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    The Bold and the Beautiful CAST - Brooke Logan Forrester - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Brooke Logan Forrester Played by Katherine Kelly Lang on The Bold and the Beautiful Daytime Soap Opera.

    Katherine Kelly Lang (CBS)

    Birthday: 1961-07-25
    Birthplace: Hollywood, California
    Marital Status: Married; Alex D'Andrea (July 2, 1997)
    Real Name: Katherine Kelly Lang
    Height: 5' 7"


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    B&B Recap: Collateral Damage.

    Friday, August 29 2014

    At Brooke's house, she goes on to Bill about Ridge losing his talent. Bill counters that she's the only woman for him, and he's the only man for her. He asks to spend the night and kisses her. Brooke complains that it's complicated. Bill says he won't give up and leaves.

    Deacon arrives at Brooke's house and they discuss Bill. Brooke says Bill still wants to get married, but when Ridge is hurting she is too. Deacon mentions Hope to make Brooke smile. Brooke laments always choosing guys who self-destruct and being left with collateral damage. She remembers how easy Deacon is to talk to. Deacon teases her about Hope making her a grandma. He pictures them taking their grandchild places. Brooke says he has it all mapped out. Deacon speaks from the heart about all the things he misses about her. "I love you." He says he wants to make love to her. Deacon kisses her passionately. Deacon tells her this is their time - he can make her happy and they can be parents together. Deacon proposes.

    B&B Recap: I've Still Got It!

    Thursday, August 28 2014

    At home, Brooke flashes to good times with Bill in Abu-Dhabi. She pours some wine and looks at designs while thinking about Ridge not being able to draw. Bill arrives to plead his case. Brooke talks about Ridge's lost talent and tries to explain how his designs are art and tell the stories of his life. Brooke tells Bill she loves him, but doesn't think she can be happy with a man who took Ridge's gift from him. Bill complains that Forrester assaulted him - he won't let him or anyone else come between them now. Bill thinks Brooke is still wearing his ring because she knows they'll get past this.

    B&B Recap: My Pieces Exposed.

    Wednesday, August 27 2014

    At Wyatt and Hope's beach house, Brooke and Hope discuss the what happened in Paris. Hope admits that knowing Liam was there is messing with her head - there's so much history there. Deacon arrives with Hope's kitty. They fill him in on Liam being in Paris and saving Ivy. Brooke muses about a random sequence of events altering her course. Deacon advises her to move ahead and honor the choices she made. Brooke and Deacon leave.

    B&B Recap: Chewing Off Her Foot.

    Tuesday, August 26 2014

    In Brooke's bedroom, Wyatt tells Hope it's time to go. He says it makes no difference that Liam was in Paris. Hope asks if Wyatt knew. He says he just found out and was told Liam was going to keep it to himself...but he never could put Hope first. Hope leaves and Wyatt tells Liam he needs to understand this is something he cannot change. Liam asks if he really wants to win this way. Wyatt tells Liam he makes Hope happy, and Liam never did. Liam wonders if Hope is chewing off her foot right now since Wyatt has trapped her. Liam feels Hope will come to see Wyatt as a person who stabbed his brother in the back and stole his life. Liam yells that they were supposed to be brothers. Wyatt asks Liam if he notices that everything happens to him? Wyatt wants to be brothers and friends, but tells Liam this was about who would show up no matter what. "Ivy probably wouldn't have drowned you know." Outside, Quinn wonders to Deacon if Brooke will forgive Bill. Deacon wonders why Quinn wants Bill anyway. Deacon finds a phone with a photo of him, Brooke, and Hope on it and muses, "I could live here." In the kitchen, Brooke hisses at Bill that Ridge has lost his ability to draw. Bill thinks it will come back. He wants to jet to their wedding. Bill makes Brooke furious by suggesting that Ridge might have an ulterior motive for his claims. He says Ridge's mission is to kamikaze her self-esteem. Brooke retorts that most of their conversations are about what Bill wants. Bill concedes he takes up a lot of room. Brooke doesn't want to change him; just to respect him. She asks him to go - she can't go with him. Bill is okay with waiting...this isn't the end. In the living room, Ivy suggests to Hope that she could get an annulment. Ivy says falling into the Seine felt more like being pushed. Hope wonders who would do that. Quinn watches them. Ivy tells Hope that Liam loves her. Hope says she's married. By the terrace, Deacon and Quinn overhear Bill postpone his wedding. Deacon finds Brooke crying into the kitchen sink.

    B&B Recap: You Were Gone.

    Monday, August 25 2014

    Upstairs at Brooke's house, Hope tells Liam she waited for him in Paris. He says she didn't wait long enough. Liam describes how she looked. Hope gasps and sobs, "Why didn't you come to me?" Liam says he did everything he could to get to her, but when he did, she was gone. Downstairs, Ivy and Ally keep Wyatt talking until Bill pulls him away. He tells Wyatt that Liam was in Paris. Wyatt says he's wrong, but Bill assures him he's not and tells him the story of Ivy falling in the Seine. Wyatt realizes he's married because Ivy fell in the river, otherwise Hope and Liam would be married. Bill says Liam knows he expects him to respect Wyatt's marriage. Nearby, Deacon and Quinn discuss their plan. Katie asks if either of them has seen Ridge. Quinn looks blank. In the kitchen, Ridge tells Brooke he doesn't think he'll ever be able to design again. Brooke is flabbergasted and takes his hands in hers. Ridge says Katie knows, and describes what he's gone through. Katie appears. Ridge says, "Brooke knows." Katie muses about Bill being to blame. Brooke thinks Ridge will get his talent back. Ridge is doubtful. Bill appears. Katie and Ridge exit. Bill asks Brooke what's going on. Brooke tells him Ridge hasn't been able to draw since falling from the helicopter. In the living room, Deacon hisses at Quinn for making fun of Brooke - he cares how she feels. They talk about how well they've all gotten along today. Quinn muses that now Ridge's secret is out, who knows what might develop. Nearby, Wyatt tells Ivy and Ally he'll tell Liam they did their job. They exchange a look and Ally wonders what Hope will do. Deacon and Quinn notice Katie and Ridge leave. Upstairs, Liam tells Hope that Ivy flew to Paris with him and explains how she fell off the bridge into the river. He saved her and ran, but Hope wasn't there. Hope says it doesn't change her perspective - when Liam didn't show up it meant she didn't matter to him, but Wyatt was there. Wyatt enters. He tells Hope the party is over. "C'mon, honey."

    B&B Recap: Over-Compensating.

    Friday, August 22 2014

    At Brooke's house, Bill prompts Liam to congratulate the bride. Liam stays silent. Wyatt says he's glad Liam came and they're happy to be celebrating with them all. Rick chimes in about the successful press conference in Paris. Quinn notes Hope's not wearing the diamond. Hope says it's making the rounds of Europe. Everyone mingles. Katie and Donna congratulate the newlyweds. Donna warns Wyatt the Logan girls will be watching him. Hope and Wyatt join Deacon, who can't believe his little girl is married. She says married or not, a girl will always need her dad. They hug. Hope and Wyatt move on to rescue Rick from Maya, who grills them about the luxurious yacht they married on. Hope and Wyatt find Quinn, who offers to leave and promises to be a really good mother-in-law. Bill interrupts. He warns Quinn he's merely tolerating her presence for their son. Comments are made about Bill's huge bottle of champagne. Ridge mutters about over-compensating. Brooke proposes a toast to the bride and groom. Ivy whispers to Liam, "Tell Hope." As Eric talks about Hope's line, Maya grills Rick about Caroline being out of town. He makes it clear that he's happy in his marriage. Wyatt thanks Liam again for being there and then toasts his bride. Hope toasts to this being exactly how she pictured starting a marriage. She thanks everyone for their support. Ivy presses Liam. "Hope needs to know." Deacon watches Brooke and flashes to finding out she was pregnant with Hope and how they wanted so badly to be together. He and Quinn watch Brooke and Bill. Quinn tells Deacon to stop In the corner, Katie urges Ridge to tell Brooke his secret. Deacon follows Brooke to the kitchen and she admits she's forgiven Bill. Deacon says there's something she needs to know. He asks her about Ridge's latest designs and tells her the accident left him incapacitated; he can't draw. Deacon says Ridge's greatest passion in life is gone...Bill took it from him. In the living room, Ivy conspires to get Hope to go upstairs. Liam follows and Ivy and Ally keep Wyatt tied up. Quinn and Bill spar verbally nearby. He informs her she shouldn't be deluded - his life is with Brooke. In the bedroom, Hope tells Liam he shouldn't be there. He says she shouldn't be married. Hope says she waited for him and he didn't come - it was humiliating. Liam tells her he was there. "I was there to make you my wife." In the kitchen, Ridge finds Brooke upset. She asks him if he's lost his ability to design. She realizes it's true by his silence.

    B&B Recap: Washed Up.

    Thursday, August 21 2014

    Hope and Wyatt arrive home to Brooke's house. She embraces Hope and tells Wyatt to call her mom. Hope talks about hoping Ridge comes to the party. Brooke and Hope enthuse over her being married. Brooke warns them Liam may be at the party.

    Quinn arrives early to Brooke's house. Brooke muses that she seems well since her therapy. Quinn apologizes for her part in Abu-Dhabi and comments on Ridge's loyalty to her. She asks if he and Katie will be there today. Brooke narrows her eyes suspiciously. Ivy and Ally arrive. Quinn notes that Ivy replaced her at Forrester. Deacon enters. In a moment alone, Deacon assures Quinn he'll drop the bomb. Upstairs, Wyatt and Hope joke and then discuss Liam. They assume he didn't show in Paris because he wanted a clean break. Wyatt marvels that his one wish in life came true when he married Hope. They embrace. Downstairs, Brooke chats with Carter, Rick, and Donna. Maya arrives and trades insults with Carter. Quinn's eyeballs grow huge as Bill pushes Liam into the house. She greets them with an apology. Liam scoffs. Katie and Ridge arrive. Ridge is startled by a hearty greeting from Deacon. Wyatt and Hope appear. Bill introduces Mr. and Mrs. Wyatt Spencer. Hope and Liam lock eyes. Bill prompts Liam to congratulate the bride.

    B&B Recap: New Best Friend.

    Wednesday, August 20 2014

    At Brooke's house, Bill makes his case for moving forward. He says Ridge is fine and asks Brooke to focus on their future. They discuss Liam and Wyatt. Bill thinks they'll be fine - Hope will see to it. He promises not to hurt Hope or anyone Brooke cares about again. Brooke asks, "Even Ridge?" Bill vows to become his new best friend. He talks about them parenting the children together and double-dating. Brooke brings up Quinn. Bill doesn't think she'll mess with them again. Brooke thinks Hope has the black widow for a mother-in-law. Bill assures Brooke it will be smooth-sailing for them from now on. Brooke flashes to good times in the Middle East. Bill asks her to marry him and stay on this incredible adventure with him. She agrees. They kiss. Bill goes to get a huge bottle of champagne and makes stallion noises. He calls the yacht captain to set up their wedding.

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