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    The Bold and the Beautiful CAST - Phoebe Forrester

    Full detailed profile on Phoebe Forrester Played by Mackenzie Mauzy on The Bold and the Beautiful Daytime Soap Opera.

    Mackenzie Mauzy (CBS)
    Phoebe Forrester

    Actor: Mackenzie Mauzy

    Who played Phoebe Forrester over the years

    Mackenzie Mauzy (July 2006 - December 9, 2008)
    Addison Hoover (April 2005 - September 2005)
    Keaton Tyndall (April 2004 - December 2004)
    Chandler Mella (January 2004 - March 2004)
    Brynne McNabb (January 2002 - August 2003)
    Sophia and Whitney Schuring (January 2001 - October 2001)
    Alison and Brooke Johnston / Taylor and Brooke Toneman (November 2000 - January 2001)
    Grace and Kelly deMontesquiou / Alexis and Allyson Collins (April 2000 - August 2000)
    Jeffrey and Jacob Wold / William and Charlie Carter (September 1999 - December 1999)

    Useful information on Phoebe Forrester

    * Lives at 3197 Holden Drive, Beverly Hills, CA, 90214.
    * Born on the 21st of September 1999.
    * Was 2 years old in March 2001.
    * Aged to 6 years January 2002.
    * Aged to pre-teen in 2004.
    * Helped her mother keep her role in Darla's death quiet.
    * Had a relationship with Rick Forrester, much to her father's disapproval.
    * Stepped aside so her mother could date Rick.


    Past: Worked for Forrester Originals
    Past: Singer
    Past: Student


    Phoebe was born a few minutes after her twin sister. Although their mother, Taylor, was suffering from tuberculosis and almost died giving birth, the three of them managed to survive.

    She grew up fast, highly upset by her parent's collapsing marriage, she incorrectly blamed it all on her older brother's relationship with an immigrant girl and tried to get her mother to have her deported. She also had to go through losing her twin at the age of two after a rough day at sea put her off a boat and into the belly of a shark. Her parents tried to shield this brutal 'fact' from the little girl when she continuously asked where her sister had disappeared to. Although the grown ups told her that she must have gone to heaven, little Phoebe wasn't convinced. There was a good reason for this: She was right. Sister Steffy had in fact been kidnapped by crazy Morgan DeWitt. When Ridge discovered that his daughter and her mother were being held captive, he drove his car through Morgan's house and rescued them. The reunited family shared some happy moments, until Taylor was 'killed' by Sheila Carter.

    As she continued to rapidly age, she was rarely seen on screen and spent most of her time in Europe at school. After her return, she was soon caught up in the life of her, now living, mother. When Phoebe's car broke down, she called her mother for help, but Darla got there first and Taylor accidentally ran her down. Unable to cope with the idea of losing her mother again, she agreed to go along with Hector and remained silent about the incident. Although things eventually came to light, Taylor was able to get off.

    Now that Phoebe was a young woman, she began developing feelings for gardener Shane McGrath, but their budding romance was cut short by her increasing attraction to her young 'uncle' Rick. Although they are not technically related, they still resisted their attraction for a long time, a resistance buttressed by the intense opposition of most of their families.

    Rick and Phoebe continued to see each other, but their relationship faced a new hurdle when record producer, Constantine, asked the couple to join his label. Phoebe was all for it, but Rick declined the offer believing Constantine was only interested in Phoebe because he wanted a more personal relationship with her. The three were drawn into a love triangle for a bit, but Constantine’s eye eventually wandered to Felicia. Rick and Phoebe continued on together, until Phoebe found out Rick had an affair with Ashley Abbott and broke up with him.

    After some time, Phoebe decided she wanted Rick back, but Rick had fallen in love with her mother, Taylor. Phoebe walked in on them in bed one day and after the shock wore off, she accepted their union.

    Phoebe became involved in the Forrester’s attempt to expose Marcus as an opportunist. She found his birth certificate revealing that he was Donna’s son and told her father, incurring her sister Steffy’s wrath, as she was in a relationship with the young man.

    Phoebe went on tour and promoted Forrester Creation’s new fragrance “Phoebe” so she wouldn’t have to witness her mother and Rick together. However, she returned home for Ridge and Brooke’s wedding and mended fences with Steffy. While home, she learned of Rick’s manipulation of both her father and sister and grew furious. She went to Rick, but he was in a hurry to get to Ridge and Brooke’s rehearsal dinner. Phoebe jumped in the car he was in and while he drove to the party, Phoebe screamed at him and even physically attacked him. Rick became distracted by Phoebe and ran off the road causing an accident which led to Phoebe’s death.




    Harry Jackson (flirtation)
    Shane McGrath (flirtation)
    Constantine Parros (Past) (flirtation)
    Rick Forrester (dated)


    Ridge Forrester (father)
    Dr. Taylor Hamilton Hayes Forrester (mother)
    Thomas Forrester (brother)
    Steffy Forrester (sister - twin)
    R.J. Forrester (paternal half-brother)
    Massimo Marone (paternal grandfather)
    Stephanie Douglas Forrester (paternal grandmother)
    Jack Hamilton (maternal grandfather)
    Sharon Hamilton (maternal grandmother)
    John Douglas (paternal great-grandfather - deceased)
    Ann Douglas (paternal great-grandmother)
    Zach Hamilton (maternal uncle)
    Dominick Marone (paternal half-uncle)
    Diana Carter (paternal half-aunt)
    Angela Forrester (paternal half-aunt - deceased)
    Thorne Forrester (paternal half-uncle)
    Kristen Forrester Dominguez (paternal half-aunt)
    Felicia Forrester (paternal half-aunt)
    Nicole Marone (paternal half-cousin - deceased)
    Zende Forrester Dominguez (paternal half-cousin - by adoption)
    Alexandria Forrester (paternal half-cousin)
    Pamela Douglas (paternal great-aunt)
    Oscar Marone (paternal first cousin)





    Thursday, September 24 2009: Father’s Day.

    Once in her office, Stephanie sits at her desk and lays her head back. Nick, Bridget and Whip come in and Stephanie gets defensive when they joke about her slacking on the job. Whip has papers for Stephanie to sign, but she says she’ll look at them later. Pam comes in and Stephanie asks her to take notes for the meeting. Nick and Bridget show her the latest designs and Stephanie points out the lace, which is actually latex. Whip gives her a cup of coffee and she spills it all over her desk. Stephanie blames it on the cup being hot and apologizes for ruining the designs. Bridget notes she’s been working hard and Nick and Whip suggest she take a vacation. Stephanie won’t hear of it, stumbles over some words and insists they all get back to work as Bridget, Nick and Whip look puzzled and Pam looks concerned. Whip asks her to sign the papers, but Stephanie can’t see them through her blurred vision and tells him she will later. Everyone leaves except Pam, who stays behind wanting some sister time. Stephanie tells her to pencil herself in for a lunch.

    Tuesday, December 09 2008: The Twin Connection.

    Ridge and Steffy go to the hospital and find the morgue. They see bodies with sheets draped over them and ask a hospital staff member where Phoebe is. The woman offers them Phoebe’s personal things and Steffy starts to cry. Ridge signs for them and the woman hands Ridge a plastic bag and expresses her condolences. After the woman leaves, Ridge opens the bag and finds Phoebe’s purse, shoe, makeup and jewelry as Steffy sobs. Ridge consoles his daughter and then pulls out the hair clip he bought her. Steffy says Phoebe loved it because it made her feel connected to him and Ridge breaks down. Steffy walks over to her sister’s body and pulls the sheet back. She sobs as she sees Phoebe and then walks over to the sink to put water on her scarf so she can clean Phoebe’s scratched up face. Ridge holds Steffy as she does this and Steffy asks for a moment alone.

    Alone with her sister, Steffy asks why she didn’t make Phoebe go to the party with her. Through her tears she says Phoebe would still be there and wonders what she’s going to do without her. She says they always shared everything and she feels like a part of her is dead. She knows she will never be the same, but she also knows Phoebe is there for her and asks, “Right?” She cries uncontrollably and shakes Phoebe’s body as she asks her sister to give her a sign to let her know that she’s still in her heart. When she gets nothing, Steffy lays her head on Phoebe’s body and cries.

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