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    The Bold and the Beautiful CAST - Rick Forrester - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Rick Forrester Played by Jacob Young on The Bold and the Beautiful Daytime Soap Opera.

    Jacob Young (ABC)

    Birthday: September 10, 1979
    Birthplace: Renton, Washington
    Marital Status: married; Christen Steward (May 13, 2007)
    Real Name: Jacob Young
    Height: 5'10"


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    B&B Recap: Aboard The B&B Train.

    Friday, April 11 2014

    At Brooke's house, she and Rick talk about him and Caroline are going to the fashion show in Genoa City. Brooke tells him she's back with Bill. Rick wonders if it's a ploy to make Ridge jealous. Brooke insists it's not and thanks him for understanding. Rick says Bill's proven his commitment to her in ways Ridge never has. "You made the right decision." Later, Bill arrives with his bags. Brooke squeals. He says Liam approves and Hope was mature about the idea. Brooke says Rick is supportive too. Bill says everyone is aboard the B&B train. He makes a stallion noise. Brooke enthuses, "Yee haw!" They kiss. Bill makes a heartfelt speech and says he's home. They kiss again.

    B&B Recap: It Has To Be Me.

    Friday, April 04 2014

    At Forrester Creations, Brooke thanks Eric for taking up for Rick. Eric hated disappointing Ridge, but says Rick has proven himself. He muses about her and Ridge working closely. Brooke asks if he's playing matchmaker. Eric says she and Ridge are the future of this company. Brooke tells him she doesn't need Ridge to be happy. In Rick's office, he asks Ridge what he has to say about the hissy fit he threw, trying to take over his job. Ridge offers no apologies. Katie appears. She asks how the meeting went. Rick exits. Ridge tells Katie that 'Daddy' gave Rick his way. Katie's sorry. Ridge says Brooke got involved and wrapped Eric around her finger. He tells Katie that he and Brooke are going to be co-vice presidents. Katie is outraged. Ridge says he's going to change Eric's mind. In the studio, Maya and Ally reassure Oliver about his job security. Maya gets paged by Carter and exits. Oliver asks Ally to go for coffee. She first says she has to feed her goldfish but then agrees. Later, Ridge enters Eric's office and presses him to change his mind. "Rick can't be president. It has to be me." Eric reminds him he left. He brings up Katie. He says Ridge Forrester shacking up with Bill Spencer's ex-wife is problematic. Eric rants about what they're putting the kids through and accuses him of punishing Brooke. Ridge won't deny his feelings. Eric snorts at him to grow up. He tells Ridge if he goes back to Brooke he'll give him the CEO position. "You want to run this company? Get your ass back to Brooke where you belong." Meanwhile, Brooke joins Rick in his office, but he gets called away. Katie appears. She accuses Brooke of working her magic on Eric to get to work with Ridge. She tells Brooke she won't get away with it. Brooke insists she won't give up her position - Ridge was trying to push Rick around. Katie complains that she'll be working with Ridge, she'll giggle, and her clothes will fall off. She knows how she operates. Katie informs Brooke that Ridge wants her now - even she can't interfere with that.

    B&B Recap: On His White Horse.

    Thursday, April 03 2014

    At Forrester Creations, everyone wants to know what Eric's decision will be. Bickering ensues. Ridge says he doesn't want Rick to leave, just to step aside. He asks Eric, "Who do you want to run this company?" Eric muses that this is a business decision. Eric tells Ridge he doesn't agree with his view, and that Oliver is staying as well. He tells Rick he will continue as president. Ridge will be co-vice president, with Brooke. After, Caroline and Carter discuss the outcome of the meeting. Carter admits that Ridge getting rid of Oliver was going too far. In the studio, Ally tells Oliver that Ridge shouldn't have let him go; she wouldn't have. Ally urges him not to give up; her grandfather could be reversing the decision as they speak. Oliver says if a Forrester wants him out, he's history. Oliver flashes to Ridge telling him he's fired. Ally says she's going to confront Ridge. Hope appears. She says Eric reversed Ridge's decision. "Welcome back!" Oliver is stunned. He thanks them for standing up for him. Hope goes and Ally tells Oliver she won't let him be blindsided again. He says she's a sweetheart. In the office, Ridge crabs to Eric about his decision. Rick says they don't need him riding in on his white horse. Brooke defends Rick's record. Ridge continues to argue his viewpoint. Rick thinks he's just bitter because things have flourished under his leadership. Brooke voices her support for Eric and Rick. Outside the door, Carter watches as Caroline tries to listen in. Inside, Rick announces they will stay the course. Ridge is frustrated and tuts about Rick's lack of experience. Brooke says Rick is loyal and runs the company well - and he doesn't run away when things get tough. Ridge still doesn't think Rick should be president. "If this is what mommy and daddy think will make you secure, well, enjoy it while it lasts." Once alone, Eric tells Rick he's proud of him. Rick thanks him for supporting him. They agree Brooke will make a great vice-president. In the other office, Brooke flashes to good memories of Ridge. Ridge asks Brooke if she's proud of herself. She muses that he overstepped and the administration pushed back. She adds that she told Eric about him and Katie. Brooke lays into him. "You don't deserve to be president of this company, and you won't be. Not as long as I'm here."

    B&B Recap: Get To Sketchin'.

    Wednesday, April 02 2014

    At Forrester Creations, everyone in the meeting protests vociferously about Ridge's proposal that he should be president instead of Rick. Brooke tells him there is no way she'll let him push her son out. She demands to speak to Eric alone. Rick confronts Ridge about his holier-than-thou attitude and his defection from Brooke to Katie. He reminds Ridge that Eric is his father and that he's a Marone, not a Forrester. Ridge mocks Rick for letting him mom fight his battles. They bicker about Brooke's patterns. Rick thinks Ridge will hurt Katie too. In the corridor, Hope, Carter, Caroline and Pam muse about the situation. Caroline rejoins Rick and Ridge and gets in Ridge's face about his plans. She tells time's have changed and he should get his head out of the nineties, put a pencil in his hand and get to sketchin'. "Taking over this company from Rick is not an option." Caroline goes and Ridge smirks to Rick that he admires his wife defending him. Rick complains about Ridge wanting to tear down his good work. Ridge says he knows how to run this company, and he will never answer to Rick. In the studio, Maya listens as Oliver tells Ally that Ridge fired him and is shutting down the studio indefinitely. Hope arrives and says she's hoping Eric will override Ridge's decision. Carter appears and commiserates as well. Oliver looks at photos and flashes back to the early days with Hope. After, Ally tells Oliver she thinks Ridge is wrong and the decision will be reversed. Oliver muses that his name is Jones, not Forrester; he's as expendable as the next guy. In Eric's office, Brooke tells him that Ridge left her for Katie. Eric is stunned. Brooke says she doesn't know who Ridge is anymore. She says he's just like Massimo; walking out on everyone. They can rely on Rick. Eric says Ridge rant the company for a long time. Brooke warns he'll try to push Eric out as CEO. She uses what Ridge did to Oliver as an example, and tells Eric he's going to need to make a choice. Ridge and Rick burst in. "Time to make a decision." The meeting reconvenes and Hope pipes up about Oliver and Ridge's actions being unfair. Ridge and Rick debate about the direction of the company. Rick produces the quarterlies as evidence of the current team's accomplishments. Eric says he hates being in this position between his sons, but they won't work together. He announces that he's made his decision...

    B&B Recap: Creative Differences.

    Tuesday, April 01 2014

    At Forrester, Eric and Brooke discuss the situation with Ridge. She declares that she needs to learn to define herself without a man. He says she's a beautiful human being. They embrace. Brooke talks about redirecting her energy to her kids. Eric doesn't understand Ridge's actions. Brooke insists she doesn't need a man to be happy. She uses Donna as an example. In Rick's office, Hope tells him Brooke went out last night. They wonder if they should worry. Hope can't imagine how she'll get past Ridge being with Katie. Rick thinks she'll be okay. Hope decides he's right - Brooke Logan bends but she does not break. Caroline and Carter arrive saying a meeting's been called. In the studio, Oliver tells Maya there may be a problem; Ridge doesn't like any of his new Hope For The Future shots. Ridge arrives and greets Pam, who tells him everything's ready for the meeting. He asks her he wants Oliver in the meeting. Pam finds Oliver, who is fretting about his future with Maya. In the boardroom the meeting begins with Rick crowing about the success of the Hope For The Future line and of Wyatt's latest idea. Ridge complains that the company has a split personality. He says Hope's line appears to be from a different design house altogether - he wants a new campaign for Hope For The Future with a new photographer - Oliver's not cutting it. Oliver arrives. Ridge tells him they have creative differences; he's firing him. Oliver leaves, fuming. Oliver returns to the studio and tells Maya the news. She's appalled. Meanwhile, Rick is furious with Ridge. "You are not CEO." Ridge says that's the other reason he called this meeting. Rick, Caroline, Brooke, and Hope speak against Ridge taking over. Ridge tells Brooke this has nothing to do with her. Brooke asks Eric, "Who's it going to be? Ridge or our son?"

    B&B Recap: It All Starts With You.

    Friday, March 28 2014

    At Brooke's house, Bill goes on about Ridge's propensity for coming and going from her life. He feels she believes that to be her destiny because it was what happened with her father. Bill asks her to go upstairs with him. "Let me spend the night." He takes her face in his hands and tells her the wait is over - they can have everything they talked about. Bill talks about getting back his son and his company too. "It's all within my grasp, but it starts with you." When he starts planning how they'll fly back to Monte Carlo and move in together, Brooke cautions he's moving too fast. Bill just needs one word from her for everything to be right again. He kisses her. She pulls away. "I'm sorry. You have to go." Later, Rick checks in on Brooke, who tells him about Bill's visit. Rick questions her reluctance to be with Bill - he's proven his feelings. Brooke smiles, "Maybe you're right." She decides to go to Bill's.

    B&B Recap: That Man Is Me.

    Thursday, March 27 2014

    At Brooke's house, Rick is telling Hope that he found their mother at Eric's house - she'd been talking to Stephanie - when Brooke arrives. Hope tells Brooke she doesn't have to hide her feelings from them. "We know how much Ridge means to you." Brooke says she apparently doesn't mean as much to him. Brooke and Rick discuss Bill coming to Rick out of concern. Rick says Bill really cares about her. Brooke tells them that in the past, when Ridge left her she would do things she would regret. That's not going to happen anymore. Brooke says this time she'll put her family first. They all embrace.

    B&B Recap: No Angel.

    Wednesday, March 26 2014

    At Forrester, Eric allows Ally to stay in the meeting. Wyatt clarifies that he isn't forcing the lingerie idea on Hope. Caroline sees no problem with it. Rick has no doubt it will sell. Ally rants about Hope's message. She asks Hope what's happened to her. Outside the door, Liam and Pam discuss Ally, and then Hope. Liam says modeling lingerie isn't for her - Wyatt's pushing her too far this time. Inside, Ally demands to talk to Hope alone. Meanwhile, the others discuss Ally's vehemence with regard to Hope's message. Wyatt insists that has nothing to do with it - Ally has an axe to grind with him. He walks outside and Pam takes off. Liam tells Wyatt he's there to witness his demise. They bicker about whether Hope should model lingerie. Liam says Wyatt will make her hate herself...and him even more. Pam returns and tells Liam and Wyatt that Hope will do what she wants regardless of them. They keep arguing. Liam thinks Ally will rein Hope in. In Hope's office, she tries to explain to Ally that she was young when she started Hope For The Future and has grown up; things change. Ally wonders if the new 'hope' is for a hot night in bed. Ally feels there are enough bad examples out there for young women. Hope says she's no angel. Ally tells her, "If you cheapen yourself, you cheapen your message." Hope tells Ally she's made her point, but the decision is hers, not Ally's. In the boardroom, Quinn complains about a teenager running the show. Rick points out she's a Forrester. Hope and Ally emerge from Hope's office as Pam is warning Wyatt to treat Ally with respect. The meeting re-adjourns. Hope says she thinks Wyatt is right; a lingerie line will sell. She admits Ally also has a point. Hope announces that she's decided that following in her mother's footsteps isn't right...not now. Wyatt looks confused. Ally grins. Later, Quinn and Wyatt move to another office and rant to each other about everyone pandering to Ally, who is unstable. Ally appears and warns Quinn not to mess with her. "I'll push you out the door. You and your hotshot son." Ally gloats about them taking her advice, well, her mother's advice... Quinn mutters that she's glad she doesn't know her. Ally hisses at Quinn that she's an evil witch. In the boardroom, Liam tells Hope nothing has changed - he loves her as much as he did in Italy. He questions what Wyatt's bringing to her life. Quinn spies as Liam suggests that Wyatt wants to change her. "I hope today showed you something." He says it showed him she's still the woman he loves. He kisses her.

    B&B Recap: A Little Push.

    Tuesday, March 25 2014

    In the Forrester boardroom, Wyatt tells Ally that he's looking out for the best interests of the company. He points out that she's not a company leader and doesn't need to be there. Hope arrives, and says she's a little nervous. Ally wonders why. Liam greets Pam in the corridor. He assures her he's not there for Wyatt's meeting. Pam tells him there's a life-size cardboard cutout of Hope and a rack of lingerie in there. Liam quickly deduces they're re-doing the bedroom line with Hope. Meanwhile, the meeting gets underway with everyone but Ridge in attendance. Wyatt reveals the cardboard cutout of Hope in lingerie. Pam listens from outside and tells Liam that Wyatt is showing slides. Liam says Hope won't go for being a lingerie model. "I know this." Pam isn't so sure. Pam talks about girls growing into their sexuality. She thinks sometimes people need a little push to become who they want to be. Inside, Wyatt says being sexy doesn't have to be cheap. Maya agrees. When Wyatt suggests it's time for Hope For The Future to take the next step, Ally yells, "No!" Eric says they'll let Wyatt finish. Outside, Liam is amused when Pam tells him Ally took Wyatt on. Pam says she can be her own worst enemy. They talk about Darla's death. He assumes the hit-and-run driver went to jail. Pam says he should ask Steffy. Talk turns back to Hope. Liam doesn't think she'd model lingerie when it came right down to it. In the boardroom, as Wyatt talks, Ally hears Darla telling her she has a responsibility to save the family from shame. Ally asks Hope if she's okay with undressing for the world. Hope admits she had reservations, but thinks Wyatt's right, it could be great. Ally says Grandmother wouldn't stand for this. Rick smirks that Stephanie didn't always get her way. Ally pleads with Hope not to do this. Wyatt asks for Ally to be removed.

    B&B Recap: Live In The Moment.

    Wednesday, March 19 2014

    Bill arrives in Rick's office ranting that they have important things to deal with. He's surprised that Rick doesn't know about Ridge. Rick asks, "He's leaving her?" Bill confirms. "Bingo." Rick's temper flares. He asks what happened this time. Bill says Ridge thinks he's in love with Katie. Rick tries to call Brooke but gets no answer. Bill worries. "She was knocking back a few." Rick gets angry again. Bill questions why he thought it would be different this time. Rick grumbles about Katie. Bill tells him about the fake faint. Rick growls, "He's not doing this to my mother. Not again." Bill feels Ridge and Katie are both hypocrites. He tells Rick they have to make Brooke see she deserves better and see to it she gives up on Ridge for good. Rick is glad Bill is there for Brooke - he cares for her completely; something Ridge is incapable of. Bill says he wants to be there for Brooke - he's never seen her so alone. It scares him.

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