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    The Bold and the Beautiful CAST - Rick Forrester - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Rick Forrester Played by Jacob Young on The Bold and the Beautiful Daytime Soap Opera.

    Jacob Young (ABC)

    Birthday: September 10, 1979
    Birthplace: Renton, Washington
    Marital Status: married; Christen Steward (May 13, 2007)
    Real Name: Jacob Young
    Height: 5'10"


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    B&B Recap: Stabilizing Force.

    Wednesday, February 25 2015

    At the Forrester mansion, Rick gives Maya something as unique and special as she is to him. She opens the box - it's a necklace. Rick says it's one-of-a-kind; the most expensive piece Ivy's ever designed. They kiss. Maya says it's too much. Rick counters, "This is your life now." Maya's still getting used to it. Talk turns to business. Maya feels Forrester should reach more demographics and 'speak to everyone'. Rick marvels at how good she is for him. Maya suggest they take their champagne upstairs to a bubble bath. In the bath they recall the days in the apartment; now they're out in the open and Maya will never take this for granted. Rick talks about how he's the number one son now. He feels invincible when he looks in her eyes.

    B&B Recap: A Bump In The Road.

    Tuesday, February 24 2015

    At Forrester, Ridge tells Rick he can make things right by going back to International. Rick says the numbers are up and Eric supports him. Ridge counters that the numbers are up because of him and Caroline, and Eric's just believing his lies. Maya calls and Rick says he's going home. Ridge can't wait for the day when Rick and Maya fall from the mountain they're perched on. Later, Ridge gets a visit from Liam, who feels him out about their mutual dislike of Rick. Liam says he wants to take him down. Ridge muses that he just told Rick that same thing. Liam tells Ridge he has a plan and explains how a hostile takeover would work. Ridge says he'd never partner with Bill. Liam counters that he wouldn't have to. "I'd be in control of his shares." Ridge concedes that Liam's different from his father. They discuss the state of Forrester. Ridge says Liam is asking him to betray his dad. Liam feels it's protecting Eric's legacy; there's no company if they don't do this. "Think about it, but think fast..."

    At home, Rick tells Maya about his visit from Ridge. Maya marvels. Does he not realize the battle is over? Rick says according to Ridge, it's just beginning. Maya feels no one can touch Rick. He agrees. "It's our time." They decide to celebrate with champagne. Rick heads upstairs. Nicole arrives. Maya learns that she needs a place to stay. Rick comes downstairs. He tells her she can crash there anytime. Maya nixes the idea. "She's fine." Nicole looks stunned, and leaves. Rick questions Maya, who refers to Nicole as a complication. They pour their champagne and toast to themselves.

    B&B Recap: Little Napoleon.

    Monday, February 23 2015

    At Forrester Creations, Maya and Rick kiss and talk about Eric backing him. An employee lets them know Eric is behind doors with Ridge and Caroline. Rick is concerned. "I need to do something." Elsewhere, Ridge is stunned that Eric has given Rick full support. Caroline argues that he hasn't been here. Eric will listen to what anyone has to say. Ridge says good - he's had Pam put together a group to tell how they suffered under Little Napoleon. Pam says Rick got a taste of power and it went straight to his ego. Caroline tells Eric how Rick treated her. Aly says it was bad there and almost worse at home. She hopes Eric will send them packing. Eric says that's not going to happen - they'll remain in the main house. Everyone is aghast. Aly complains they don't deserve it and elaborates on how badly Rick treated her. Wyatt tells his story next - Rick told him to get on his knees and beg for his job back. Oliver complains he has to take pictures of Maya on his own time with no compensation. Pam mentions Stephanie's portrait and Caroline brings up the shooting. Ridge wonders why Eric has rewarded this behavior. Rick phones and orders everyone across the hall immediately. Once they get there, Rick says he's green-lighting Aly's shoe line and Oliver can help. He apologizes for taking advantage of Oliver and extends it to everyone in the room. They will get better from hereon out. Rick goes on about his behavior at home and apologizes to Wyatt next. Ridge sighs. Rick addresses Pam, and finally Ridge and Caroline, telling them they're an amazing design team. Caroline says his turnaround is hard to believe. Eric is impressed. Ridge asks what's wrong with him - Rick is conning him again! Ridge appeals to all of them - they're being conned. Eric says his support stands and orders everyone back to work. Maya tells Rick she'll follow up with Aly and Oliver. "I am so proud of you." Ridge then confronts Rick about being a con. He sees through him and will take him down.

    B&B Recap: Doing What Comes Naturally.

    Friday, February 20 2015

    At Forrester Creations, Eric apologizes to Rick for making him believe he could never earn his praise. Rick realizes he acted childish and vindictive and vows to do better. Eric clucks that everything was taken from him and given to Ridge. "No more. This office is yours." Elsewhere, Maya spars verbally with Caroline and Ridge. She snarks about Caroline's future with a man whose neckties are older than her. They keep arguing. Caroline and Ridge are certain Rick and Maya will wind up unemployed. Maya complains about their privileged upbringings. Ridge asks if she'd like his maid to get her a hotel room for the night. Outside, Wyatt and Ivy work on jewelry designs. She tells him she knows he came back because of the plan to take over Forrester. Wyatt is surprised Liam told her. They discuss Steffy. Wyatt hears she can drive a hard bargain. Ivy sighs that they'll see - Liam's with her right now at the house. Wyatt isn't sure that's a good idea. Ivy says he makes it sound like they're in bed together right now - she can't imagine Liam lying to her. Ivy stalks off. Later, Maya rejoins Rick, who asks how bad he's been. She soothes that she'll look after a moving truck. Rick says he's not so proud of himself, but his father is. Maya is amazed to hear they're staying in the house. "It's our home." He plans to be a better man, and tells Maya she's his safe place. He's never had that before. They embrace. Elsewhere, Eric joins Ridge and Caroline. Ridge predicts there will be changes. "Am I wrong?" Eric rides them about whether they've been working and if they're always together now. Ridge says he's had Carter call a shareholders meeting to vote Rick out, and asks Eric if he knows Rick and Maya moved into his house. Eric stuns them by asking about their sleeping arrangements. Ridge says they're behavior's not the problem. Eric sniffs, "Not to you of course." He announces that Rick has his full support.

    B&B Recap: Wild Man.

    Thursday, February 19 2015

    At Forrester Creations, Maya sits on Rick's lap and kisses him. Rick says his dad is coming back and he is concerned - he didn't expect him back this soon. In another office, Ridge tells Caroline the good news - his father is returning earlier than expected. Caroline thinks if anyone can get through to Rick, it's Eric. There's no way he'll tolerate his behavior. Ridge muses that maybe he'll become CEO for more than five minutes. They speculate on what Eric will do. Later, Eric greets Rick and Maya. Eric says his brother is a wild man; he'd had enough and thought it was important to come back there. Maya exits. Rick tells Eric he's made some choices he might not agree with. Eric thinks he's caught him off guard. "Is there something you want to tell me?" Rick confesses everything he's done at the house and claims to be ashamed. Eric asks, "You think I didn't know this?" He confronts Rick about the shooting. Rick knows it was wrong. Eric asks about Maya. Rick says the relationship is real. Eric complains it's been a terrible time for the company, but the quarterly sales figures are amazing. "Congratulations. Job well done." Eric says he's earned the CEO position and can relax a bit. Eric tells him to stay in the main house, he'll take the guesthouse and put Stephanie's portrait there. Rick has his unconditional love and loyalty. "I'm proud of you, Son." Rick cries and they embrace. Meanwhile, Maya joins Ridge and Caroline and says Eric is back. They tell Maya her little ride is over. Maya defends Rick's behavior. Bickering ensues. Ridge tells Maya her picture is coming down and Rick will no longer be CEO.

    B&B Recap: Second Time's The Charm.

    Monday, February 16 2015

    At Forrester Creations, Ivy wants to lend some jewelry to Katie for her wedding. Aly points out that Katie's his aunt. Maya snaps at her. Rick says Ivy hasn't the authority to lend things, but grants permission, adding if Katie doesn't mind looking cheap. He remarks that the wedding is absolutely hilarious. Ivy asks why he's not going. Rick sniffs that he's too busy and doesn't have time for Katie and Bill 2.0. Rick and Maya harp about Ivy's designs. Maya says she needs to step it up. Aly models some shoes and Maya and Rick snicker when she trips. Rick whispers that this girl fell from the stupid tree and hit every branch on the way down. After, Aly tells Ivy she thinks they liked her shoes - they smiled a lot. Ivy warns her not to get her hopes up. In the office, Maya perches on Rick's knee as they mock their employees and kiss.

    B&B Recap: A Game-Changer.

    Thursday, February 12 2015

    At Forrester, Pam tells Rick someone is there to see him. Steffy walks in. They spar verbally. Rick suggests she befriend Maya and score some brownie points. Steffy smirks. "With you?" She sits in his chair and puts her feet up on his desk. "A person could get used to sitting here." Rick asks how she feels about her old man seducing his wife. She says it's one more thing around there she doesn't approve of and alludes to maybe wanting to be CEO one day. Rick taunts her about Liam having a girlfriend. He takes his chair back. She tells him not to get to comfortable. "I kinda' like that chair."

    Ivy arrives at Forrester as Rick emerges from his meeting with Steffy. He barks at her about her revisions. Ivy joins Steffy, who is surprised Liam told her about his plan. Ivy urges her to join forces with Liam and oust Rick.

    B&B Recap: Licking His Loafers.

    Tuesday, February 10 2015

    At Forrester Creations, Wyatt approaches Rick in his office. He doesn't have time for quitters. Wyatt says he came to ask him man-to-man for another chance. Rick tells him to get on his knees and beg. Wyatt is speechless. Rick laughs and says he's messing with him. Wyatt tells Rick he was right the other day and he overreacted. He vows to prove his loyalty. Rick wants his word he won't disrespect him again. He rehires him, but warns if he's ever insubordinate again he will clean every toilet in the place.

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