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    The Bold and the Beautiful CAST - Dayzee Leigh Forrester - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Dayzee Leigh Forrester Played by Kristolyn Lloyd on The Bold and the Beautiful Daytime Soap Opera.

    Kristolyn Lloyd (CBS)

    Birthday: January 11, 1985
    Birthplace: Houston, Texas
    Marital Status: Single
    Real Name: Kristolyn Lloyd
    Height: 5'4"


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    Lucky Me.

    Tuesday, February 12 2013

    Maya argues with Dayzee at the cafe and demands her daughter back today. Marcus introduces himself and Dayzee introduces Carter. Maya pleads her case about how she got through prison. Dayzee says she’ll see what she can do. Maya thanks Dayzee for all she has done for her and her daughter but demands Dayzee call. Carter, Marcus and Dayzee discuss whether the accident happened and if Maya can be a threat if she finds out her daughter is dead. Carter says they need a plan and steps away for a phone call. He comes in and confirms the child died on her birthday with the adoptive parents as they were heading to an amusement park.

    Listen Up.

    Monday, February 11 2013

    At the cafe, Carter listens as Dayzee tells Marcus she thought she could handle Maya. Marcus says Maya needs to be told no. Dayzee says she keeps demanding her daughter back. Dayzee doesn't know what to do. Carter questions Dayzee about the adoption process. Dayzee thinks they did things properly. Carter worries she may have opened herself up to human trafficking charges. Dayzee doesn't want to contact the adoptive parents, but Carter and Marcus urge her to call. She does - the number's been disconnected. She looks online and discovers that Maya's daughter and her adoptive parents died in a car accident! Maya appears.

    Don't Blow It.

    Friday, February 08 2013

    At her cafe, Dayzee thinks about Maya. Marcus appears with Carter and Dayzee pastes on a smile. They go on about how honest and amazing Dayzee is. Dayzee chats with Carter. She shares about Stephanie and how she helped her get the cafe started. Marcus joins Carter and they spot the adoption papers in Dayzee's receipts. Dayzee returns. She says she thinks she might be in trouble.

    One Lucky Man.

    Thursday, January 31 2013

    Eric exits his office and gets introduced to Carter. Dayzee appears and recognizes Carter from pictures. Carter is impressed with Marcus' life and is happy for him. Marcus grins, "I am one lucky man." Carter wants to take everyone for dinner. Marcus teases about him being a bigshot lawyer. Dayzee acts reluctant. Marcus wonders what's going on with her.

    Beware Of Widows Bearing Casseroles.

    Wednesday, January 30 2013

    Marcus spots Dayzee outside the fruit market. He asks where she parked and she acts flustered. Maya appears across the way. Dayzee gets rid of Marcus. Maya joins Dayzee and asks if she's found her little girl. Dayzee reminds her she signed adoption papers. Maya says Dayzee pushed her to do it. They bicker. Maya wants to know what the family said when Dayzee contacted them. Dayzee show her a photo of the little girl and her adoptive parents years ago. She hasn't been in contact since. Maya rants. Dayzee tells her she needs to realize this isn't going to happen. Maya says, "You did this Dayzee. Now you need to make it right." Dayzee tries to talk sense to Maya, but she swears she won't give in, and won't go away.

    Running A Tight Ship.

    Thursday, January 24 2013

    At the cafe, Dayzee explains to Hope that Maya was wrongly-convicted and her family wouldn't look after her daughter when she had to go to prison. Hope asks what Dayzee did for her. Dayzee says she used to set up adoptions. Marcus appears and wonders what they're talking about. Dayzee isn't forthcoming. After, Dayzee tells Hope that Marcus doesn't know - she wants to keep the past in the past. Dayzee has four missed calls from Maya. She sighs - Maya gave up her rights - she signed the papers. She calls Maya to meet the next day. Hope asks if she'll help get Maya's daughter back. Dayzee isn't in favor of taking the child out of the home she's grown to know, and doesn't want to get involved. Hope suggests she tell Marcus. Dayzee says no - she's not looking back.

    I Want My Little Girl!

    Wednesday, January 23 2013

    At the cafe, Dayzee is confronted by Maya, a girl from the homeless shelter. "I want my little girl!" She wants to know where her child is. Maya was in prison and is worried her daughter won't remember her. Dayzee recalls how desperate Maya was. Maya tells Dayzee she was an angel that came to her rescue. She implores Dayzee to tell her where her little girl is so she can go to her. Dayzee reminds her she legally gave her baby up. Maya insists that Dayzee do something or she'll be back. Hope appears and asks Dayzee if she's okay.

    She Left.

    Tuesday, January 22 2013

    Marcus and Dayzee discuss Rosie at the cafe. Marcus watches Dayzee work and marvels at how great she is with people. Dayzee mentions Stephanie and how she never imagined having the resources to do all of this. Marcus says she's keeping Stephanie's legacy alive. Later, a young woman enters and confronts Dayzee. "Where's my baby?"

    Worked Up.

    Friday, January 18 2013

    At Forrester, Rick tells Hope he set up the press conference quickly because he owed her. Jarrett chats with Pam and Donna. Rick greets Thomas, who is still bitter. Dayzee and Marcus are there. Rick introduces Hope. She congratulates Rick on becoming president before announcing that the scandal surrounding Hope For The Future is over and they're back! She talks about her line until a reporter asks Thomas about Rick being president. Thomas answers professionally. Jarrett asks Hope about Liam. The press conference is cut short.


    Tuesday, January 15 2013

    Caroline joins everyone at Forrester Creations. Rick tells her she's just in time. Eric says both teams did very well and made this a difficult decision. Eric wants them to remember they're all on the same team - they have to trust and depend on each other. Eric addresses Thomas, and then Rick and Caroline. He names Thomas co-head designer and selects Rick as president. Thomas argues. Eric tells Thomas he wants to design with him as he did with Ridge. Thomas isn't satisfied with being co-head designer. Rick receives his congratulations from everyone. Rick tells Eric he doesn't know what to say. Eric says his presentation said it all - he couldn't be more proud. Rick settles into his chair. Caroline joins him and talks about this being his legacy. Rick says he'll have to prove himself every day. They discuss doing 'overtime' behind the desk and make-out.

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