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    The Bold and the Beautiful CAST - Phoebe Forrester - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Phoebe Forrester Played by Mackenzie Mauzy on The Bold and the Beautiful Daytime Soap Opera.

    Mackenzie Mauzy (CBS)

    Birthday: 1988-10-14
    Birthplace: Greensboro, North Carolina
    Real Name: Mackenzie Mauzy


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    Father’s Day.

    Thursday, September 24 2009

    Once in her office, Stephanie sits at her desk and lays her head back. Nick, Bridget and Whip come in and Stephanie gets defensive when they joke about her slacking on the job. Whip has papers for Stephanie to sign, but she says she’ll look at them later. Pam comes in and Stephanie asks her to take notes for the meeting. Nick and Bridget show her the latest designs and Stephanie points out the lace, which is actually latex. Whip gives her a cup of coffee and she spills it all over her desk. Stephanie blames it on the cup being hot and apologizes for ruining the designs. Bridget notes she’s been working hard and Nick and Whip suggest she take a vacation. Stephanie won’t hear of it, stumbles over some words and insists they all get back to work as Bridget, Nick and Whip look puzzled and Pam looks concerned. Whip asks her to sign the papers, but Stephanie can’t see them through her blurred vision and tells him she will later. Everyone leaves except Pam, who stays behind wanting some sister time. Stephanie tells her to pencil herself in for a lunch.

    The Twin Connection.

    Tuesday, December 09 2008

    Ridge and Steffy go to the hospital and find the morgue. They see bodies with sheets draped over them and ask a hospital staff member where Phoebe is. The woman offers them Phoebe’s personal things and Steffy starts to cry. Ridge signs for them and the woman hands Ridge a plastic bag and expresses her condolences. After the woman leaves, Ridge opens the bag and finds Phoebe’s purse, shoe, makeup and jewelry as Steffy sobs. Ridge consoles his daughter and then pulls out the hair clip he bought her. Steffy says Phoebe loved it because it made her feel connected to him and Ridge breaks down. Steffy walks over to her sister’s body and pulls the sheet back. She sobs as she sees Phoebe and then walks over to the sink to put water on her scarf so she can clean Phoebe’s scratched up face. Ridge holds Steffy as she does this and Steffy asks for a moment alone.

    Alone with her sister, Steffy asks why she didn’t make Phoebe go to the party with her. Through her tears she says Phoebe would still be there and wonders what she’s going to do without her. She says they always shared everything and she feels like a part of her is dead. She knows she will never be the same, but she also knows Phoebe is there for her and asks, “Right?” She cries uncontrollably and shakes Phoebe’s body as she asks her sister to give her a sign to let her know that she’s still in her heart. When she gets nothing, Steffy lays her head on Phoebe’s body and cries.

    Where’s Phoebe?

    Friday, December 05 2008

    Rick lies passed out in his car, but Phoebe lies several feet away after having apparently been thrown as a result of the crash.

    Rick wakes up in his crashed car and yells for Phoebe. He takes his seatbelt off and stumbles out of the car. He limps a bit as he frantically looks for his ex-girlfriend. He finally finds her and runs over to her lifeless body. He feels for a pulse and yells, “Oh my God!”

    Rick continues to try and revive Phoebe and hears a heartbeat. He can’t find his phone so he plans to go to Eric’s house for help. He puts his jacket over Phoebe’s body and says, “Don’t die on me. I’ll be right back.”

    Ridge and Rick come back to Phoebe and Ridge runs to his daughter’s side. He holds her in his lap and tells her she’ll be okay. He urgently asks Rick where the ambulance is and Phoebe opens her eyes. Rick cries as Ridge comforts his daughter. She tells her dad that he has to hear her song. Ridge says he wants to hear it as soon as they get to the hospital. She tells him he needs to hear it now and she starts to sing, but then stops, closes her eyes and goes limp. Ridge cries and yells out, “No!”

    Everybody Dance!

    Thursday, December 04 2008

    At Taylor's house, Steffy and Phoebe discuss Rick, and Steffy tells her sister to let it go. Taylor comes downstairs and asks what they are talking about. They try to play it off, but Taylor asks if they were talking about Rick. Phoebe hesitates, but eventually apologizes for the way she’s been treating her. Taylor also apologizes for hurting her, but Phoebe says it’s not her fault; it’s Rick’s because he’s taken advantage of the entire family. Taylor tells her daughters they look beautiful and should have a wonderful time tonight. Steffy says Taylor should come, but Taylor doesn’t think it would be appropriate. Phoebe says she won’t have dessert and she’ll come home early so they can snack together. She then gives her mother a necklace that is supposed to ward off evil spirits and tells her mother she loves her. The girls then leave for the party.

    Phoebe comes to Rick’s office and he’s happy to see her, but she’s cold and angry. She lashes out at him for all he’s done to her family. She says she came to tell him exactly how she feels about him and to wipe him out of her life forever. She rails at him for going after Taylor and Steffy just to get back at her dad. Rick tries to defend himself, but Phoebe cuts him off and tells him not to say one thing about her father because he is a good man. She can’t believe it didn’t occur to him that she would be hurt by him being with her mother and then hitting on her sister. Rick says he never meant to hurt her, but he has a party to go to and leaves the room.

    Phoebe jumps into Rick’s car because she isn’t done talking to him. He says he’ll take her to the party because she shouldn’t be driving right now.

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