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    The Bold and the Beautiful CAST - Dayzee Leigh Forrester - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Dayzee Leigh Forrester Played by Kristolyn Lloyd on The Bold and the Beautiful Daytime Soap Opera.

    Kristolyn Lloyd (CBS)

    Birthday: January 11, 1985
    Birthplace: Houston, Texas
    Marital Status: Single
    Real Name: Kristolyn Lloyd
    Height: 5'4"


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    What's Your Secret?

    Thursday, March 22 2012

    Dayzee's staff congratulate her and Marcus on their engagement at the cafe. Anthony promises to sing at their wedding. Once alone, Dayzee tells Marcus she loves him. They discuss the Hope and Liam situation. Dayzee thinks Steffy is holding them hostage, but Marcus says he doesn't see Liam and Hope making it in the long run. They admire Dayzee's ring and talk about Rosie. Marcus says Dayzee will be a great step-mom and someday they'll have little ones of their own.

    My Step-Mommy Loves Me.

    Wednesday, March 21 2012

    At Dayzee's Cafe, Anthony and Dayzee thank Stephanie for her support. Dayzee also thanks her for introducing her to Marcus, who appears and also tells Stephanie that it's because of her that he has Dayzee in his life. Hope arrives and tells everyone that Liam is coming soon - they're being discreet. Stephanie makes a crack about her being seen with a married man and when Liam arrives, she tells him his wife's plane landed safely in Aspen. Hope's fan, Maggie, and her mother are there and notice Liam and Hope together. Marcus explains why he asked everyone there. He talks about family and friends, and what Dayzee means to him. He says he went shopping for Rosie and pulls out a bib that says, "My Step-Mommy Loves Me." He then pulls out a ring and proposes to Dayzee! Dayzee gasps and gets choked up. She tells Marcus she'd be honored to be his wife. They kiss as everyone applauds. Hope and Liam kiss too. Maggie takes a photo on her phone as her mother confronts Hope about kissing a married man - did she forget her own message? Liam interrupts, but the woman reminds him he's married. Maggie's mother tells Hope she's a fraud and a hypocrite. Hope cries as the woman hisses that she's committing adultery! Hope rushes into the storeroom crying and downs one of her anti-anxiety pills.

    Second Chances.

    Tuesday, January 10 2012

    At Dayzee's, Jackie tells Nick that Pam should be part of their celebration. Nick says it's too risky. Nearby, Beverly tells Dayzee about Rick. Rick enters and she waves to him. At Jackie's table, she tells Nick that she doesn't want Owen and Bridget's relationship to be impacted by what they're doing. She acknowledges that Donna seems to make Nick very happy, and she wants that more than anything. Meanwhile, Beverly chats up Rick. She says it's great to see him outside of the office. He agrees. Beverly walks over to Nick and Jackie and tells them she's the one who was blamed for stealing the designs - she vows to figure out who did it. She returns to Rick, who is impressed with her nerve. Dayzee approaches Jackie and Nick's table and asks Nick to participate in open mic night. He agrees reluctantly. Jackie starts texting.

    Nick takes the stage at Dayzee's as Donna arrives. He looks at her as he sings. Brooke glares at Jackie. When Nick finishes, Donna walks up to get a kiss. Marcus arrives with Rosie and Dayzee takes her. He tells her about Amber's big date with Rick.

    Chasing Hope.

    Tuesday, January 03 2012

    Dayzee greets Marcus at Forrester. He shows her a brochure for Cabo and asks if she'd like to go for a few days sometime soon - he mentions Thomas and Hope are there now, so he'll ask how they liked it. Marcus explains that the resort wants to partner with Forrester, so they can fly down to check it out like Thomas is doing. Dayzee agrees. They kiss. Amber arrives and teases them. Marcus questions Amber about how she got into the building. She tells him Rosie has an appointment. He goes to write it down and reads something on the desk - he realizes Steffy and Liam are at the same resort as Thomas and Hope. They all speculate on whether it was planned.

    The Bird Is Burned.

    Friday, December 23 2011

    Back out in the living room, Hope and Thomas arrive with Dayzee and Marcus. Hope and Liam look wistfully at one another. Steffy wishes Hope a Merry Christmas and hopes they can get along, at least for the day. Hope wishes for the same thing. As the family gathers around the table, Ridge begs for them to bring out the bird. Brooke admits they burned the bird. Everyone is relieved when Bill arrives with a cooked turkey. Stephanie makes a speech about how fortunate she is to be there alive with all of them. She wonders why it took her so long to realize how great Brooke is. Eric asks for everyone to join hands and says a Christmas blessing about forgiveness. After dinner, the family gathers around the piano to sing Christmas carols.

    Like A Rainbow.

    Wednesday, December 14 2011

    Outside Pathways, Dayzee explains to Hope about the challenges faced by the young adults aging out of the foster care system. Hope listens to a group session going on at the facility.

    The next young man Stephanie speaks to at the facility went into foster care when he was four years old and talks about living in multiple homes. He was mentored by his track coach in high school. Stephanie then talks to a young man who has issues trusting others - his mother wasn't supportive and he's working on his relationship with her. He entered foster care in the fourth grade and acted out in school, but had a great teacher. He's determined to go to college and make sure his kids don't grow up the way he did. Everyone celebrates the unveiling of Ricardo's rainbow mural and Ricardo paints Stephanie's hand so she can leave a print.

    Falsely Accused.

    Tuesday, December 13 2011

    On the bus, Beverly thinks about being accused of the theft at Forrester and lashes out at Dayzee, who puts her arm around her and says she knows she's upset. Beverly answers her phone - it's Stephanie telling her they know she didn't do it, and asking to meet and talk. Beverly doesn't want to give her a chance and hangs up. Dayzee wonders who did steal the designs. She and Beverly talk about stereotypes.

    Still in the car, Stephanie and Hope see Beverly and Dayzee on the bus and follow it. They get out and stand in front of the bus to make it stop. Beverly and Dayzee disembark. Hope and Stephanie make their apologies, but Beverly is hostile and won't let them come in to where she lives. Dayzee tries to get rid of them, but Stephanie asks questions. Dayzee says it's a transitional house for young adults who have aged out of the foster system. Stephanie insists on seeing Beverly. Dayzee is exasperated, but lets her in. Stephanie finds Beverly in the community room and asks why she won't come back to Forrester. Beverly says she's just trying to make herself better. They argue as Stephanie keeps saying the wrong thing. Eventually she gets Bev's attention by admitting her father used to beat her.

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