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    The Bold and the Beautiful CAST - Eric Forrester

    Full detailed profile on Eric Forrester Played by John McCook on The Bold and the Beautiful Daytime Soap Opera.

    John McCook (CBS)
    Eric Forrester

    Actor: John McCook

    Who played Eric Forrester over the years

    John McCook (March 23, 1987 - present)

    Useful information on Eric Forrester

    * Lives at The Forrester Mansion (369 Willow Hill Rd., Beverly Hills, CA, 90210.
    * Hid a document naming Stephanie as sole owner of Forrester for years.
    * Has been romantically involved with three Logan women.
    * Was poisoned by Pam and survived a resulting heart attack.
    * Has seemingly favored Ridge for years, much to the disdain of his other son's Thorne and Rick.


    Currently: CEO of Forrester Creations.
    Past: Executive at Forrester Creations.
    Past: Owner of Forrester Creations
    Past: Head Designer at Forrester Creations


    Eric and his wife Stephanie created a fashion house called Forrester Creations. Stephanie and Eric had four children: Ridge, Thorne, Kristen, and Felicia.

    Eric had an affair with Brooke Logan (who was in love with Ridge), and had a child, Rick. He then married Brooke. Brooke left Eric for Ridge and had another child. Brooke left Eric to be with Ridge, and Brooke took control of Forrester Creations with a 51% stock majority.

    Eric then married Sheila, who was a nanny, as well as a nurse. He had a vasectomy so that he could never have children, but Sheila did not know this and because of troubles in their marriage, in order to make him happy, she told him that she was pregnant. She had slept with Connor Davis to try to get pregnant, and was going to pass this child off as Eric's.

    Eric had a fling with Taylor, but it didn't last long, since Stephanie was still in love with Eric, and Taylor, being a friend of Stephanie's, didn't want to interfere. Eric then got together with Lauren and fell for her, but Lauren was also a friend of Stephanie, and realized that she was hurting Stephanie by being with Eric, so she ended their relationship.

    Eric got back together with Stephanie, and they re-married.

    Ridge wanted to take over Forrester Creations, but Eric was against this, and Eric and Stephanie separated, at which point Stephanie began seeing Massimo, an old boyfriend.

    Stephanie and Massimo's relationship didn't last too long, and Stephanie began seeing Eric again. Eric found out that Ridge was actually Massimo's son, but since he had been raising him as a son, he was able to accept the fact and continue to be close with Ridge. Eric and Stephanie were able to get over their differences and got back together.

    Stephanie faked a heart attack to try to get Ridge and Taylor to get married, but Eric found out and wasn't impressed with Stephanie. He contacted Jonathan, who had Stephanie's power of attorney, and arranged a divorce.

    Eric then married Brooke again, but they quickly divorced because Eric was falling for Jackie, and he asked for her forgiveness.

    Stephanie found papers in Eric's office that showed that she was the real owner of Forrester Creations, and ended up firing him and Brooke. Later, she hired them back, but gave them positions in the basement. Eric and Stephanie were constantly fighting, but things changed when they found out that Felicia was dying. Felicia asked them to remarry as her dying wish, and they agreed. Eric promised Jackie that the marriage would be annulled as soon as Felicia died.

    Eric didn’t leave Stephanie as promised, but he did start an affair with Donna Logan. Although they tried to hide it, Stephanie found out and tried to make Donna’s life miserable. However, it didn’t have any effect on Eric and Donna’s relationship and the two eventually married, but their happiness didn’t last long.

    Pam, angry that Eric chose Donna over her sister, poisoned Eric (unbeknownst to anyone) with her lemon bars, he had a heart attack and he fell into a coma. While out, Donna became embroiled in a bitter battle with Eric’s children for control of Forrester Creations. Donna eventually won out, but Ridge became convinced that Eric wouldn’t want to be hooked up to machines and pulled the plug. The medical team rushed in and hooked Eric back up, saving his life. Ridge was wracked with guilt, but Eric pulled through and returned to his family. However, he believed that Donna had cheated on him with Owen while he was in a coma and broke things off with her. Eric turned to Stephanie for comfort, while rebuffing Donna’s attempt to reconcile with him. Just when he was about to come around, Donna discovered that Pam was behind the poisoning. Pam blackmailed Donna into pushing Eric away or else she would harm Donna’s family. Donna reluctantly agreed, but Stephanie found out and helped capture Pam, as well as get Donna off the hook with Eric.

    With the truth out in the open, both Donna and Stephanie wanted to be with Eric, but he wasn’t ready to make a decision so he suggested they both move in with him. Meanwhile, his son Rick was laid up after falling off a roof, following a fight with Ridge. Out of anger at Ridge, Rick convinced Eric not to hand the company over to Ridge and Eric named both sons co-presidents of Forrester Creations.

    Rick tried his best to best Ridge, but eventually backed off and peace was restored to the family until Bill Spencer came to town and took over Forrester Creations. This left Eric despondent and uninterested in work.

    The Forrester family regained control of the business, but a rift due to Beth Logan's death ruined Eric's marriage to Donna, who divorced him. Upon receiving divorce papers asking for part of his share of Forrester, Eric called the family together and asked Stephanie to become part of his life again.

    Eric supported Stephanie when he found out she had stage four lung cancer, although he had a brief flirtation with Jackie. He continued to referee at Forrester Creations.

    Eric named Thomas the interim CEO when Ridge didn't return from Europe.

    Eric and Stephanie decided to remarry in time for their 50th anniversary. When her cancer returned with a fatal diagnosis he planned a celebration of life party for her, getting her favorite group Celtic Woman to sing. After, he took a weak Stephanie to their cabin at Big Bear to spend their last moments together.

    Eric was called into work for an emergency. He kissed Stephanie goodbye in case he didn't make it back before she died. He didn't. He gathered the family to watch a DVD Stephanie left for them, and on it she transferred stock from Thomas back to Eric and named him CEO.

    Eric tapped Rick to be president over Thomas, so Taylor accused him of playing favorites. When he made Thomas vice president to appease her, Taylor kissed him. They continued to get close and Taylor eventually moved into the mansion with him.

    Taylor continued to push Eric to consider Thomas' ideas at Forrester, but he upset her again when he approved the relaunch of Brooke's Bedroom instead. Taylor was insistent that Bill and Brooke had an affair, but Eric told Taylor to stay out of it.

    Brooke approached Eric and asked him to pose as the father of her unborn baby with Bill. Eric offered his support as a friend, but nothing more. Brooke later miscarried. When Taylor and Eric were invited to Katie's birthday party, Eric asked Taylor not to cause trouble. Taylor told everyone about Bill and Brooke's affair anyway. Eric was livid and after their fight Taylor left.

    Despite grumblings from Thorne and Thomas, Eric confirmed Rick's role as president after a successful rebrand of the Hope For the Future line.

    Hope tried to get Eric to dissolve the relationship between Forrester Creations and Quinn Artisan Jewelers at Liam's request, but Eric liked designer Quinn Fuller and refused. Some flirtation developed between Eric and Quinn, but it never really went anywhere.

    Eric's granddaughter Ally became increasingly more aggressive at Forrester concerning Quinn and her son Wyatt, prompting Eric to have Thorne come home and handle the situation. Eric also was upset when a newly returned Ridge began seeing Katie and unsuccessfully tried to entice him to return to Brooke.

    Eric was devastated when Ridge fell out of a helicopter in Abu Dhabi and he flew with Katie overseas to help in the search.


    Donna Logan Forrester (May 2008 - present)

    Stephanie_Douglas_Forrester (January 2006 - May 2008 divorced third time)

    Brooke_Logan_Forrester_Marone (2005 - divorced second time)
    Stephanie_Douglas_Forrester (1999 - 2005 - divorced second time)
    Sheila Carter (1993 - 1995 - divorced)
    Brooke_Logan_Forrester_Marone (1991 - 1993 - divorced first time)
    Stephanie_Douglas_Forrester (divorced in 1990 - first time)


    Jacqueline Payne Marone


    John Forrester (brother)
    Jessica Forrester (niece)


    Angela Forrester (daughter with Stephanie Douglas Forrester - deceased)
    Kristen_Forrester_Dominguez (daughter with Stephanie Douglas Forrester)
    Thorne_Forrester (son with Stephanie Douglas Forrester)
    Felicia_Forrester (daughter with Stephanie Douglas Forrester)
    Rick Forrester (son with Brooke Logan Forrester Marone)
    Bridget_Forrester (daughter with Brooke Logan Forrester Marone)
    Zende Forrester Dominguez (grandson by adoption)
    Alexandria_Forrester (granddaughter)
    Dominick_Damiano_Marone_Jr (grandson)
    Eric Forrester III (grandson - deceased)
    Nicole Marone (granddaughter - deceased)


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    Monday, October 13 2014: B&B Recap: You Don't Play Well With Others.

    At Forrester Creations, Caroline pulls out of her kiss with Ridge. He tells her they're the future of Forrester. Ridge says Eric wants to know who she thinks should take his place and head the company. "It has to be us." Caroline exits. In Rick's office, he and Eric discuss Brooke's progress in Milan. Ivy joins them. Eric is summoned by Ridge. Eric enters Ridge's office, where he's fitting a design on a model. Once alone, Ridge tells Eric that Rick doesn't have what it takes to run the company with the perfect balance of business and design qualifications. Eric expects Ridge to respect his decision whatever it is. They bicker about Rick. Eric points out that Ridge can't draw. Ridge says it's coming back, but he can't show him yet. He says Rick can't draw either. They discuss Caroline. Eric says she and Rick remind him of him and Stephanie in the early years. Ridge gripes. He realizes how important Caroline is in this. He asks Eric to make him CEO and let him mold Caroline - he can't answer to Rick. Eric reminds him what happened when he put him in charge before. "You don't play well with others, Ridge." Eric talks again about Caroline and Rick being like him and Stephanie. "I'll make my decision soon." Meanwhile, Caroline enters Rick's office. He asks if she's alright - she seems on edge and is practically shaking. Caroline lies that she had to block someone on social media. Rick gets called away and Ivy asks Caroline what is going on. Caroline sighs and rambles a bit. Ivy realizes she's talking about Ridge. Caroline admits she's feeling trapped in the middle of Rick and Ridge. Ivy goes and Caroline fantasizes about Ridge. He says she reminds him of her aunt and moves in close. Caroline blurts that she's committed to her marriage and loves her husband. She stares at Ridge's lips as he asks if Rick fulfills her. Ridge tells her not to deny there is something incredible between them. "This is it, this is our life. No regrets." As Caroline imagines a hot passionate kiss, Ridge enters and asks her, "What are you doing?" Elsewhere, Rick joins Eric in his office. Eric says they're going to have their collection. Rick adds, "Thanks to Caroline." Rick talks about everything coming full circle from Eric to him. With Caroline by his side there's nothing he can't do at the company.

    Friday, October 10 2014: B&B Recap: No Mystery To Me.

    At Forrester, Caroline asks Eric how far down he plans to step; they still need him. Eric plans to leave one of his sons in charge of the company. Caroline asks which one. Eric wonders what her advice would be and says this has been coming for a long time. Eric will sort out his thoughts and give them his decision soon. Outside, Maya irritates Carter by insisting he spot her on the weight machine. Ivy appears. Carter says he has to go - his date's here. Maya gapes. Carter tells her to calm down, he's not dating Ivy, just winding her up. Ivy talks about a top-level meeting with Eric, Ridge, Rick, and Caroline. Maya says it's no mystery to her. She gossips about Caroline and Ridge. Ivy can't believe it. Maya says the allegiances are shifting - Caroline wants to be more than just somebody's wife. Meanwhile, Rick finds Eric, who assures him no one is pushing him to step down. Rick says he considers Eric leaving a loss, but he and Caroline will be right there to keep everything intact. Eric goes outside and talks to Ivy about living like her father. She thinks he's retiring. Eric wants to be CEO Emeritus. Ivy asks who would take over. Eric says either Rick or Ridge. He muses that Rick has Caroline. Ivy questions him about Caroline. Eric says her love changed Rick. He talks about Stephanie supporting him all those years. In Ridge's office, he and Caroline discuss their situation. He admits he has a crush on her too. Ridge says a designer needs to run the company or it will be a disaster. He thinks Eric was wondering if Caroline wants to be a great designer or an ornamental wife. Ridge wants her to thrive. She asks, "And my husband doesn't?" Ridge replies, "You tell me." They debate about Rick. Ridge asks her to be true to herself and talks about them. Caroline asks, "What are you saying?" Ridge grabs her and kisses her passionately. In Rick's office, he confides to Maya that Eric is stepping down and he is the logical replacement. He says he and Caroline are a team, not Caroline and Ridge. She asks if he's sure about that. Maya says she walked in on them the other day... Rick stops her and warns about bad-mouthing his wife. She apologizes.

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