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    Climb With Me.

    Tuesday, October 15 2013
    Liam and Hope have it out, Bill wants to share an experience with Brooke, and Maya can't keep her mind on her fiance.

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    Posted by cowboys forever at Tuesday, October 15 2013 05:15 PM

    Liam told dumb dumb to put the ring back on. But she said you don't understand what you done. Uh hello, you were just caught tonguing his brother you cheap ho. Liam, you have to learn to recognize your blessings. And this my dear, is a blessing. Take the ring back and get rid of that tangle eyed wart.

    Liam told Hope not to pretend his past does not exist. Bravo. And stop running to his brother every time she gets a hang nail. And basically learn how to be an adult and work things out. Good luck with that. She has the mentality of a child Liam. Everyone has to be perfect but her. She thinks it's funny to have two brothers fighting over her moldy arse. But let you make a innocent video and all hell breaks loose. You would not have been in contact with Steffy if she had not insisted on an annulment.

    And as for you Wyatt, if Steffy was in town, you would be going after her too. She makes Hope look like a boy.
    When Bill takes the Madame up to the mountain, I hope a volcano does not erupt and he falls in. She would jump the next man in jeans within five minutes, just ask Ridge.

    Brooke and Bill were so happy until Doom and Gloom walked in. She can bring down anybody. Even Mr. and Ms. Disgusting.

    Posted by billsgal at Tuesday, October 15 2013 05:20 PM

    Posted by Busy beaver at Tuesday, October 15 2013 03:33 PM
    For this moment the boy did have a tweeny weeny bit of backbone so I'll give it to him. However, by tomorrow he will probably be back to groveling and kissing Hope's feet.

    This Steffy fan does believe that the video is a non issue because I've seen Liam tell Steffy he loved her while he was married to Hope and Steffy didn't chase him. She let Liam go be with his dream. Steffy hasn't had to break Liam and Hope up since the first engagement but no one wants to acknowledge that. Just as no one wants to acknowledge that Hope chases Liam much more than Steffy and more than Liam chases her. Liam has always been content in either relationship. However, it has always been shown that Steffy can function and live without Liam just fine Hope not so much. The first time Liam and Steffy divorced Steffy researched and started a new ski line for the company. It has taken Hope 3 years to revamp HFTF and she didn't do it, Caroline did to save Rick's job. Hope hasn't been able to decide what direction to take one line in 3 years whereas Steffy was able to do the marketing and pr for the company and run 2 lines.

    Hope and Liam can do whatever with whomever as long as Steffy stays away from this crap I'm happy.

    Posted by ziva at Tuesday, October 15 2013 05:36 PM

    Although Hope did overreact just a tad about the video,I want to ask everyone why would you do in Hope's place would you settle with a man that still have feelings for his ex wife and treat you like your opinion don't matter he can do what he want and you have to accept that.I said that it was a good gesture from liam to do that for Steffy,but we talking about Liam,if he was over his ex wife, he should have told Hope what he did for Steffy and reassure her that it was just a friendly favour for Steffy and a closure like he said. But he kept things from Hope again Knowing how she feels about Steffy,all this debacole it is Liam's fault.I hope Wyatt doesnt push Hope in doing anything because now she need just a good friend to talk and nothing else until she get over Liam. But than again there is an old proverb, If you want to get over a man get a new man.Now Bill & Brooke, Gee that where his son gets it the arrogant ways,asking Brooke to Mount Climbing, at their age forget it he is mad, I don't know why middle age men all the sudden wants to climb mountain,I"ve met some men like that round about 50s plus they wanted to climb mountains and go and skiing from the highest mountain top, they never did it before and all the sudden there it is their new Hobby just like Bill and he wants Brooke to go with him, Brooke need to wake up and tell Bill to go and climb the Mountain on his own and I hope he gets lost,but I think she will go just to please him Yakk I never liked this Bill Character since he arrived on the B&B and I dislike him more and more each day.

    Posted by Busy beaver at Tuesday, October 15 2013 05:41 PM

    Prissa, Isn't $Bill a real ars_ole? Shame on him for treating his employees in such a way. I really liked $Bill when he came on the show but now, involved with Brooke, is a complete turn-off for many viewers. I really hope Katie succeeds in making Spencer Publications even more successful than when Bill was running it.

    Posted by Mimimeyers at Tuesday, October 15 2013 05:43 PM

    Posted by Luvdasoaps at Tuesday, October 15 2013 04:48 PM

    Seems like Katie was a stick in the mud while married to Bill or was he talking about the company not wanting him to do daredevil stuff protect their asset.
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    I think both ! LOL

    Posted by Mimimeyers at Tuesday, October 15 2013 05:50 PM

    Posted by sephora at Tuesday, October 15 2013 03:48 PM

    Hope, didn't even give Liam a chance to discuss anything before she took off the ring. She's immature anyway and Liam is better off without her. If she was so much in love with Liam she would not have taken off her engagement ring so fast. She's letting Wyatt manipulate her and tell her what to do because she can't think for herself. Steffy is a whole continent away and she is useing her as an excuse to dump Liam. She knew that she had Wyatt panting for her in the wings and she didn't even give it a second before she took her rings off. Steffy is so much more mature than Hope. Hope acts like a spoiled child and a whining baby. She needs to grow up and realize people are not perfect and they make mistakes but you just don't throw away someone you love because of it. Every time something goes wrong Hope runs and then she blames everybody else. She is so dumb and immature. I hope Liam moves on without her cause he needs a more grown up sophisticated woman. Plus I can't respect anyone who would ao quickly jump from one man to another so quickly and especially since it's brothers involved. Hope is a carbon copy of Her mother for sure. She's going down that same path.
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    Posted by E.Herring at Tuesday, October 15 2013 05:52 PM

    I do pray that the writers make it Bill getting hurt, asking for Katie, and Brooke realizes she was just a distraction! Hope and Wyatt get together Liam cries to Steffy( they are awesome together IMO)pray that Quinn comes clean and Hope Forgives her and thanks her and then back to fashion houses competing and real foresters come in. Rick choose Caroline Donna with hunky dr Ridge come back and be with Tay Pam finds a man, just something I'd like to see.

    Posted by cowboys forever at Tuesday, October 15 2013 08:15 PM

    Huge casting news: Thorsten Kaye cast as B&B's new Ridge

    by Dan J Kroll

    Posted Tuesday, October 15, 2013 9:40:49 PM

    A huge casting decision will impact fans of two soaps. The Bold and the Beautiful has hired Emmy-nominated daytime vet Thorsten Kaye as its new Ridge Forrester. Kaye had been appearing as Zach Slater on All My Children. For 25 years, the role of Ridge had been played by B&B original cast member Ronn Moss.

    In one of the biggest casting moves of the year, The Bold and the Beautiful has hired multi-soap veteran Thorsten Kaye as its new Ridge Forrester. Kaye, who has spent the past nine years as Zach Slater on All My Children, will take over the role played for more than 25 years by Ronn Moss.

    In an exclusive interview with TV Guide's Michael Logan, Kaye spoke about his new role and its potential impact on AMC, which relaunched as an Internet-based series earlier this year.

    "I don't have a contract there anymore. It's sad, you know? And I hope it all works out for them," Kaye offered. "And I certainly hope that my leaving will not affect the show in some bad way. There is just so much uncertainty in this business, especially in what we've been trying to do with AMC."

    Sources say that The Bold and the Beautiful has had its eye on Kaye for some time, but the actor's contract with Prospect Park, the producers of AMC, made him unavailable. All My Children has been on hiatus since a labor dispute stopped production in June. Prospect Park announced plans for a second season of All My Children last month, but a timeline for the show's resumption has not been established.

    In July, B&B released a casting call for the role of Harper and the description immediately set off. Harper was described as a Caucasian male in his mid-to-late 40s. The casting notice also described the character as "Handsome! Very upscale. Great business man. A commanding presence. Refined -- comes from money."

    Ridge Forrester is one of the original B&B characters. Ronn Moss created the role in March 1987, but the actor unexpectedly opted to exit the role in 2012. At the time, Moss said, "It's been a great run and all good things end eventually. As this door closes, others are opening. I want you all to come with me through these new doors of opportunities and experience how cool it's going to be."

    "Ridge will not be dead or presumed dead," B&B's head writer and executive producer Bradley Bell said after Ridge was written off the canvas. "He will just not be in the picture. I don't want to do a presumed death because I don't want the story that follows to be all about Ridge. [...] There will be a period of time without Ridge, which is where some new, interesting avenues for Brooke will come into play. But at some point it will be necessary for Ridge to return to the show. Who will be playing the role at that point remains to be seen."

    Kaye began his daytime run as Patrick Thornhart on One Life to Live in 1995. The actor exited the show in 1997, but returned to ABC's lineup as Patrick's brother, Ian, on the General Hospital spinoff, Port Charles. A year after that series' 2003 cancellation, Kaye joined All My Children and -- with the exception of a short period after the show relocated from New York to Los Angeles -- he remained with the show through its network television finale in September 2011. Kaye rejoined AMC for the show's online incarnation, which began in April 2013.

    During his time in daytime, Kaye has received three Daytime Emmy nominations as Outstanding Lead Actor.

    Kaye acknowledges that he has his work cut out for him with the new role, explaining that he hopes that he will not be "tarred and feathered" by fans. He will first air as Ridge on The Bold and the Beautiful on December 13.
    He is almost thirty years younger than Ronn Moss and ten under Brooke. Brooke will need a lot more work done if they pair them up again. Hell she will just need a entire body make over.

    Posted by carrie39 at Tuesday, October 15 2013 08:15 PM

    I know some dont like brooke and bill togeather well I do I love brill I know its wrong but im sorry people you got to admitt katie is boring with bill I never thought they matched brooke clearly is happy so is bill they don't desearve to be hated after all katie got her just desserts she ruined her own marriage. Now she needs to move on. Brooke needs to focus on her own happiness she lost her and bills baby she dont desearve to be hated just for falling in love with bill she did nothing to ruin that marriage bill and katie killed their own marriage. Love seeing brill keep it coming.

    Posted by Luv4HunkyHolden at Tuesday, October 15 2013 08:52 PM

    Cowboys forever... thanks for the breaking news on the new Ridge coming Friday the 13th of December! That will be Bill's unlucky day as Brooke will zipper the Stallion shut and trot over to her only Destiny... Ridgie Poo!

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