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    The Bold and the Beautiful CAST - Brooke Logan Forrester - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Brooke Logan Forrester Played by Katherine Kelly Lang on The Bold and the Beautiful Daytime Soap Opera.

    Katherine Kelly Lang (CBS)

    Birthday: 1961-07-25
    Birthplace: Hollywood, California
    Marital Status: Married; Alex D'Andrea (July 2, 1997)
    Real Name: Katherine Kelly Lang
    Height: 5' 7"


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    B&B Recap: Flip And Fly.

    Wednesday, April 23 2014

    At Forrester, Hope receives a call from Liam reminding her if she doesn't come to dinner tonight, he's moving on. In another office, Quinn and Wyatt bicker about Liam making his move. Wyatt says he's got it under control. Caroline calls them to a meeting. In Eric's office, Rick and Brooke prepare and Eric asks about Ridge. Rick says he had more pressing matters. Outside the door, Ally hears Brooke saying Oliver is staying. She smiles and then finds Hope in the studio. They are glad Ridge didn't get his way and fire Oliver. Oliver appears. "You and me both." Hope leaves for the meeting. Oliver says they'll be right behind her. He tells Ally he has a surprise for her today. Soon the meeting convenes, with Rick and Caroline gushing about the numbers. Wyatt and Quinn hint that Ally shouldn't be included, but Eric expects them to be supportive. In the corridor Pam is chatting with Alan about the next Medieval Night when Oliver and Ally appear. They join the meeting as Rick says they need a new model for the bedroom line. A pitch is made for Brooke to make a comeback, but she declines. They think it should be somebody from inside. Oliver says he has the perfect candidate - Ally. As the shock subsides, Wyatt mutters that Ally's going to flip and fly. Ally asks Oliver if he really thinks she could do this. Caroline wonders if she realizes it's not onesies and PJs, it's lingerie. Ally apologizes for coming on too strong at the last meeting and says she's done some growing up since then. She is flattered for the offer, but won't do it. Later in the studio, Ally tells Oliver he is really sweet to think she could be the spokesmodel. He says she's a stunningly beautiful woman. They kiss. In Hope's office, she's distracted when Wyatt talks about Ally's surprising behavior. Hope tells him Liam wants to make her dinner tonight, and wants her to date both of them. If she doesn't show up, they're done. Wyatt implores her not to go.

    B&B Recap: Equal Time.

    Tuesday, April 22 2014

    At Forrester Creations, Quinn listens unseen as Hope and Brooke discuss Liam and Wyatt. Quinn takes off as Rick arrives. Hope and Brooke greet him, and then Hope leaves. Rick tells Brooke he saw an unhappy looking Quinn and asks what's going on. Brooke says Hope is fine. Talk turns to Ridge, and Katie not liking the working arrangements there. Brooke is concerned about what she's doing to Bill as well. She swears Rick to secrecy and talks about the situation at Spencer Publications. She tells him she has the power to bring Bill back as CEO. She says Katie has to be stopped. In another office, Wyatt tells Liam that Hope is his past and he's fooling himself if he thinks the almost-pregnancy changed that. Liam finds Pam with a puppy from the shelter in the corridor. They discuss what he's been doing to help animals. Pam tells him Hope will be in the photo studio later - she's on his side. Quinn finds Wyatt in the office and warns him what Liam is doing is working. She warns him not to become complacent; she doesn't want him to lose Hope. She thinks he'd be more worried if he knew what Hope said to Brooke about Liam. She then asks if he wants to be a Spencer. Wyatt wonders why she's bringing it up and just wants her to stop worrying. In the studio, Hope teases Liam about kidnapping her. He says he had to do something and still does - that's why he's there. Hope says she can't give him what he wants if it means walking away from Wyatt. Liam thinks she sees herself raising a family with him, not Wyatt. He asks if she'd consider dating them both. "Give me equal time." He invites her to dinner tomorrow night at his place - if she doesn't come, he'll move on for good.

    B&B Recap: Gum On The Bottom Of Her Shoe.

    Monday, April 21 2014

    Hope finds Brooke at Forrester Creations and tells her about her pregnancy scare. Brooke cautions her to be very careful about contraception. They talk about Liam kidnapping her. Hope admits she's not ready for a future where Liam is gone. Hope sometimes wishes she'd met Wyatt first. Brooke observes that she's happy and carefree with Wyatt and it's always so cautious with Liam. She tells Hope it's up to her. In another office, Wyatt tells Quinn that Hope thought she might be pregnant. He says he was terrified, and then disappointed when she found out she wasn't. Quinn asks if he proposed. Wyatt muses that you don't just ask that question unless you know she'll say yes. Quinn wonders if he'd like her to talk to Hope - sound her out. Wyatt tells her no repeatedly. Quinn confesses that she visited Liam and may have physically assaulted him. Wyatt is appalled. Liam appears, and asks Wyatt if he's okay with this. Wyatt tells Quinn he'll look after the physically assaulting from now on. They argue until Wyatt asks Quinn to leave. Liam warns Wyatt that he just scared Hope into remembering she loves him. Wyatt says she just doesn't want to hurt Liam. Liam thinks he's deluded. Wyatt tells Liam he's like year-old gum stuck to her shoe. Liam says he wants equal time and warns the decision won't be up to Wyatt. In the studio, Carter admits to Maya that Oliver doesn't come off well on the recording, but neither does she. He feels it's not their business. They bicker. He wonders at the reasons for her concern, and lets Maya know he noticed Oliver noticing her. He thinks Oliver colored his comments because he was talking to her. Later, Quinn eavesdrops on Brooke and Hope as Hope tells her mother she loves Wyatt, but when she thinks about marriage and children, she thinks about Liam. Quinn looks panicked as Brooke asks Hope if she'll break up with Wyatt.

    B&B Recap: Have A Heart.

    Friday, April 18 2014

    At the outdoor cafe, Brooke works on Karen to try to get her to let Bill return as CEO and run Spencer Publications. Karen remarks on Brooke being willing to fight for Bill despite what it would do to her sister. Brooke soothes that Karen had the right intentions with Katie, but it's simply not fair to Bill. Karen thinks personal issues shouldn't affect business. Bill questions why he's not in his office then. He wants Karen's support like he gave her his. Karen says Brooke is good for Bill, and she appreciates Bill's support, but she's going to stay with Katie. After, Brooke flashes to the papers Katie signed before. She pulls them from her purse while Bill is paying.

    B&B Recap: Find Your Mojo.

    Thursday, April 17 2014

    At the outdoor cafe, Brooke talks to Karen about who should be running the Spencer family business. She thinks Bill should be CEO.

    At the cafe, Brooke hangs up from Bill, but doesn't tell Karen he's coming. Brooke asks Karen if she can really trust Katie now that she's involved with Ridge. She says Spencer is Bill's passion. Bill arrives. "What's going on?" Karen tries to leave, but Brooke asks her to hear Bill out. Bill asks why Karen turned on him. He insists that he's learned a lesson, if that's what it was about. Brooke tells Karen her sister Caroline would have hated to see them at odds. Brooke tells Bill she's asking Karen to reinstate him as CEO.

    B&B Recap: From Profit To Loss.

    Wednesday, April 16 2014

    At Forrester, Wyatt complains to Quinn that Liam stole his truck, his trailer, and his girlfriend. She urges him to take a stand. Wyatt says, "Let's go!" In another office, Brooke tells Donna she's back with Bill. She adds that Katie is with Ridge and is on a power trip. They talk about Katie having Karen on her side at Spencer - they're a team. Brooke muses that Karen has issues with her brother, but they may be able to work them out. She tells Donna she has to go.

    At the outdoor cafe, Brooke complains to Karen that Katie's on a power trip. Karen muses about the sisters butting heads over men. Brooke asks if she's happy with Katie's performance at Spencer. Karen admits there have been hiccups. Brooke urges her to fire Katie and hire Bill back as CEO.

    B&B Recap: Two Of A Kind.

    Tuesday, April 15 2014

    At Forrester, Brooke is upset that Katie confronted Eric about her working with Ridge. Katie says she had a right to state her opinion. She wonders if Brooke has told Eric that Bill's back in her bed. Brooke snaps that this is a place of business. Katie counters that it's a business she hasn't been involved in for a long time - it's pretty obvious why she's back. Brooke insists she's there to protect her children. Katie says Taylor did the same thing and she was all over her for it. Brooke defends herself and asks, "Who are you, Katie?" They debate about Ridge being attracted to Katie, and about Katie taking over Bill's company. Katie reminds Brooke how angry she was at Bill for the papers he drew up. They argue about Brooke's history of 'mistakes'. Brooke says everyone deserves forgiveness. Katie says her lifestyle finally caught up to her. She tells her to enjoy Bill. "You two are two of a kind." Katie says she and Ridge want a simpler life free of drama.

    B&B Recap: In The Rearview Mirror.

    Monday, April 14 2014

    In Brooke's bedroom, she and Bill revel in being back together. She assures him she has no doubts. "Welcome home." Brooke coos about how understanding and patient he's been. Bill admits he had some doubt. He says what he did to Katie was wrong. They agree to put it in the rearview mirror. Brooke muses that she had to try with Ridge. Bill questions if her accepting him back in her life is a reaction to Ridge and Katie. Brooke denies it. They make love and talk about how lucky they are. Bill says he doesn't want much, but he wants Will and his company back. She asks if he spoke to Karen. Bill says she won't take his calls.

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