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    The Bold and the Beautiful CAST - Rick Forrester - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Rick Forrester Played by Jacob Young on The Bold and the Beautiful Daytime Soap Opera.

    Jacob Young (ABC)

    Birthday: September 10, 1979
    Birthplace: Renton, Washington
    Marital Status: married; Christen Steward (May 13, 2007)
    Real Name: Jacob Young
    Height: 5'10"


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    B&B Recap: My Lips Are Sealed.

    Friday, December 19 2014

    In the Forrester kitchen, Ivy tells Rick they have to talk. She tells him she knows what he's been doing. "I saw you tonight, with Maya." Rick claims it was a goodbye kiss she witnessed. Ivy tells him, "Nice try. That kiss I saw? There was no way you were ending things." Ivy asks if he's trying to get revenge on Caroline. Meanwhile, Aly visits Caroline at the guesthouse to ask if things are okay. Caroline says they seem to be. Aly says things are great with Oliver. They discuss Caroline's complicated relationship with Rick. Caroline knows people are talking about her at work since Maya blew everything up. Aly reassures her. She feels any woman in the building would jump at the chance to kiss Ridge. Caroline agrees, but feels lucky to have a man like Rick. She notices his car is back and buzzes up to the kitchen, where he and Ivy are still arguing. Rick tells Caroline he's just grabbing a bottle of wine. He then tells Ivy she's not going to say anything. "Understand?"

    B&B Recap: Sudden Desire.

    Thursday, December 18 2014

    In the guesthouse, Caroline greets Rick in sexy lingerie. He says she looks beautiful and they talk about their marriage surviving. She wants to make their reunion official and kisses him. Rick says he has to get back to the office. Caroline complains about him not responding. Rick takes a raincheck on snuggling and heads for the door. Caroline asks if they're okay. Rick replies, "Never better," and leaves. Caroline goes up to the main house and chats with Ivy about her lack of quality time with Rick. She wants to show him how committed she is to their marriage, but she needs him in the room to do that. They discuss Rick turning to Maya. Caroline feels she practically wrapped him up like a present. She feels Rick is still punishing her, though it could be her own guilt. Ivy reassures her. Later, Caroline waits for Rick in the guesthouse.

    Maya opens her door to Rick - she got his text and is enthused about seeing him. They talk about the future. Rick worries about getting Eric's signature on the paperwork and then complains about how difficult it is to be around Caroline, who wants a full relationship. "She's the one who looked elsewhere. That's on Caroline, not me." They trash Caroline until Maya decides the apartment needs to be a 'Caroline-Free Zone'. "Starting now." They make love and after, Maya hates saying goodbye. Rick assures her their life together will happen soon enough. Maya says once Eric signs, there are no limits for them. Rick walks into the corridor, where Ivy, there to visit a friend, sees him saying goodbye to Maya.

    B&B Recap: More Than Gratitude.

    Wednesday, December 17 2014

    At Forrester, Rick presses Eric to sign the paperwork. Eric observes it would give Rick final say about everything. Rick wants to run the company into the future with Caroline and he can't do it with Ridge plotting to undermine him. After, Maya joins Rick, who tells her his dad didn't sign the papers. Maya is upset they have to continue the charade. Rick chides that she can't be kissing him at work - he has to play this out like he's loyal to Caroline. He says he's calling a meeting. "You and I are about to put on a show." Rick fills her in on the plan. She isn't sure about it. Rick says she can do this - she has to play along. During the meeting, Rick compliments Caroline and Eric couldn't be more pleased. Rick says there is one more thing. He calls for Maya to be sent in. Rick tells Maya she's been an asset but he can't have her working there any longer. Maya freaks out. Caroline watches in amazement as Rick says he loves his wife and someone has to go. Eric steps in and decrees that Maya stays. Once alone, Caroline thanks Rick for his loyalty. Rick intones, "You deserve it. Every bit of it."

    B&B Recap: Shock Of Their Lives.

    Tuesday, December 16 2014

    At the condo, Maya thanks Rick, who admits he's asking a lot of her. She says it's only until he solidifies his position as CEO. Rick is expecting the attorney he hired soon - if all goes according to plan some people will be in for the shock of their lives. Later, Maya lets in Chris the attorney, who has paperwork that would give Rick irrevocable power as CEO of Forrester Creations. He warns that Eric has to sign them and then he can never remove him as CEO. Chris wonders why Rick is insisting upon doing this. Rick has his reasons. Chris leaves and Rick talks about sticking it to people. He huffs about Caroline betraying their marriage. Once his dad signs, his life begins, and he can tell them all to go to hell. Later, Maya, alone, enthuses about her life with Rick.

    At Forrester, Ridge and Caroline decide to design the showstopper first. Talk turns to Rick green-lighting them working together. Eric joins them and mentions how impressed he is with Rick rising above everything. He crows about Rick being the CEO he knew he could be and urges Ridge to meet him halfway. Ridge grumbles about not having his rightful place in the company. Eric reminds him Rick supports him as a designer, even though he disrespected him and his marriage. After, Eric tells Caroline he'll have Rick take her to an expensive, romantic dinner on him. Caroline says he's more devoted to their marriage than ever. Later, Rick finds Eric and tells him he had papers drawn up giving him irrevocable control of the company. He insists it's to protect him against Ridge. Rick urges Eric to sign the papers.

    B&B Recap: I Ruined Their Lives.

    Monday, December 15 2014

    At Forrester, Eric, Ridge, Carter, Rick and Caroline talk about Hope leaving LA. Rick assures them she's fine then talk turns to the increase in sales. "You both should be very proud," Rick praises Ridge and Caroline. Eric looks over Ridge and Caroline's separate designs and admits they're lacking on their own. He suggests they become a design team again. Ridge and Caroline waver, but Rick insists they begin working together right away - for the company's sake. Rick trusts them. Eric's proud of Rick's attitude. When Caroline gets up to hug Rick, he smirks behind her back. Once everyone leaves, Caroline and Ridge discuss Rick's reaction to Eric's suggestion. She's proud of the positivity in Rick and warns Ridge she's more committed to their marriage than ever.

    Rick meets Maya in the hallway of a building and surprises her with a new apartment. She can't believe it's hers! Rick talks about Jackie Marone and Steffy owning it prior. He fills Maya in on the meeting and says, "I've got them on the hook." They kiss and end up making love in a bubble bath. Caroline calls but Rick cuts her off, claiming he's up to his neck in hot water.

    Back at Forrester, Caroline tells Ridge that Rick was busy. She's so happy Rick gave her another chance and vows never to let him down again. Ridge agrees, he respects Rick as well.

    B&B Recap: Happy Thanksgiving, Bro.

    Wednesday, November 26 2014

    At the Forrester mansion, Hope greets Rick, who tells Eric he's back with Caroline. In the kitchen, Charlie suggests Pam use pecans instead of almonds in her green bean casserole and take it to a level she's never dreamed of. Pam breathes deeply and goes for it. Donna appears and wants something to do. Charlie and Pam whisper with concern and give her the veggie tray. In the living room, Katie tells Hope and Wyatt to enjoy, because this time next year they'll be getting no sleep. Nearby, Rick tells Ridge he'd like to get along on the holiday. Hope finds Quinn at the door bearing a Thanksgiving dish. She tells her she's not invited. Quinn presses her. "There's no room at the table for your baby's grandmother?" Liam joins them outside. Quinn mocks his new necklace from Ivy. "Does that mean you're going steady now?" Quinn agrees to leave. Elsewhere, Rick steps out to phone Maya. He promises he's doing what he has to, but she'll have all she wants and more. Oliver calls everyone to the table as Aly enthuses over Ivy's boat ride story. Caroline and Ridge share a close moment. At the table, Eric makes a toast to Rick and Caroline's anniversary, and Hope begins the tradition of saying something nice to the person on your right. She tells Bill he is the father to two amazing men. Bill tells Katie she is an amazing woman whom he appreciates, Katie tells Ridge she's grateful he came back from Paris, Ridge thanks Caroline for pulling him through a dark time in his life, and Caroline is thankful to be by Rick's side when he's CEO. They kiss for their anniversary. Rick tells Charlie he's a great man, Charlie thanks Pam for making him the happiest security guard in the whole world, Pam tells Eric he gave her a job and family; he rescued her. Eric is grateful to Donna for loving him for a while. She says, "Forever." Eric asks them all to join hands and remembers Stephanie as well as family and friends far and near. The tradition continues. Donna thanks Carter for being a good brother to her son; she respects him. Carter calls Oliver the happiest guy he knows, and Oliver tells Aly how wonderful she is. Aly feels lucky to have Ivy there; she's become such a good friend. Ivy talks to Liam about the excitement of what lies ahead for them, Liam admires Wyatt's ambition; everything he seeks out, he accomplishes. "Happy Thanksgiving, Bro." Wyatt credits Hope for bringing him together with his dad, and says now she's giving him a child. They all clink glasses. "Cheers!" As everyone eats, Liam and Hope get up and talk about coming together in the spirit of forgiveness. He says he respects her, admires her, and loves her. "There's not a day that goes by that I'm not giving thanks for having you in my life."

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