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    The Bold and the Beautiful CAST - Dayzee Leigh Forrester - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Dayzee Leigh Forrester Played by Kristolyn Lloyd on The Bold and the Beautiful Daytime Soap Opera.

    Kristolyn Lloyd (CBS)

    Birthday: January 11, 1985
    Birthplace: Houston, Texas
    Marital Status: Single
    Real Name: Kristolyn Lloyd
    Height: 5'4"


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    I'm Coming Home!

    Monday, January 14 2013

    Brooke greets Rick and the others in the Forrester boardroom. Eric says Taylor had an emergency with a client, but they will go ahead. Dayzee arrives and they ask her to stay and give her opinions. Brooke asks where Steffy is, and Donna cautiously tells her that she's gone to see Ridge. Eric makes a speech about big changes in the family and business. He wants an heir working by his side at Forrester. Rick and Thomas have both worked hard, but he will only name one president. Thomas goes first. He tells his granddad why they'd make a perfect team and talks about moving into the future. He shows three designs. Rick takes his turn and takes issue with Thomas' insinuation that Forrester needs rescuing. He and Caroline focused on what is timeless in their designs. He shows three designs that are a little edgier. Thomas shakes his head. Eric thanks them both as everyone applauds. Pam tells Donna that Rick and Thomas couldn't share a job like they do. Thorne and Brooke agree they both did a great job. Eric says he's made his decision.

    No One Crosses Me.

    Monday, December 31 2012

    Outside at Forrester, Marcus and Dayzee discuss going to Eric's cabin for New Year's. Rick appears. They discuss the competition. Rick says he'll be running the company and Thomas will be in therapy. They ask why he seems down. Rick admits he's concerned about Caroline and doesn't want anyone guilt-tripping her, like Bill Spencer. They speculate what Bill can be like. Rick recalls meeting Caroline.

    I'll Be Home For Christmas.

    Wednesday, December 26 2012

    At the Forrester house, Kristen, Tony, and Felicia have returned to join Rick, Caroline, Brooke, Thorne, and Pam for Christmas. Pam rushes in, excited that she just saw the bluebird - it was Stephanie! She said she's return as a bluebird! They all say they believe her. Marcus and Dayzee arrive with Donna. Pam tells them that Eric isn't going to be with them tonight - he wanted to be alone. Rick thinks it's a bad idea. Thorne asks, "Where is he?" Pam refuses to say, so Thorne starts throwing her lemon bars against the wall. Pam breaks.

    Eric arrives at a venue wearing a suit and enters a private area. Eric pours two martinis from a shaker, picks one up, and intones, "Merry Christmas, my love." Celtic Woman takes the stage below and Eric turns to watch them perform "I'll Be Home For Christmas" while remembering happy times with Stephanie. All those who had gathered at the Forrester mansion file in behind him. Eric realizes they're there. Felicia kisses him, Pam asks him not to hate her, and Brooke says they didn't want him to be alone. He says he wasn't. Felicia tells him they miss her. "Don't make us miss you too." Eric says they all got there just in time. A tear runs down his cheek. They all sing along to "White Christmas." Eric gives Pam a hug.

    Team Spencer.

    Thursday, November 29 2012

    At Forrester, Dayzee and Hope discuss how Stephanie would want them to be there together. Dayzee says she's glad she has Marcus, and then apologizes for being insensitive. They talk about the press covering personal issues. Hope says she found out yesterday that Steffy moved back in with Liam - she overheard Thomas talking to Steffy. Hope complains about the man she loves being there in the hallway looking for someone else. She rehashes how things went wrong in Italy, and later before the second wedding they'd planned. Dayzee says it seems like a pattern. Hope can't understand him choosing to turn to Steffy. Marcus arrives. Hope decides to take off. She returns and spots a photo of her and Liam and cries.

    She Loved You.

    Wednesday, November 28 2012

    Felicia, Hope, Marcus, Dayzee, Thorne, Thomas, and Steffy are in the office at Forrester. Eric comes in with Pam and says, "She loved you." Sobbing ensues. Thorne, Felicia, and Steffy ask Eric what they can do for him. He says Stephanie's still with him in his heart. Eric asks them to reach out to each other and respect each other's ideas and contributions. He says they are Stephanie's greatest legacy. Eric tells Steffy how proud Stephanie was that she was her namesake. Pam lets Hope know that Stephanie loved her very much. Hope tells Pam she's more like her than she thinks. Eric hugs Thorne.

    On the reception desk, Donna takes condolence calls. Liam appears. She tells him Stephanie passed away earlier. Donna also lets Liam know that Katie is back and bonding with Will. Liam enters the office where the Forresters are sequestered. He asks Steffy if she's ready as the others file out. Steffy takes a minute with Hope, who just overheard Thomas say that Steffy is moving back in with Liam. Hope assures her it's fine - they're all moving on. Liam returns later and finds Hope alone - he tells her Steffy was bombarded by calls. She's glad Steffy has him while going through this, and reassures him she's fine with Steffy moving back in. He goes, and she sobs.


    Friday, November 16 2012

    Dayzee takes Katie's order over the phone at the cafe. Katie hangs up when she asks her name. Dayzee goes back to flirting with Marcus. Taylor enters and talks with Marcus and Dayzee about Stephanie. Katie picks up her order in disguise, but Taylor recognizes her to her apartment. Katie isn't pleased and swears Taylor to secrecy. Taylor makes another pitch for Katie to go home by talking about Bill being alone with Brooke. Taylor warns Brooke will look at him differently very soon.

    The Last Time.

    Tuesday, November 13 2012

    At Stephanie's party, Celtic Woman perform 'Danny Boy'. Eric kisses Stephanie's forehead. This is followed up by the young girls who arrived earlier doing a Celtic dance. Everyone claps along. The girls pull up Liam, Rick, and Steffy to join in. Eric gets Stephanie to her feet and they dance in an embrace. Stephanie sits down and laughs at Pam and Brooke dancing. Bill tells Brooke he's glad she's having a good time. Brooke looks at the door, but Ridge doesn't come through it. She makes a speech to Stephanie - the most incredible woman she knows. Brooke says they'll celebrate her life every day by fighting for what's right, giving to those in need, and by loving each other. Brooke and Stephanie embrace. After, Felicia tells Brooke that she obviously doesn't know this, but her mom and dad are leaving tonight - this party is the last time any of them will see her. Brooke rushes over to Stephanie and informs her she will not let her leave.

    Eric and Stephanie say goodbye to the entertainers. Stephanie turns back to her guests and tells them she's ready to leave. Stephanie thanks Eric, and tells the others that she wants the party to go on without her; she and Eric are going to leave. She chokes up as she says this is the last time she will see all of them - Eric will come back alone. There are sobs and tears. Pam panics. Stephanie gives each of them a goodbye hug. She and Eric leave them all sobbing and embracing. Outside the door, Stephanie pauses with tears in her eyes.

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