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    The Bold and the Beautiful CAST - Bridget Forrester - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Bridget Forrester Played by Ashley Jones on The Bold and the Beautiful Daytime Soap Opera.

    Ashley Jones (CBS)

    Birthday: 1976-09-03
    Birthplace: Memphis Tennessee
    Marital Status: Single
    Real Name: Ashley Jones
    Height: 5' 7"


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    Friday, May 24 2013

    At the dinner party, Eric's happy spending time with Bridget. Rick observes that it's like Brooke is trying to butter up Eric. Bridget mentions trying to get home more often. Brooke says she and Eric are hoping to have their family closer than ever. Bridget asks about Brooke's and Rick's love lives and then gets choked up over being together. Brooke looks pointedly at Eric and says family means everything to them. Once alone, Eric calls Brooke out on her agenda. She wanted him to remember what it was like. Eric says this is about Katie and Bill, not him. Brooke needs Eric to make this okay. Eric says she's having a Spencer baby and one day she'll want to tell Bill. Brooke tells Eric that Taylor will hurt him. Eric says he'll be a friend to her child, but not his father. He stresses that he's happy and loved with Taylor. Brooke says nothing compares to what they shared. Eric thinks she feels that passion for Bill. Brooke says he's wrong and kisses him.

    Enough Is Enough.

    Wednesday, February 29 2012

    At Nick and Jackie's house, Bridget says Owen and Jackie belong together. She loves them for trying to do what's best for Logan, but this is what's best. Jackie asks for a stiff drink - it's all a bit of a shock. Bridget reiterates that she truly wants this for both of them. She embraces Jackie and leaves. Jackie and Owen gaze at one another and talk about how she sent him away. He says it felt like he was gone an eternity. Owen tells her she will continue to wear the pants in their relationship but major decisions will be made together from now on. Jackie finds his assertive side quite appealing. Owen says they're forever.


    Tuesday, February 28 2012

    Owen and Bridget visit Eric and Brooke at Forrester. Bridget tells them that Owen misses Jackie and she's sure Jackie misses him - they've done a lot of soul-searching and come to a decision. Owen says, "I'm going back to Jackie." Bridget goes on about Jackie's sacrifice and says she and Owen have a great bond as parents, but it's never become more - Owen loves Jackie. Owen says he adores Bridget, but never should have left Jackie. Eric warns that Jackie may not want to take Owen back. Owen and Bridget leave, and Eric and Brooke discuss Bridget living without intimacy all this time. Brooke didn't realize Owen and Jackie's bond was unbreakable.

    At home, Nick tells Jackie he found one of Owen's t-shirts. Jackie admits she kept it on purpose. Nick says, "You miss him, don't you?" Jackie muses that she'll always love him. Nick takes a work call and Jackie thinks about Owen. Nick asks if she regrets splitting up with Owen. Jackie says she does, but then thinks of Logan - she can't jeopardize his family. Nick wonders about them getting back together. Jackie protests that Owen is where he belongs. The doorbell rings - it's Bridget saying she wants to talk to Jackie about Owen. Nick thinks he knows why Bridget is there - Owen is still in love with his mother. Jackie protests, but Bridget says Nick's right. She says Owen has been able to share in many of Logan's milestones, and they'll always be a family, just not together. Owen enters and says, "I'm comin' home, Jackie."

    A Regrettable Decision.

    Thursday, January 12 2012

    On the jet back from to LA from Cabo, Steffy sleeps while Ridge talks on the phone with Brooke. He tells her that Steffy has a blood clot in her brain. He assures her she will be fine if she is not upset or stressed. Nearby, Bill assures himself that his deception about her health is saving lives as well as saving Steffy’s marriage. Ridge tells Liam he looks troubled. He says he is just tired and Ridge urges him to rest so he can give all his attention to Steffy in L.A. Everyone questions Thomas about what happened. He says he didn’t know Steffy was going to be there. Taylor says it was a regrettable decision. Hope asks if his proposal was also regrettable. He says the only thing he regrets was her not saying yes. She asked if Steffy had anything to do with the proposal. She did, but he assures her the question was real. Liam snaps at him, and Bill turns on Liam, telling him to change his tone for Steffy’s sake. Ridge works on his designs. Bill asks him about why he wasn’t told about the design theft as an investor in Forrester. Ridge assures him they are putting together another collection as soon as possible. Bill calls Liam over and tells him to get it together for Steffy. Liam tells Bill he has no say in his marriage, and storms off. Bill assures everyone Liam will calm down once he cuts all ties to Hope. Hope tells Liam Steffy needs him, but he still has questions. They hug as Bill watches on.

    It's Showtime, Baby!

    Thursday, December 08 2011

    Bridget arrives at Forrester Creations where Brooke gushes over her new darker hair color. Bridget spots the designs and says they're remarkable. She feels bad for Jackie - she could never compete with this.

    Jackie goes to join Owen by the runway at Jackie M and speaks to reporters - the show is ready to begin. Nick appears and gathers everyone to give a pep talk - Jackie M is back! The lights dim and the models begin walking the runway. As Pam watches, she gets a call from Stephanie, who wonders where she is. Pam tells her she's where she belongs. The show continues, and Owen is surprised to see Bridget arrive. She is aghast when she sees the gowns being modeled, and immediately tells Owen they belong to her dad and Ridge. Bridget pulls out her phone and calls Stephanie. She tells her Jackie M has ripped off Forrester Creations! Stephanie says she's on her way. Owen goes backstage and tells Nick what's happening. Nick looks him in the face and says, "Those designs are Jackie M's. We premiered them." Meanwhile, Bridget calls Stephanie, who is en route, and tells her to hurry. Stephanie warns her not to tell Jackie she's coming. Backstage, Pam enjoys the show as Nick introduces the showstopper. Jarret reports that the Jackie M line is a triumph - the legacy of Sally Spectra has endured again.

    Hear Me Out.

    Thursday, October 20 2011

    At the Forrester house, Bridget and Owen tell Rick, Eric, and Stephanie that they're going to be a family. Stephanie asks Owen about his marriage. He says Jackie ended it last night. Stephanie struggles to get her mind around this. Bridget explains that Jackie's always been protective of her, and assures them it was totally her idea. Owen says Jackie did something incredibly selfless. He assures them he is 100% committed to Bridget and Logan. After, Stephanie tells Eric she can't imagine giving up the man you love to make someone else happy. She leaves the room and Rick asks Eric about his relationship with Stephanie - he's noticed distance. Eric says cancer has changed the way she feels about herself. Rick tells Eric he cares about him.

    One Classy, Selfless Dame.

    Wednesday, October 19 2011

    At Bridget's house, Nick tells her she looks beautiful and asks how she is doing. She says she's fine. He tells her he's confused about his mother and Owen and her. He asks how she feels about Owen; if she's in love with him. Rick drops in and greets Nick, who tells him he just asked Bridget a question. He wants to know if she'd like to be a family with Owen, if he wasn't with Jackie. Rick goes, and Bridget muses about how Jackie perfectly orchestrated every detail of the Hawaiian vacation. Nick says his mother did it out of love. He goes.

    Owen arrives at Bridget's house where she's cuddling with Logan. Bridget says he's missed his daddy. Owen asks if she missed him too. She asks why he isn't with Jackie. He says he was, and now he's there with her and his son. He explains that Jackie ended their marriage so that they could give Logan the life he deserves. Owen says he'll always love Jackie, but he loves Bridget too. Bridget cries happy tears and they kiss.

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