Pearce
    Character: Alexandria 'Ally' Forrester
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