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    Privileged Little Nose.

    Friday, July 26 2013
    Eric confides in Brooke about Taylor, Quinn blames Hope for causing upheaval, and Bill and Liam reach out to Wyatt.

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    Posted by ml210378 at Friday, July 26 2013 11:16 AM

    Can we guess where Brooke's next stop would be? I bet she can't wait to tell this fresh little juicy news to Katie. Hope thinks it'll do Wyatt some good getting to know his father and other siblings. Well Hope, why aren't you trying to find out whether you got any siblings out there by your dad? This was never about Wyatt getting to know his father but about finding out whether she was right about the sword necklace. She wants Wyatt and she's lying through her teeth about it.

    Posted by RamblerH at Friday, July 26 2013 11:16 AM

    It was a cute moment when $Bill mentioned he was like Ben Cartwright in Bonanza with his three sons - I cackled, then really laughed when Liam had that big DUH look on his face again and $Bill said "oh never mind.". Even my kids that are his age know Bonanza, they still play it over and over on TV to this day!!

    Posted by VeronicaC at Friday, July 26 2013 11:17 AM

    Off Topic Y&R for previous posters
    Just throwing in my opinion. I think this soap is starting to give B&B some competition in the how crappy can this get category.
    kinda incest story
    This isn't a spoiler because after decades of hating each other Jack sells Victor Newman Enterprises. It's barely mentioned Adam just tells dad he has the money to buy it and viola it's all done you don't even see jack.
    People come into town and guess what turns out they are related to current residents
    Talk about flashbacks they have flashbacks of things that never happened on the show
    Sister sleeps with sisters husband (at least they thought of it first)

    They replaced most everyone they replaced or aged up a couple of months ago with people that are much worse, posters just refer to them as nuabby or nukyle or usually whodat and frankenchin. Just on the "reals" about this seems like they didn't put everyone in the same room when they were casting them and now some people look like peanuts. They tried to put nuabby with Alex and he barely clears her chin so they dumped that story line.

    The stories are extremely stupid and Michelle Stafford has quit so there goes any peppiness. More storylines where you are watching a tv show and your virtually get angry at the crap the writers are trying to shovel

    Posted by grizzskin at Friday, July 26 2013 11:17 AM

    @cards1 - yes, let's not cyber argue...

    Back to the show......

    HOpie told her mom Wyatt is a $pencer; now GT thinks she has new competition for the "stallion".......

    just wondering.....

    Posted by angel and halo at Friday, July 26 2013 11:18 AM

    I am not a Hope basher, but Quinn told off Hope today. I think Hope has gotten herself another enemy besides some of the people on this site.
    If I were Quinn, I would have those same feelings and she is entitled to her feelings being that Bill gave her abortion $$$$. It really was Quinn's place to tell Wyatt when and if she ever got around to it. Hope helped her out and speeded up the process.

    Posted by ml210378 at Friday, July 26 2013 11:18 AM

    Posted by grizzskin at Friday, July 26 2013 10:30 AM

    The cyber bar is open, are two for one until 5pm CDT......

    "Counterfeit" Bill should have said his family is like "My Three Sons"; guess I am aging myself again......

    Spoiled little brat - didn't take Quinn long to figure HOpie Boo Boo out....

    Wait unt Katie C (the C stands for, well you pick a word) learns her son has dropped one du.g on the $pencer pecking order..... No wonder.she is having second thoughts about the divorce.....

    let the banter begin.......
    She's having doubts because Bill didn't visit her for the afternoon. U see, the Logans love the chase and once the men stop chasing, they start to have second thoughts.

    Posted by G GIRL at Friday, July 26 2013 11:18 AM

    Boy oh Boy all these slaps etc. for Hope since she set up Quinn to tell the truth about her son being Bill's however there was not one word about Taylor telling an entire party about Brooke and Bill!!! hmmmm Well guess the truth coming out only applies to certain people.

    Posted by toooldtotell at Friday, July 26 2013 11:19 AM

    Quinn certainly is something else. Wyatt and Liam and Bill will all be close but Quinn will stay on the outside, but wonder for how long.
    I am huge fan of Bonzana, but Bill trying to say they are like the Cartwrights was SO SO SO SO wrong. Plus Ben had 3 sons.
    Oh Brooke, you think you are worry free now, but trust me something will happen and Liam will not be marrying Hope. It just will not happen.

    Posted by please no more at Friday, July 26 2013 11:20 AM

    So wish Quinn would have smacked that smug look off HOpe's face. She always thinks she is right and did the right thing.
    Like Quinn said her relationship with Wyatt is damaged maybe beyond repair. Not everyone forgives their family member for lying so easily like BroHOke sleeping with Bill.
    Just because her mom kept her dad a secret doesn't mean she had the right to expose Wyatt's father. She didn't know the reason she kept him a secret and now he knows his dad wanted him dead. Yeah that's what I want to know.

    Posted by Soap Fan 01 at Friday, July 26 2013 11:21 AM

    Hope won't get married because she now has two dummies who want her which she loves the attention. Bill can't count he has there sons, Will, Liam & Wyatt. Watch Out!!! Wyatt that old tramp Brooke will be all over you another Spencer to screw. Eric you are too old for Brooke. LOL

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