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    The Bold and the Beautiful CAST - Brooke Logan Forrester - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Brooke Logan Forrester Played by Katherine Kelly Lang on The Bold and the Beautiful Daytime Soap Opera.

    Katherine Kelly Lang (CBS)

    Birthday: 1961-07-25
    Birthplace: Hollywood, California
    Marital Status: Married; Alex D'Andrea (July 2, 1997)
    Real Name: Katherine Kelly Lang
    Height: 5' 7"


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    B&B Recap: Crazyland.

    Monday, April 20 2015

    At Wyatt's beach house, Quinn confronts Brooke about busting in on her wedding while Deacon talks to Hope on the tablet. She tells him he won't be part of her life if he marries Quinn, and she can't understand why he'd want to marry a woman like that. Quinn wants to talk to Hope but Deacon won't let her. Deacon makes a heartfelt speech to Hope about how Quinn has changed. He's going to marry Quinn and hopes one day she'll accept it. Hope says she won't and hangs up. Quinn tells Brooke she's so determined to hurt her, she doesn't care what she does to Deacon and his daughter. Brooke can't believe Deacon is choosing Quinn over his own child. Quinn accuses Brooke of using Hope. Deacon plans to go ahead with the wedding. Brooke can't watch him do this. She leaves. Carter resumes the ceremony. Wyatt has something to say - he appreciates how Deacon has stood by his mother time and again. He wants Quinn to be happy. They embrace. Carter continues with the ceremony. Quinn tells Deacon that since she met him, nothing seems impossible. Deacon vows to Quinn that they'll prove the naysayers wrong. They will make each other happier than they ever imagined. Deacon and Quinn exchange rings and Carter wraps their wrists as a symbol of the bond they've created today. He pronounces them husband and wife. They kiss.

    At Spencer, Katie tells Bill that Brooke was there earlier and is determined to stop Quinn's wedding. Bill didn't think Brooke was interested in Deacon. Katie says she believes he's making a mistake and she planned to keep trying to get through to him. Bill chuckles that Quinn might have something to say about that. He doesn't want to know what's going on in Crazyland. Talk turns to the secret at Forrester. Katie thinks it might be nothing. Bill disagrees - Nicole indicated it was something big. Katie thinks he must be proud of his boys. Bill nods - especially of Liam who is showing flashes of being like his old man. Brooke arrives. She tells them what happened at Quinn and Deacon's wedding and how she feels bad for Hope. Bill opines that those two losers deserve each other.

    B&B Recap: For Better Or Worse.

    Friday, April 17 2015

    At Spencer Publications, Brooke tells Katie she won't be so proud of her when she finds out what she has in mind. They compare notes about being invited to Quinn and Deacon's wedding - neither are going. Brooke rants about Quinn and what she did to Hope. She hints that the wedding may not happen. Katie is instantly suspicious. "Brooke?" Brooke goes on a tangent about Deacon being self-destructive. She has to act now, before it's too late. Katie wants to come with her, but Brooke has already gone.

    At Wyatt's beach house, he and Deacon are dressed in suits for the wedding. Deacon tells Wyatt he's all in for better or worse. Carter arrives. Wyatt goes into the bedroom where Quinn has been preparing and flashing back to good times with Deacon. She asks if he's okay with this. Wyatt admits Deacon isn't his first choice, but he's not sure who would be - she's a handful. If Deacon is the one for her, he's happy for her; for both of them. They embrace. In the living room, Carter pins on Deacon's boutonniere. Carter alludes to Maya not being who he thought she was and asks if Deacon wonders about Quinn who is so unstable. Deacon says Carter doesn't know her like he does. Wyatt reappears and puts on The Wedding March. Quinn appears, and beams at Deacon. He kisses Quinn, and Carter begins the ceremony. When he asks if anyone has just cause why they shouldn't be married, Brooke bursts in. "Stop!" She tells Deacon he can't marry Quinn. Quinn says she can't stop them. Brooke has somebody with her who might get through to Deacon. She produces Hope on her tablet. Hope appeals to Deacon. She's afraid that by tying himself to Quinn's craziness he'll get drawn into her erratic behavior. She talks about them having a chance to be father and daughter. "Dad, please don't marry Quinn."

    B&B Recap: The Outsiders.

    Thursday, April 16 2015

    At Forrester Creations, Brooke tells Deacon she's not letting him marry Quinn. She says he's an addict in recovery and should focus on himself not marry a psycho. Brooke wonders if he's willing to give up his relationship with their daughter to marry Quinn. She reminds him how Hope feels about Quinn. She hollers at him to wake up; he's being self-destructive. In Rick's office, he and Maya like what Quinn has come up with so far. Quinn invites them to her wedding. Rick says it's a busy week, they won't be able to make it. Quinn understands. She tells Rick he's a great CEO. Outside, Nicole and Wyatt bond over feeling like outsiders. He asks what her take is on Rick and Maya and tells her about not knowing Liam was his brother. They compare notes. Nicole says she and Maya are finally getting closer. Talk turns to Rick. Wyatt says, "You must know the secret." Nicole makes an excuse and leaves. Inside, Quinn catches Brooke telling Deacon he is not going to marry her. "You are going to stop bad-mouthing me right now!" Quinn tells Brooke that Deacon is not her toy to play with. "He's mine." Deacon tells them to stop. Quinn gripes about Brooke trying to guilt Deacon into not marrying her. "It's going to be a beautiful wedding, without you there." In Rick's office, he is irked that Quinn invited them to her wedding - it's one thing being rehired, it's another expecting people to embrace her. Once alone, Maya takes her pill. Nicole appears and wants the scoop on Wyatt. She says he was very nice to her. Elsewhere, Deacon tells Quinn tomorrow she will be his wife. They kiss. In a corridor, Brooke says into the phone, "Hi it's me. I need you to help stop Deacon from marrying Quinn tomorrow."

    B&B Recap: Downright Squishy.

    Wednesday, April 15 2015

    At Forrester Creations, Brooke can't believe Quinn wants her to attend her wedding to Deacon. She won't be coming. Brooke tells Deacon he still has time to bail. Quinn thought it would be nice to have the mother of her groom's child at the wedding. Brooke suggests she hold off until Hope arrives. Quinn says, "Ha. Nice try." They bicker. Quinn tells Brooke she can disapprove all she wants, but she will not interfere with their wedding. In Rick's office, Nicole and Maya are discussing Maya's secret when Carter walks in. They reiterate that it's important to keep quiet. Rick appears. "What's going on?" Maya chirps that everything is fine. Carter tells him he and Maya were having a disagreement. Pam enters to remind Rick of a meeting with Quinn. She opines that he'll be sorry he let her back in. Rick double-checks that everything is okay with Maya. He steps out and returns to find Maya and Nicole getting along. He knew Nicole moving in would be a game-changer. Maya muses he was right about that. Nicole leaves and Maya tells Rick she likes her sister. Carter joins Brooke, Deacon and Quinn, who asks him to perform their wedding ceremony at Wyatt's house. Carter is reluctant but agrees. Brooke narrows her eyes as Deacon and Quinn kiss.

    Outside at Forrester, Wyatt spots Nicole. She's looking for Oliver so he chats her up about wanting to model. They discuss Maya's climb from ex-con to queen of the manor. Wyatt tells Nicole he wants to get to know her better. Inside, Quinn tries one more time to get Brooke to attend the wedding. She gets paged and decides she doesn't care. Once alone, Brooke tells Deacon he's lost if he insists on going through with this crazy wedding; she'll never accept it. "I am not going to let you marry Quinn."

    B&B Recap: Trying To Survive.

    Friday, April 10 2015

    At Forrester, Ridge doesn't know what Brooke is doing, but he knows she's there because she hates being alone. He can't fight for her because his heart isn't in it. Brooke snaps and says she could have him back 'just like that' if she wanted to. He laughs. Brooke accuses him of being with Caroline only to get back at Rick for becoming CEO. She wishes they'd made better decisions as a couple so their family would now be stronger and she wouldn't be alone. Ridge doesn't see their years together as a failure. Brooke says her priority right now is her children, especially Rick. She worries that RJ will lose respect for Ridge because of Caroline, and wonders what he and Caroline talk about together. She thinks Ridge will choose to let her go and will need Brooke. She feels she would be good at running interference between him and Rick. Ridge notes that historically, that hasn't been the case. He adds that Caroline knows who he is now, not twenty five years ago; Brooke should leave them alone. In Rick's office, Maya perches on his knee. In the studio, Aly grimaces as Nicole dances for Oliver on the shoot. He turns off the music. He tells her there's a difference between dancing and modeling. Carter comes in and notes Nicole modeling. He says there's no need to explain what's going on - it's all clear to him. When Nicole rips something, Oliver tells her to change and Aly groans they have work to do. Carter snarks about it paying to have Maya behind her. Upstairs, Rick calls down and gets the scoop on Nicole's modeling. He muses they can't all be as gorgeous as Maya. Later in the studio, they look at Nicole's proofs. She raves that she did awesome! Oliver and Aly step out. Carter accuses Nicole of squeezing Maya to let her live in a mansion and give her priority over models who actually know what they're doing. He feels Maya is scared. Nicole asks if Carter believes Rick will understand about Maya. Carter says he didn't feel good. He speculates about why she didn't tell him when they were together. Nicole says Maya made her feel she didn't care about her. Carter thinks when you're trying to survive, sometimes you forget how to love others. In Rick's office, he is upset that Ridge didn't make the changes to the designs. Maya gives her opinion but then backs off. He tells her never to hold back. Maya wants to do something for Brooke, who was so accepting of her today. She's happy. They kiss and Maya's pocketbook falls - a prescription bottle shows out. They talk about things getting easier between Rick and Caroline. Maya says when she has a husband, she'll want him to know everything about her. Rick says he'll know how lucky he is. Rick picks up her pocketbook and sees the estrogen pills. "Why would you need to take these?"

    B&B Recap: Buttering Up The Boss.

    Thursday, April 09 2015

    Maya and Rick make out in his office. Quinn busts in. She presents Rick with his letter opener. Pam grimaces. Ridge arrives. Quinn leaves. Ridge complains about Rick's notes on his designs. Brooke appears and warns him about the tone he's taking with the CEO. Bickering ensues. Brooke lectures Ridge about creating dissension. Ridge says Rick doesn't need help with that. Maya and Brooke boast about his profits. Fed up, Ridge exits. Rick thanks them. "I now have two women fighting for me." They talk about keeping Ridge in line. Rick wants Brooke back full-time to deal with the disgruntled designer. Brooke agrees to return. She takes the opportunity to tell Rick and Maya she's very happy for the two of them. Outside, Wyatt likes Ivy's latest design. She's feeling insecure. Talk turns to her working with Quinn. Ivy wouldn't put it past Quinn to blame her to save herself. Quinn hears. "Talking smack about me already?" Quinn says she gave Rick a gift. Ivy accuses her of buttering up the boss. Quinn makes nice. She tells Ivy they can do great things there if she can get past the bridge fiasco. Ivy wonders what if she can't do that? Quinn muses Rick would have to be told. Quinn looks at Ivy's necklace and approves. Carter joins them as Ivy shares Rick's first rule of designing - always think of Maya's beauty and femininity. Quinn muses that Carter probably has a few interesting tidbits to tell about his ex-fiancee. Carter cryptically says, "As for Maya not being what she seems, who is?" Inside, Pam and Ridge talk about Rick playing the guilt card with Eric, and him falling for it. Ridge doesn't want to do this anymore. Pam pleads with him to hang in there and not let them win. He won't make Rick's changes to his designs. Talk turns to Brooke. Ridge says she's good at what she does, but has lost perspective where her son is concerned. Pam tells Ridge he should be CEO - it will happen; it's what Stephanie would have wanted. They both miss her. Pam goes to Rick's office. He tells her Brooke is back full-time. "Now run and go tell Ridge." In the corridor, Brooke watches Ridge before entering his office. He sighs. "Now what?" Ridge says letting Rick run Forrester is like saying, "Oh there's a dog with his head sticking out the car window. Let's let him drive." He wonders if she's there to prop him up. Talk turns to Maya. Brooke defends her. Ridge wonders when Brooke started drinking the Maya juice. Caroline comes up. Ridge realizes that's why she's here. Brooke asks if this is his mid-life crisis. Ridge says Brooke wants something from him, is expecting something, but he can't give it to her. In Rick's office, he goes on about honesty. He's certain whatever else they learn about each other it will only make their relationship stronger. He loves her for the woman she is.

    B&B Recap: A Woman Of Integrity.

    Wednesday, April 08 2015

    Quinn confronts Brooke at her place, warning her to stay away from Deacon. Brooke will never accept Quinn and Deacon together. Quinn couldn't care less what Brooke thinks and warns her once again to stay the hell out of her business. After Quinn leaves, Brooke takes a call from Rick then looks at the article of Ridge and Caroline online.

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