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    Made My Spencer Senses Tingle.

    Thursday, December 13 2012
    Taylor gets Steffy's advice, Bill talks to Justin, and Katie is shocked by Taylor's words.

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    Posted by awall at Thursday, December 13 2012 11:35 AM

    It's a kiss now, but I doubt seriously if that's the end of it. Taylor you did the right thing. As usual the Logan's gets a free pass. I just love the triple standards here.

    Posted by coronagal at Thursday, December 13 2012 11:37 AM

    Oh - Did I mention that they are all trashy? These people would not have any friends in the "real" world for sure. You might wake up this morning married and tonight your best friend, mama, sister, step sister, etc., will be sleeping with your man! Just pure 100% garbage! I know the rest of the 3 soaps have problems but this show takes the cake - Thanks to the Soap Opera God that it is only 30 minutes!

    Posted by misskay231 at Thursday, December 13 2012 11:37 AM

    Posted by cards1 at Thursday, December 13 2012 11:34 AM

    If Katie wasn't just NOW recovering from PPD, I would agree with Taylor telling her, IF Taylor knew the whole story and wasn't doing it for selfish reasons.

    Under these circumstances, I do not agree with Taylor telling Katie. Taylor should have confronted BS and Brooke, let BS be the one to tell Katie. Taylor doesn't know all the circumstances all she knows is what she overheard.

    Caroline confronted BS about what she heard, and he has admitted it. IMO that is a difference.
    So lets say Taylor had confronted Bill and Brooke first and they told her they didnt want to tell Katie and Taylor told anyway. Would you still think Taylor was in the wrong?

    Posted by Shadow8288 at Thursday, December 13 2012 11:38 AM

    Posted by misskay231 at Thursday, December 13 2012 11:27 AM So Taylor gets crap for being honest with Kaite, but someone like Caroline gets praised for trying to tell Liam and Hope the truth when even Brooke told her telling the truth doesnt matter at this point. And before anyone says that Liam is Caroline's family, guess what... so is Bill. Caroline has no problem turnign in her uncle.

    I dont know about the rest of you, but I sure would want to know if my husband had been locking lips with my sister. Even if Katie did puch them together I would still want to know.

    Taylor is Katie's psychiatrist, meaninng she is trying to help her. Even if Taylor had not said anything, it wouldve been much worse the road if God forbid Katie walks in on Bill and Brooke or she overhears them talking about it.

    And lets be real. Its gonna happen again. When two characters keep talking about how something should never happen again, usually the EXACT opposite happens.
    Preach it darling!! Amen

    Posted by cards1 at Thursday, December 13 2012 11:38 AM

    Posted by notodo at Thursday, December 13 2012 11:27 AM

    Cause Bill is a coward. Courage is doing the right thing in the presence of fear
    ICAM BS is a coward, I have thought that ever since he planned to murder pregnant Amber.

    IMO not a villain, just a coward bully.

    Posted by Sinsue at Thursday, December 13 2012 11:38 AM

    So very much agree with your commetns Notodo and Cards!

    Sad really!

    Posted by sandee1977 at Thursday, December 13 2012 11:40 AM

    Posted by peggyd at Thursday, December 13 2012 11:09 AM

    No respect for Taylor. Just a busybody and trouble maker when it concerns Brooke. It was an innocent kiss that more than likely would have led to more had Katie not come back. She did and Bill loves her.If Brooke/Bill have anything to do w/it, nothing will happen. They both want Katie's happiness & respect their marriage. With Taylor's meddling, anything can happen now

    It is so funny how prople paint Brook and Hope like naive dummies. When they do stuff it is so innocent because they are so ignorant. But if Taylor and Steffy do something they are mad geniuses. Overestimating for trying to do something else. Maybe Taylro feels sorry for Katie. She probably bonded with KAtie and think she does not deserve this. Maybe this had nothing to do with Brooke. Brooke wasn't involved when she ratted Bill out for getting with her daughter. Tyalor is actually trying to look out for Katie point blank this has nothing to do with Brooke. And KAtie is the one who talked a lot fo junk about her own daughter but Taylro pushed past that and is helping this woman keep her family. If it wasn't for Taylor KAtie will still be goign crazy while Brooek and Bill bonded even more to the point of no return. SMDH

    Posted by Paige43 at Thursday, December 13 2012 11:40 AM

    Posted by feelingfrisky at Thursday, December 13 2012 11:04 AM

    Puke fest! Taylor is such NOT a saint but more of a rat. First she gives Kaite a heart attack by bolabbing about her daughter and Bill and then here she goes again. taylor should visit her own ghosts of past. She is what we like to call a *hit stirrer. LOL!!!!

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    Posted by girlt22 at Thursday, December 13 2012 11:42 AM

    Taylor is so see through her last name should be Windex. Telling Katie has nothing to do with helping Katie. It's to cause conflict for Brooke. How dare she discuss a patient's situation with her daughter. The daughter that chased said patient's husband. How ethical is that.

    As Katie's doctor it is up to her to deal with the things Katie brings up in session. Not bring her gossip she heard easdropping in her house. If the spoilers are Correct Katie see the color green on the Doc and dismisses her crap.

    Posted by G GIRL at Thursday, December 13 2012 11:44 AM

    Taylor just couldn't wait she is only telling Katie for two reason the competition and to get a Brook. Katie has only been back home a few days after her break down plus she has a heart condition and she had to run right back over there and tell how self serving is that. Any true shrink would of followed up on the situation and made sure the girl was strong enough to handle this before just blurting it out boy oh boy Tay Tay a new all time low!

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