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    The Bold and the Beautiful CAST - Rick Forrester - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Rick Forrester Played by Jacob Young on The Bold and the Beautiful Daytime Soap Opera.

    Jacob Young (ABC)

    Birthday: September 10, 1979
    Birthplace: Renton, Washington
    Marital Status: married; Christen Steward (May 13, 2007)
    Real Name: Jacob Young
    Height: 5'10"


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    B&B Recap: You Don't Decide. We Decide!

    Friday, May 29 2015

    In his office at Forrester, Rick admits to Eric he still hasn't heard from Maya. Suddenly, Nicole appears and asks to talk to Rick in private. It's about Maya. Once Eric leaves, Nicole wonders what happened and becomes confused when Rick says that Maya left him. Rick wants to find her and still marry her. Nicole brings up Rick hanging up on Maya and learns the call was disconnected. He was in an accident and says, "That's why the call ended." Rick thinks back to the events that led to his accident and screams, "I want her, I need her." He begs Nicole to tell him where Maya is. "I hope I don't regret this," Nicole says and gives Rick the information he wants. Ivy enters Ridge's office and asks Steffy and Liam, "What's going on?" Ridge appears and everyone informs Ivy that they're taking over Forrester. Rick is done for good. They confirm with their combined stock, 62% gives them the power. Ivy hears Liam will be Steffy's vice president then leaves them to discuss business. Ridge calls Eric, who arrives shortly and hugs Steffy. She admits she's back for good. "That's what we want to talk to you about," Ridge begins and explains how Steffy and Liam will be voting with him. Ridge didn't want to do this but Eric refused to see reason. They have to protect the future of the company. Eric reminds them he decides who runs the company. "You don't decide," Ridge counters. "We decide!" He makes it clear that Eric and Rick's time there is over.

    Carter goes to Maya's apartment above Dayzee's. She doesn't want anyone knowing she's there. Carter warns if he realized where she was, it's only a matter of time before Rick does. "I'm leaving Los Angeles," Maya reveals. Carter reminds Maya she can't run away from this situation. Maya refuses to be treated like a scandal. She deserves better than that and loves Rick too much to continue on with him. Carter insists Rick loves Maya and tries to change her mind. "Rick doesn't want to marry me," Maya cries and feels as though she has to start over somewhere else. She can't stay near Rick and not be his wife. After Carter leaves, Maya thinks back on first meeting Rick and the happiness they shared. Maya heads downstairs to Daisy's and takes a seat. After having a drink, she reaches for her bag and sees someone approach. She asks for the check without looking up. "Welcome to Dayzee's," Rick says."What can I get you?" Maya and Rick lock eyes.

    B&B Recap: You're The Great Love Of My Life.

    Thursday, May 28 2015

    In Ridge's office, Liam makes sure Steffy no longer has stipulations regarding their past on the table and asks, "What's in it for me?" Ridge offers Liam a vice president position at Forrester, beneath Steffy as president and him as CEO. Liam wonders if Steffy would have an issue with that. After she assures Liam she can handle being in such close proximity with him, he agrees to join forces with them. Ridge gives them some time alone. Their business talk turns to flirtatious memories of their past. "Do you think we can do this?" Steffy asks. Being productive together? Liam notices how she's changed like a 'cool mountain stream'. Refreshing. They can do this. "I missed you," Liam says. "I'm glad you're back." He asks about her personal life, but Steffy hasn't met anyone special. She touches his face, knowing they had some good memories. From outside the door, Ivy listens as Liam agrees. "You're the great love of my life," Steffy admits. "And you always will be." Carter visits Rick in his office where they discuss Maya's absence. "I love her," Rick says and urges Carter to reveal if she's been in touch. Carter hasn't heard from her and suggests they hire someone to find Maya. Rick doesn't want to push himself on her. Carter admires Rick's stance and love for Maya. Talk turns to Ridge and Eric's support of Rick, who reminds Carter he can't stand betrayal and states, "Ridge needs to learn his place." At least Thorne, his real sibling, knows his place. Carter listens as Rick announces, "It's a brand new day at Forrester." If Ridge doesn't accept it, he's out. Once alone, Rick leaves another message for Maya, professing his love and begging her to call him back. Ridge enters a storage room and talks to Stephanie's portrait. He hates that she's gathering dust in there and promises it's about to change. He's going to give her what she always wanted for him and says, "I'm taking over Forrester Creations." He knows he's betraying his father but he's been bullheaded. "I don't want to hurt him." Ridge knows he must take action for the company's sake. Or it won't survive.

    B&B Recap: This Is Not My First Rodeo.

    Wednesday, May 27 2015

    Brooke checks in with Rick at the mansion. He's happy to have Eric on his side and knows he could have sided with Ridge. Brooke's annoyed to hear Ridge wanted Rick fired in order for him to become CEO. Rick talks of all the devious things Ridge has done involving Brooke and Caroline and says, "He wrecked our future." He knows Ridge will never feel bad for what he's done. Rick grabs his briefcase with plans to head to work. He doesn't want anyone accusing him of slacking and wants to pick up the pieces and get his life back in order. Brooke is proud of him and vows to always believe in him. She hugs Rick.

    Back at Forrester, Steffy thinks back to Liam turning her down for Ivy. Ridge brings her mind back to the present. Both agree they need to think of the end game. Rick appears, arrogant, and reminds them that this is his office. "No matter how many times you cry to dad," Rick says, "it's going to stay that way." They all argue, as Rick reminds Ridge he still answers to him. He orders them to stop whining and to leave his office. Ridge acts as though he's a team player and tells Rick, "Enjoy that desk." Liam finds Steffy and Ridge in his office. They explain Eric's decision and how they all need to pull their shares together. However, Ridge insists that Liam keep Bill out of this. This is their chance to take over Forrester and wonders if Liam is in.

    B&B Recap: We're About To Take Over Forrester Creations.

    Tuesday, May 26 2015

    Rick expresses his appreciation for Caroline checking up on him at the mansion. They talk briefly about Maya being transgender then Rick brings up Ridge. He wishes Caroline was with anyone but him and insists Ridge will not push him out of Forrester. Caroline gets upset at the secret Maya kept from Rick then apologizes, wanting to be supportive of him. Both agree to disagree about Maya and Ridge, but Rick warns Caroline she's not immune to Ridge's deceit. Later, Eric finds Rick alone. They discuss Ridge and the things he's taken from them. Rick is rejoiced to hear that Eric plans to support him. He promises not to let Eric down. The men embrace.

    B&B recap: Open Your Eyes Bambi!

    Monday, May 25 2015

    In Eric's bedroom, Rick begs his father to stand up for him against Ridge. Eric asks Rick to step back a little but Rick argues that Ridge has done worse over the years to the company and to them. "He stole my wife. He stole your wife." Eric justifies Ridge's wrongdoings. Rick says he doesn't care how Maya was born and again asks Eric to stand up for him. Eric needs time to think but Rick says about what? He worries all the progress he has made will be gone if Ridge takes over.

    Later at the manse, Caroline arrives and chats with Rick about her accident. He's shocked. She calls it a freak accident and says her moms were taking good care of her. Rick wishes she would have told him. He still cares. "I warned you," he starts off. She cuts him off. "I wasn't looking at my phone," she says with a laugh. She heard about 'the other stuff' and thought he could use a friend. Part of her thinks he deserves it. Rick defends Maya. It doesn't change his feelings for her. He confesses she left him. Caroline almost falls out of her chair in shock.

    B&B Recap: A Favor To Repay.

    Friday, May 22 2015

    Eric visits Rick in his bedroom. Ridge told him what Rick did. Rick admits he attacked him and doesn't regret it. In fact, he refuses to listen to another condescending remark from Ridge. He wants Ridge gone and talks about how the entire family lets Ridge get away with how he treats him. Eric brings up all the carless things Rick has done and asks him to do some soul-searching on how he's treated the Forrester employees, the family. "If anyone's going anywhere…" Eric warns. Rick feels safe with his contract, but Eric reminds him of the morality clause. He's worried about Rick but has a responsibility to the company. Eric promises to help Rick but says, "I want you to step down as CEO." Rick doesn't think Eric believes in him and begs him not to let Ridge manipulate him. He brings up Ridge's past wrongdoings, admits he's embarrassed for the way he's treated people but refuses to step down. "Stand up for me, Dad," Rick screams. "I need this, I earned this! Don't take it away from me."

    B&B Recap: Reevaluate The Whole Situation.

    Thursday, May 21 2015

    At the mansion, Brooke continues to urge Rick to leave Maya alone. She clearly doesn't want to be found. Rick ignores her and calls Maya but she doesn't answer. Brooke thinks Rick is just being protective of Maya and hears about Ridge's smudge visit. "I went after him," Rick admits. "And he deserved it." Brooke scolds Rick then places blame on Maya again. She won't tolerate Maya doing anymore damage. They continue to argue over Maya. Brooke brings up having children. Rick thinks they can adopt. She begs him to take a step back and reevaluate the whole situation. "The more distance between you and Maya, the better." Brooke believes Maya only opened up to Rick because she told her to. Rick thinks Brooke is wrong but once alone, looks at Maya's photo.

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