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    The Bold and the Beautiful CAST - Brooke Logan Forrester - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Brooke Logan Forrester Played by Katherine Kelly Lang on The Bold and the Beautiful Daytime Soap Opera.

    Katherine Kelly Lang (CBS)

    Birthday: 1961-07-25
    Birthplace: Hollywood, California
    Marital Status: Married; Alex D'Andrea (July 2, 1997)
    Real Name: Katherine Kelly Lang
    Height: 5' 7"


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    B&B Recap: Out Of The Picture.

    Monday, March 30 2015

    At Brooke's place, she tells Deacon he's very special to her. Deacon thinks there's something between them - they could have a future together. He asks if there's a chance for them. They bicker about Quinn. Deacon wants to marry her, but thinks the connection with Brooke has gotten stronger. He couldn't live with himself if he didn't take a shot. He asks again if there's any hope for them. Brooke complains about Quinn and what she did to Hope and Wyatt. She destroys people. Brooke knows he doesn't want to go through with marrying her. Deacon asks who the woman is for him then. "Is it you?" Deacon says he proposed when Brooke was out of the picture; she's always been the one for him.

    At Brooke's, Deacon gets a call from Quinn, who wants him to come to Forrester. He hangs up and asks Brooke, "Where do I stand with you?" Brooke says he's been so supportive. She recalls their past passionate times. "This could be our time." She says it could be their chance...if he wasn't engaged.

    B&B Recap: On Your Knees.

    Thursday, March 26 2015

    At Brooke's place, Katie unpacks takeout food and wine. Brooke eyeballs the wine as Katie pours it and talks about being back with Bill. She's grateful her and Brooke are back on track too. Katie asks about Forrester. Brooke is sure Rick doesn't want him mom there snooping over his shoulder. Brooke watches Katie drink her wine. Katie asks what she's been doing with herself. Brooke says self-evaluation. Katie tells her to visit soon. "You've been alone too long." Brooke eyes her wine, but goes for water. They talk about being alone. Katie says it helped her to have a job. She presses Brooke to go back to Forrester or volunteer. Katie says she is always there for Brooke, who feels she has to figure this single thing out on her own. Once alone, Brooke contemplates the wine before taking it outside and dumping it.

    B&B Recap: All Inspirational.

    Monday, March 23 2015

    At Brooke's place, she tells Deacon she's been awful to him through the years and doesn't even know why he's there. "But thank you." Deacon says Quinn thinks he's with an AA friend and she should go to a meeting. He likes being the one to rescue her instead of the one she needs to be rescued from.

    B&B Recap: Bucking The Trend.

    Wednesday, March 18 2015

    At Brooke's house, Deacon assures her she's not alone - he'll stay as long as she needs. Deacon tells Brooke how strong she is and says they can do this together. He tells her to be proud of what she did for Katie and shouldn't climb into the bottle. He wants to get rid of her booze and gets to work smashing bottles into a trash can. Brooke thanks him.

    B&B Recap: This Isn't Over.

    Tuesday, March 17 2015

    At Brooke's house, Bill and Katie have stopped by to see how she's doing. Brooke tells them Deacon got engaged to Quinn, although she tried to talk him out of it. She asks about their honeymoon. Katie says they went to Aspen. Brooke smiles. "Good choice." Conversation becomes stilted. Brooke says she's fine, but admits she's not where she hoped she would be at this point in her life. She is happy for them. Once alone, Brooke struggles not to take a drink.

    Deacon arrives at Brooke's house and tells her she doesn't have to face whatever is bothering her alone.

    B&B Recap: My Mother's Son.

    Thursday, March 12 2015

    At the AA meeting, the group counselor welcomes Deacon and tells Brooke to go ahead. Brooke talks about her worry of becoming an alcoholic and says she feels lost. Deacon shares next. He talks about what kind of drunk he was and about his relationship with his daughter. He is going to marry someone and doesn't want to ruin it. When the meeting ends with a confidentiality reminder, Deacon tells Brooke he's glad she came before her life went down the toilet. Deacon tells her if she feels like drinking to call him; he'll do the same.

    B&B Recap: Bottom Out.

    Wednesday, March 11 2015

    Brooke comes around in her living room after hitting her head and falling unconscious to the floor. Disheveled, she answers the door to a delivery - the case of vodka she ordered the night before. Brooke looks in the mirror and is stunned by what she sees. She looks around, seems distressed, and the searches up the nearest AA meeting on the laptop. Once dressed, she leaves.

    Brooke arrives at the AA meeting. She introduces herself and says she's been drinking a lot lately - by herself - and is concerned she's becoming an alcoholic. Brooke talks about feeling alone. The counselor says they're all brothers and sisters there. Deacon arrives. He and Brooke are shocked to see one another.

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