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    The Bold and the Beautiful CAST - Brooke Logan Forrester - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Brooke Logan Forrester Played by Katherine Kelly Lang on The Bold and the Beautiful Daytime Soap Opera.

    Katherine Kelly Lang (CBS)

    Birthday: 1961-07-25
    Birthplace: Hollywood, California
    Marital Status: Married; Alex D'Andrea (July 2, 1997)
    Real Name: Katherine Kelly Lang
    Height: 5' 7"


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    B&B Recap: From Profit To Loss.

    Wednesday, April 16 2014

    At Forrester, Wyatt complains to Quinn that Liam stole his truck, his trailer, and his girlfriend. She urges him to take a stand. Wyatt says, "Let's go!" In another office, Brooke tells Donna she's back with Bill. She adds that Katie is with Ridge and is on a power trip. They talk about Katie having Karen on her side at Spencer - they're a team. Brooke muses that Karen has issues with her brother, but they may be able to work them out. She tells Donna she has to go.

    At the outdoor cafe, Brooke complains to Karen that Katie's on a power trip. Karen muses about the sisters butting heads over men. Brooke asks if she's happy with Katie's performance at Spencer. Karen admits there have been hiccups. Brooke urges her to fire Katie and hire Bill back as CEO.

    B&B Recap: Two Of A Kind.

    Tuesday, April 15 2014

    At Forrester, Brooke is upset that Katie confronted Eric about her working with Ridge. Katie says she had a right to state her opinion. She wonders if Brooke has told Eric that Bill's back in her bed. Brooke snaps that this is a place of business. Katie counters that it's a business she hasn't been involved in for a long time - it's pretty obvious why she's back. Brooke insists she's there to protect her children. Katie says Taylor did the same thing and she was all over her for it. Brooke defends herself and asks, "Who are you, Katie?" They debate about Ridge being attracted to Katie, and about Katie taking over Bill's company. Katie reminds Brooke how angry she was at Bill for the papers he drew up. They argue about Brooke's history of 'mistakes'. Brooke says everyone deserves forgiveness. Katie says her lifestyle finally caught up to her. She tells her to enjoy Bill. "You two are two of a kind." Katie says she and Ridge want a simpler life free of drama.

    B&B Recap: In The Rearview Mirror.

    Monday, April 14 2014

    In Brooke's bedroom, she and Bill revel in being back together. She assures him she has no doubts. "Welcome home." Brooke coos about how understanding and patient he's been. Bill admits he had some doubt. He says what he did to Katie was wrong. They agree to put it in the rearview mirror. Brooke muses that she had to try with Ridge. Bill questions if her accepting him back in her life is a reaction to Ridge and Katie. Brooke denies it. They make love and talk about how lucky they are. Bill says he doesn't want much, but he wants Will and his company back. She asks if he spoke to Karen. Bill says she won't take his calls.

    At Forrester, Hope returns to Wyatt and Liam after taking the pregnancy test. Hope says she's not pregnant. Liam gasps with relief. Wyatt and Hope agree that they're both good with it. Liam says he's rejoicing about the news. Wyatt tells Hope they'll talk about it when they're alone on the road. Liam goes. Wyatt's surprised Liam left so easily. They agree they weren't really ready for a baby and decide to be more careful about protection. Wyatt says there's no woman in the world he'd rather have a kid with, but they're young. Hope laughs at his idea of having a 'ton' of kids later. They kiss and talk about leaving for their road trip. Meanwhile, Katie enters Eric's office and questions him about making Ridge and Brooke work together. "What exactly are you hoping to accomplish." Eric says it's good for the company. Katie wonders if it's really just about business. Eric says he thinks she's terrific, but he feels Brooke and Ridge belong together. He goes on about their history. Katie scoffs that Brooke has children with several men, himself included. She confronts Eric about the deal he offered Ridge to become CEO. Katie says this won't be Belief 2.0 where Brooke and Ridge end up naked on the lab room floor. She informs Eric that Brooke is with Bill now, and she is with Ridge. He needs to accept it. Eric warns Ridge will hurt her. Katie doesn't think so. She implores him not to try to sabotage them. Eric thinks Ridge and Brooke are the future of his company. Brooke arrives and listens as they argue about Brooke and Ridge working together. Eric wishes Katie the best and says he has a meeting. Brooke enters and confronts Katie, who asks, "What did you expect?" Outside, Hope and Wyatt are beside the trailer when he gets called back inside. Hope gets inside and someone starts the pick-up truck and pulls away. Liam calls her from the truck and says he's all out of options. "You're coming with me."

    B&B Recap: Aboard The B&B Train.

    Friday, April 11 2014

    At Brooke's house, she and Rick talk about him and Caroline are going to the fashion show in Genoa City. Brooke tells him she's back with Bill. Rick wonders if it's a ploy to make Ridge jealous. Brooke insists it's not and thanks him for understanding. Rick says Bill's proven his commitment to her in ways Ridge never has. "You made the right decision." Later, Bill arrives with his bags. Brooke squeals. He says Liam approves and Hope was mature about the idea. Brooke says Rick is supportive too. Bill says everyone is aboard the B&B train. He makes a stallion noise. Brooke enthuses, "Yee haw!" They kiss. Bill makes a heartfelt speech and says he's home. They kiss again.

    B&B Recap: A Sucker Born Every Minute.

    Wednesday, April 09 2014

    Brooke and Bill finish making love in her bedroom. He makes stallion noises and she laughs hysterically. Brooke gets coffee and Bill talks about living anywhere she likes. Brooke suggests he move in there, with her and her kids. They kiss. Bill talks about climbing his way back to the top. Brooke kisses him.

    Katie arrives at Brooke's house and asks if she was drunk when she called last night. She tells Brooke that this reunion with Bill is clearly about payback. Brooke sneers at her trying to make her feel bad. They argue. Katie wonders which one will stray first - Brooke or Bill. Brooke asks why she's so angry.

    B&B Recap: Turkey Legs.

    Tuesday, April 08 2014

    Bill enters Brooke's bedroom and declares he wants her back. He brushes her hair as she talks about the eventful day at Forrester Creations. Bill is furious that Eric appointed her and Ridge as co-vice presidents. He rants about Ridge kicking her to the curb yet again. He can't imagine why she'd want to work with him, and announces he's not putting up with this crap any longer. Brooke says she needs to be at Forrester to protect her children. Bill thinks that's an excuse to be around Ridge. He reiterates that he's fed up. Brooke insists she didn't lie about loving him. Bill tells her to act like it then. "It's time." Brooke says she wants him. They kiss passionately and fall onto the bed. After sex, Brooke calls Katie to inform her that she and Bill are together now - permanently. She hangs up and smiles knowingly.

    B&B Recap: The Ice Is Nice.

    Monday, April 07 2014

    At Forrester Creations, Ridge marvels at Eric's offer to make him CEO if he goes back to Brooke. He clucks that Brooke really did a number on him. Eric says he's doing this for the good of his family. He feels he's doing this because he's angry at Brooke. Ridge says his feelings for Katie have nothing to do with Brooke. Eric tells him to act like a CEO. Ridge says his personal life should have nothing to do with it. He loves Katie and won't leave her - not even for the company. In Rick's office, Katie tells Brooke that she and Ridge are committed to one another and in love. Katie accuses Brooke of manipulating to get into a working relationship with Ridge. Brooke says she's not flirting with Ridge - she's fighting him. Katie isn't buying it. She thinks Brooke is at the company for Ridge. Katie reiterates that Ridge is with her now and leaves. Later, Eric meets with Brooke to urge her to work out her differences with Ridge. He tells her about the offer Ridge refused. Eric thinks Ridge will come to his senses - deep down he knows Katie isn't the woman for him.

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