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    The Bold and the Beautiful CAST - Rick Forrester

    Full detailed profile on Rick Forrester Played by Jacob Young on The Bold and the Beautiful Daytime Soap Opera.

    Jacob Young (ABC)
    Rick Forrester

    Actor: Jacob Young

    Who played Rick Forrester over the years

    Jacob Young (September 26, 2011 - present)
    Kyle Lowder (January 2007 - present)
    Justin Torkildsen (October 1999 - 2003; 2004 - 2006)
    Jacob Young (December 1997 - September 1999)
    Steven Hartman (1995 - December 1997)
    Jeremy Skott Snider (late 1990 - 1995)
    Nicole and Ryan Miller (1990)

    Useful information on Rick Forrester

    * He was born on-air on November 8th, 1990.
    * He was aged to 15 in December 1997 and to 17 in 1998.
    * He shot Grant Chambers in an attempt to kill him.
    * After years of resentment, Rick physically attacked Ridge which led to him falling off a roof.
    * Was involved with model and former convict Maya Avant.
    * He married Caroline Spencer in 2014.


    Current: Executive at Forrester Creations
    Past: Head of Forrester International
    Past: Vice President of Forrester Creations
    Past: College Student (Business)


    The young Rick was often bullied at school and frequently got in trouble for fighting. While still a teenager, he shot his mother's fiancee, Grant Chambers, when he didn't want to see her marry him. Although Ridge was almost convicted for the shooting, the truth came out and Rick, who had repressed all memories of it, went into counseling.

    In his later teen years, he became smitten with his sister's live-in babysitter Amber Moore, an infatuation which would often lead him into dangerous situations. Amber managed to convince him to drag race against CJ Garrison and, wishing to impress her, he did. His car went out of control and he wound up in the hospital in critical condition and in desperate need of a kidney transplant. Since no one in his family was a match, a guilty feeling Amber offered hers.

    Through his recuperation, he and Amber grew closer, finally sleeping together at Big Bear. She became pregnant and Rick had to rush to stop her from having an abortion. Wishing to provide for the child, Rick proposed to Amber, a choice he came to regret when Kimberly Fairchild moved into the neighborhood. In spite of his growing feelings for her, he married Amber anyway, but the relationship wouldn't last. Rick threw her out after Brooke told him that Amber had been with Raymond. They reconciled, mostly for the sake of his son, but also because Amer was drunk and apparently unconscious at the time of her infidelity. His forgiveness proved to be a mistake when it came out that Amber had been passing Becky's baby on as her own. Learning that his true son had died was a harsh blow for Rick to bear and he soon found his way to Kimberly. When Becky died however, Rick turned back to Amber and the child.

    Now, he had fierce competition for them when CJ fought to get Amber. As she and CJ prepared to wed, Rick sought out the child's biological father, Deacon Sharpe, and went after custody, stopping the wedding in the process. Although Rick reunited with Amber, Deacon stuck around to cause trouble for the Forrester's, marrying Bridget as a way to get in. By the end of the year, Amber was pregnant again.

    Later, Rick started to get involved with Forrester Creations after his mother took leave. Almost at once he began to lock horns with Ridge, who had set out to destroy all of his mother's work. Although Ridge continually tried to humiliate the neophyte Rick, he found a useful ally in Massimo who turned him into a sharp businessman, and in Deacon, whose ambition and dislike of Ridge proved very useful. As a reward for his devotion and hard work, Brooke made him Vice President of the company. Unfortunately, around the same time, Amber lost the baby and, as they grieved, she became hooked on painkillers. He supported her through rehab, but, on her release, she was drugged by Sheila Carter's crony Lance. Believing that she had relapsed and been unfaithful, Amber confessed all to Rick and the couple separated.

    Sheila wasn't done meddling in his life though. She sent her daughter, Erica Lovejoy, to become the nurse of Rick's son. Unaware of her true identity, Rick let his guard down and the two became very close. Erica often fought with Amber, and Rick took her side. She also tried to seduce him, but he resisted and, luckily, found out her true identity in time. After throwing her out, he reconciled with Amber again, but that ended when the couple finally lost custody of the child to Deacon and his new wife. Although Rick tried to move on with Caitlin Ramirez, this relationship too failed and he left the country, touring Europe and running Forrester International.

    Although rarely seen for a few years, he returned to LA when Nick Marone took over Forrester Creations. He blamed this event on Ridge and Stephanie and he became highly antagonistic to the Forrester family. He also raised their ire by becoming involved with his former 'niece' Phoebe. Although Brooke was hesitantly supportive of the relationship, Ridge ratcheted up his vendetta against Rick.

    Ashley Abbott came to town and it was revealed that Rick had an affair with her while he was in Paris. During a break form Phoebe, he slept with Ashley and when he and Phoebe got back together, Rick eventually confessed his fling. This led to Phoebe breaking up with him for good.

    Rick befriended Taylor (Phoebe’s mother) after her marriage to Nick fell apart. He fell in love with her and they stated a relationship. Phoebe was shocked at first, but eventually gave them her blessing. While Phoebe may have accepted their union, Taylor’s long time rival and Rick’s mother, Brooke wasn’t as cool about it. Things got even worse when Rick supported Taylor after Brooke threatened to take baby Jack away from her.

    Taylor and Rick then got engaged, much to Brooke’s serious disapproval. Even though Taylor won custody of Jack, Taylor started having problems bonding with him and Rick convinced her the best thing to do was to give the baby to his biological mother, Brooke. Taylor eventually agreed and signed over custody.

    Once that was settled, Taylor suddenly realized that she was still in love with Ridge and told Rick she couldn’t marry him. This enraged Rick and led to him blaming his brother not only for the break up, but for all his problems. Rick made it clear that he resented Ridge for taking his mother’s attention away from him as a child and for hurting her for so many years. They had it out on the rooftop of Forrester and Rick physically attacked him. In an attempt to break loose of Rick's grip, Ridge backed up against a railing and threw up his arms, which led to Rick falling to the ground.

    Rick was paralyzed and blamed Ridge for it. He asked his mother to break up with Ridge, but Brooke wouldn’t do that. When Brooke asked Rick to move in with her so she could take care of him, he insisted that Ridge move out. Brooke got Ridge to agree to it and Rick moved in with his mother. Rick stated to get the feeling back in his legs, but he didn’t tell anyone. He continued to play up the invalid angle so he could keep his mother and Ridge apart even when he discovered he could stand.

    While Rick recovered at Brooke’s house, Eric came to see him and Rick told his father about his deep resentment of Ridge, how he felt neglected by Eric and how Ridge pulled the plug on Eric when he was in a coma. Rick eventually guilted Eric into naming him co-president of Forrester Creations with Ridge.

    In a moment alone, Rick stood up in his room, which Brooke saw. Rick played it off like it was the first time and Brooke and Eric bought it, but Ridge was more skeptical. Ridge also stepped down from the presidency at Forrester Creations, as he would not share the position with his younger, inexperienced brother.

    Rick continued to manipulate his mother and edited out Brooke’s glowing words about Ridge on the podcast they taped naming Rick president of Forrester Creations. When Ridge saw the podcast and heard the edited version, he grew furious that Brooke didn’t support him like she promised and he walked out on her. Enjoying the fact that his plan to break up his mother and Ridge was working, he shared his deviousness with Stephanie in an attempt to get her to form an alliance with him.

    Rick became interested in Phoebe’s sister, Steffy Forrester, but when he came on to her she slapped him in the face. When Phoebe learned that Rick came on to both her sister and her mother, she started a raging argument with him while he was behind the wheel. Rick lost control and crashed the car. Phoebe was thrown from the wreckage and died. Steffy and Rick grew close after the tragedy and began seeing each other in secret. When his family found out they were furious.

    Meanwhile, Rick began giving Forrester designs to Jackie M. in his continued campaign against Ridge.

    Rick wanted to prove himself to Steffy and tried to join the army, but was turned down because of his previous paralysis. His luck got worse when he was targeted in a series of attacks that ended with his car exploding. Thomas admitted to the deeds, but had only wanted to scare Rick. Things got more serious with Steffy and she and Rick even got engaged, but they ended things once they realized their union only drove their families apart. Rick made peace with both Ridge and Thomas.

    When Rick’s sister Bridget had a baby after a one-night-stand with Jackie Marone’s husband Owen Knight, Rick tried to seduce Jackie to help make it possible for Owen and Bridget to be together, but he was unsuccessful. He next tried to help his half-sister Hope Logan reconnect with her once-fiance Liam Spencer, also unsuccessfully.

    Still angling for more recognition at Forrester, Amber helped Rick improve his sketches and encouraged him to present them as his own. They were found out, but the designs were good and Eric produced them anyway. Amber and Rick tried romance again, but Rick’s mom Brooke was not happy about it. She hired Caroline Spencer to design with Rick in the hopes they would connect professionally and romantically. Rick and Thomas each worked to earn Caroline’s affections, but Amber interfered to make Rick appear unappealing to Caroline. It worked and Caroline began to date Thomas.

    Rick got his DJ friend Othello to lie to Hope, telling her he saw Steffy and Liam kiss the night before Liam was supposed to marry Hope. At work, Thomas was given the interim CEO position over Rick. The two fought and Rick crashed through a window. Caroline was upset with Thomas and broke up with him for Rick. Rick and Thomas’ friction got so bad Eric needed to intervene, which prevented him from being with his wife Stephanie when she died.

    Stephanie’s will made Eric CEO of Forrester and he had Thomas and Rick face off in a fashion show for the job of president. Rick won and was named vice president.

    Rick began to work with the homeless and volunteered at Dayzee’s. One of the other workers, Maya Avant, captured his attention. Rick loved that she didn’t know he was a Forrester and spent more time with her and less with Caroline. They shared a kiss, but when Maya found out who he was on a window shopping trip at Forrester, she left him. She eventually forgave him though, and Rick hired her to be a model for Hope’s line. He eventually chose to be with Maya over Caroline.

    Rick was supportive when Maya landed a role in a web series with Carter Walton, but Caroline made sure Carter and Maya shot increasingly steamier scenes. Rick was jealous, but he learned Caroline was at fault and couldn’t believe she was the same girl he had dated.

    Rick got wrapped up relaunching Hope For The Future with Hope and Caroline and missed Maya’s big premiere. She forgave him and walked in the fashion show for the relaunch, which was a huge success. But Rick learned Carter spent the night on Maya’s couch the night of the premiere. Rick got drunk after the fashion show. When he woke up, Caroline was next to him in bed, not Maya. Maya dumped Rick, quit Forrester and quickly moved on with Carter.

    The HFTF fashion line continued to boom thanks to new jewelry and a rare diamond in collaboration with Quinn Artisan Jewelers. Rick proposed to Caroline and she accepted. Hope changed Thanksgiving dinner into an engagement party for the happy couple, but swept up in emotion, Rick and Caroline were married that day in front of their loved ones.


    Caroline Spencer (married)
    Amber Moore (annulled - first time)
    Amber Moore (divorced - first time)


    Kimberly Fairchild (never lovers)
    Amanda Wexler
    Caitlin Ramirez
    Ashley Abbott (lovers in Paris)
    Phoebe Forrester
    Dr. Taylor Hayes Forrester Marone (engaged)


    Eric Forrester (father)
    Brooke Logan Forrester Marone (mother)
    Bridget Forrester (sister)
    Thorne Forrester (half-brother)
    Angela Forrester (half-sister - deceased)
    Kristen Forrester Dominguez (half-sister)
    Felicia Forrester (half-sister)
    Hope Logan (half-sister)
    R.J. Forrester (half-brother)
    Nicole Marone (niece - deceased)
    Zende Forrester Dominguez (half-nephew by adoption)
    Alexandria Forrester (half-niece)
    Dominick Damiano Marone Jr. (half-nephew)
    Stephen Logan Sr. (grandfather)
    Beth Logan (grandmother)
    Helen Logan (great-grandmother)
    John Forrester (uncle)
    Storm Logan Jr. (uncle)
    Donna Logan (aunt)
    Katie Logan (aunt)
    Jessica Forrester (cousin)


    Eric Forrester III (stillborn with Amber Moore)
    Unnamed Daughter (stillborn with Amber Moore)


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    Friday, October 24 2014: B&B Recap: Behind Your Back...And On Hers.

    At Forrester, Eric reiterates how difficult his decision was to make. "There can only be one man for this job." He compliments both of his sons - Rick for his business acumen and Ridge for his talent. He says design is the foundation of the company, which is why he's naming Ridge as CEO. He wants Rick to stay on as president. Ridge tells Eric he won't let him down. Carter congratulates Ridge and tries to get Maya to leave. Maya and Hope speak out on Rick's behalf. Rick makes a pitch to Eric and asks why he won't let him and Caroline lead the company. Caroline tries to reassure Rick. Rick reminds everyone Ridge tried to throw Eric out last time. Eric defends Ridge. Rick says Ridge's career was all but over until he recruited Caroline. Eric waxes on about Ridge and Caroline as a design team. Maya jumps up and blurts that Ridge and Caroline are having an affair. Rick needs to know what she's doing behind his back...and on hers! Caroline looks stricken. Maya challenges her and Ridge to deny it. Caroline turns to Rick. "I'm so sorry." She admits to a few intimate kisses and begs his forgiveness. Rick glares at Ridge and then tears up, "Caroline, him?"

    Thursday, October 23 2014: B&B Recap: Ignoring My Heart.

    At Forrester in Rick's office, Caroline looks at designs and flashes to an intimate moment with Ridge. Rick appears and tells her today Eric will make his decision. They talk about living their dream together. Caroline assures him of her loyalty. Outside, Carter and Maya discuss who will be CEO. Maya is confident it will be Rick, but Carter laughs that he'll choose Ridge. Talk turns to Ridge and Caroline. Maya knows they're involved. Carter feels she's exaggerating what she saw. They argue about whether she's a gold-digger. Maya thinks Carter's attitude is due to her hurting him. She explains her feelings for Rick took her by surprise too - she was ignoring her heart, which wasn't fair to either of them. She wants to be friends, but they keep debating about Caroline and Ridge having an affair. Carter says she sounds crazy. Maya won't let Caroline make a fool of Rick. In another office, Hope talks to a distracted Eric. He says one of his sons is about to be happy and the other will be very disappointed. It's the downside to family business. Hope takes a call as Ivy enters. She tells Eric he's the fairest person she knows - whatever decision he makes is the way forward. Eric smiles. "Let's do this."

    Ridge arrives at Forrester and sees Caroline kissing Rick. Rick tells Ridge he's pleased his drawing skills are coming back because he'll need Caroline by his side when Eric names him CEO. Ridge counters that Eric will hand the reins to him, but they can work together. Rick thinks Ridge should concede since he and Caroline are a team and that's what Eric wants. Outside, Maya tells Carter she should call Caroline out at the meeting. He's stunned. She thinks Rick and Katie deserve to know. Later, everyone gathers in the boardroom. Maya offers words of support to Rick. Caroline joins them. Maya wonders if she supports Rick or Ridge. Eric asks everyone to sit. He says he's not stepping down completely, but it's time to announce the CEO who will take them into the future. He compliments both Ridge and Rick - they're both highly-qualified and gifted. Eric insists they function as partners and brothers. "The new CEO of Forrester is..."

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