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    The Bold and the Beautiful CAST - Dayzee Leigh Forrester - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Dayzee Leigh Forrester Played by Kristolyn Lloyd on The Bold and the Beautiful Daytime Soap Opera.

    Kristolyn Lloyd (CBS)

    Birthday: January 11, 1985
    Birthplace: Houston, Texas
    Marital Status: Single
    Real Name: Kristolyn Lloyd
    Height: 5'4"


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    Friday, July 05 2013

    Outside at the Fourth of July party, Wyatt suggests to Hope that she have a good time with him since that other guy didn't show up. Nearby, the others watch the fireworks. Thomas prompts Oliver to cozy up to Theresa, and Rick and Maya discuss Caroline watching them. Caroline tells Rafael he has to show that video after the fireworks - she has to get Rick back. She cries, remembering when they first said 'I love you' to each other. Liam arrives and finds Hope with Wyatt's arm around her. He asks, "Who's this?" Wyatt introduces himself. "You must be the guy who stood her up." Hope tells Liam he's too late, which Wyatt reiterates when Liam argues with her. Hope asks to speak to Liam alone. She's upset that he ditched their plans to talk to Steffy. There's only so much she can take. She always thought what they had was so much deeper than what he had with Steffy. Hope asks if they have a future? Liam says yes, but he wants to talk about this with her. She tells him to go; she's staying. Liam looks at Wyatt as he leaves. Hope apologizes to Wyatt for being caught in the middle of that. He's not running away. She gives him the short-version of her history with Liam. Wyatt thinks Liam's an idiot. He goes on about her being gorgeous, brilliant, and extraordinary. He kisses her. Suddenly she notices his necklace - a sword.

    Inside at the party, the group talks about Carter and Maya's web series. Rafael seems reluctant, but Caroline pushes him to offer a sneak peek. He cues it up. It starts out funny and cute, but Rick looks peeved when it takes a turn toward sexy. Marcus grins. "I've never seen a kitchen get that hot." Carter stammers that he doesn't remember it being that steamy when they shot it. Rick asks Maya to talk privately while Dayzee glares at Marcus who is angling for a cameo.

    Crazy Romantico.

    Thursday, July 04 2013

    At the beach bar, Rick and Hope discuss Brooke. Hope's angry and disappointed. Rick doesn't want to dwell on it. He asks about Liam and Hope acts cagey. Maya arrives. She and Rick are gazing at each other as Carter comes in with Marcus and Dayzee. Oliver tries to help Theresa feel more comfortable. Hope tells Dayzee that she's taking it slow with Liam.

    Hope notices Wyatt appear at the party and greets him with a giggle. Hope talks to Thomas about Steffy and Liam, and then asks Maya about her web series. Theresa moves to chat with Wyatt. Maya tells Rick that she invited Raphael. They kiss. Hope tells Theresa how she met Wyatt. Therese enthuses. "Crazy romantico." Caroline and Raphael arrive. She spots Rick and Maya and is sure he'll have a problem with her making out with Carter. Wyatt joins Hope. Carter makes a speech and a toast to their country. After, Maya admits to Carter that she's worried about Rick's reaction to the scenes. Caroline and Raphael reveal to Rick that they know each other and have scenes to show him. Maya interrupts - it's time for fireworks. Hope gets a call from Liam and tells him not to bother coming now. Wyatt appears. He says Liam's a fool and kisses her. "I'm here."

    Break A Leg.

    Tuesday, July 02 2013

    At Forrester, Rick sees Maya off for her acting job. Rick and Hope discuss the revelation about Brooke. Rick feels they don't have all the information yet, but Hope argues, "Like what? She forgot Katie was her sister?" Marcus and Dayzee join in. Rick complains about Taylor exposing Brooke on her birthday and reminds Marcus they defend their own in this family.

    Chow Time.

    Monday, July 01 2013

    At the party, Taylor asks Brooke if she wants to tell them, or should she? Brooke stays quiet. Katie says Taylor should leave. Taylor says, "She slept with him." Bill protests and Katie lashes out at Taylor for her paranoia about Brooke. Eric tries to get Tay to leave, but she refuses. "Brooke and Bill had an affair and she got pregnant." Brooke denies being pregnant. Katie asks Taylor if she's been drinking. Taylor says it's better that she comes to terms with this with family there for support. Katie rants at Taylor, who challenges her to ask her sister if she miscarried Bill's baby. Katie says it's absurd and impossible. Taylor keeps prompting Katie to ask her. Bill growls at Eric to get Taylor out. Katie screams at Taylor that this is an all-time low for her. Taylor argues that the 'lowest low' is that it was when she was in the hospital that they betrayed her. Katie turns to Brooke and tearfully urges her to just say she's lying, and she'll believe her. Brooke sobs and turns away. Bill says Katie's name. She smacks him across the face. Hope pleads with Brooke to say it didn't happen. Katie viciously orders everyone out of her house. Only Brooke and Bill stay. Katie recalls Brooke warning her not to push Bill away or she'd lose him. "You're so sick. You're both so sick!" She repeatedly asks, "How could you do this to me?"

    To The Logan Girls.

    Friday, June 28 2013

    Katie welcomes Marcus and Dayzee to the party. Hope and Brooke arrive. Brooke eyeballs Bill. Rick and Maya chat with Marcus and Dayzee. Liam arrives and talks to Hope, who doesn't mention Wyatt when asked about Big Bear. Eric and Donna talk about the parties they had. She offers herself up as company if Taylor doesn't show. Bill moseys over to Brooke. They whisper about protecting Katie. Taylor appears. She tells Brooke there's something she'd like to say to her and it's not 'Happy Birthday'. Donna calls for a toast to Brooke and the Logan girls. Hope makes a heartfelt speech to her mom. Taylor and Eric go to the terrace. She tells him she knows about Brooke's pregnancy. Eric wants her to keep quiet. Taylor complains Brooke's a walking lie - Katie's in there treating her like she's some kind of saint! Eric tells her to calm down. Inside, Katie delivers her speech and asks if anyone else would like to say something. Taylor says all these toasts to Brooke are wonderful, but none of them are true. Eric, Katie, and Bill try to intervene, but Taylor asks Brooke, "Do you want to tell your ugly secret or should I?"

    Family Doesn't Bail.

    Tuesday, June 04 2013

    The relaunch is underway at Forrester. Rick finds Donna is behaving strangely. Maya enters, spots Rick, and turns her attention to Carter. She also sees Bill across the room. Jarrett and his female counterpart await Brooke's appearance. Backstage, Brooke pleads with Eric; she can't model lingerie. Bill appears and asks what's going on. Rick joins them, and tells Brooke to hurry up and change. Thomas appears. Brooke announces she won't be wearing lingerie; it's not businesslike. Rick is apoplectic and Thomas says the press didn't come to see the other models. Bill tells Brooke she needs to be on that runway. Eric orders them to figure something else out. Once alone, Brooke tells Eric she doesn't know how much more she can take. In the other room, Marcus and Carter discuss Maya, while Dayzee asks Maya about Rick. Maya reminds her she thought Rick deserved better. Dayzee apologizes for being a brat. Rick stops Maya and asks her to talk later. She says nothing's changed. Bill follows Maya to the bar and reminds her of their arrangement. Rick calls for everyone's attention and presents the Brooke's Bedroom line. When Brooke comes out at the end in a dress everyone is disappointed. Jarrett grills Brooke. Another reporter wonders if she's being demure due to a new man in her life. They clamber for a name. A reporter asks if she's got something to hide. Eric takes a panicky Brooke backstage. She pleads with Eric that she's desperate. "Help me, please."

    Found My Groove.

    Tuesday, May 28 2013

    Steffy arrives at Forrester to find Pam has made lemon bars. Taylor asks if she's up for this. Steffy announces that she and Liam are thankful for everyone's support. Pam asks Steffy to bake with her tonight. Thomas saves Steffy by mentioning a meeting. Theresa tells Steffy she's sorry for her loss. Theresa reminds Steffy of the surf party. She starts tormenting herself about riding the bike. Dayzee and Marcus check in. Steffy talks about the motorcycle. Marcus tells her to look forward. Later, Steffy talks to Taylor and Thomas about feeling guilty.

    Don't Hang A Halo On Me.

    Friday, May 03 2013

    Caroline greets ladies entering her event, including her mom, Danielle. Pam tells Donna and Brooke it's a shame Caroline didn't put Bill in the show - who wouldn't want to see that hunk of man strip down? Caroline keeps asking if anyone's seen Rick. She finds him backstage with Maya, whom he's just asked out to dinner later. Caroline goes on about 'her man' Rick being the inspiration for the show and how she put Carter in the show as eye candy for 'Mona'. Caroline kisses Rick and walks off. Maya shrugs. Brooke is surprised to see her doctor at the event. Things get started as Caroline takes the stage to speak. Rick smiles as he watches her. She talks about Stephanie and her Aunt Caroline who both passed away from cancer. She tearfully urges them to enjoy themselves at the auction tables. "Every penny counts." After, Maya tells Caroline she respects what she's doing. Caroline says she doesn't need to stick around - she and Rick are busy later. Maya says she wouldn't want to miss the fashion show. Later, Caroline introduces the men of Forrester Creations. Rick walks out in a blue robe, opens it, and strips down to boxers. Carter is next - he winks at Maya. Oliver comes out, followed by Marcus. He and Dayzee both point to their wedding rings as the ladies scream. Thomas is next, Caroline appears to take his shirt. Finally, all of the guys come out shirtless in pajama pants. Caroline thanks the guys - with a special shout-out to her boyfriend, Rick. They kiss. Maya looks upset. As everyone mills about later, Brooke's doctor pulls her aside. She tells her she got a call about her lab results - she's pregnant. Brooke sits down in shock.

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