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    The Bold and the Beautiful CAST - Dayzee Leigh Forrester - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Dayzee Leigh Forrester Played by Kristolyn Lloyd on The Bold and the Beautiful Daytime Soap Opera.

    Kristolyn Lloyd (CBS)

    Birthday: January 11, 1985
    Birthplace: Houston, Texas
    Marital Status: Single
    Real Name: Kristolyn Lloyd
    Height: 5'4"


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    It's That Simple.

    Thursday, May 24 2012

    In her office, Steffy thinks about Aspen. Marcus and Dayzee enter and tell her they're planning their wedding. They understand if she's not up for wedding talk. Steffy offers to do whatever she can for them, and says Liam loves her and has to make a choice. Hope appears and says, "He already has." Marcus and Dayzee clear out. Hope tells Steffy she will find an incredible man. Steffy says she already has - she's married to him. They talk about their issues. Steffy mentions feeling abandoned by her father - Hope must feel that too. Hope nods, and then reiterates that she is Liam's future.

    I Am Me Again.

    Tuesday, May 22 2012

    Brooke chats with Marcus and Dayzee about their wedding plans at Forrester. Talk turns to Liam and Hope's wedding in Italy. Marcus and Dayzee tell Brooke they don't want their plans to interfere with Hope and Liam's wedding. Brooke isn't worried - they'll all be happy.

    Desperate Or Committed?

    Tuesday, April 10 2012

    At Forrester Creations, Amber and Dayzee bicker over the danger of buying drugs online. Amber flashes to giving Hope the pills. Dayzee finishes up a phone call and goes back to telling Amber that she cannot know what's in the drugs she's ordering - it's not worth the risk. Amber still can't believe they could be harmful. Dayzee scoffs, "I thought you had street smarts."

    Uphill Battle.

    Monday, April 09 2012

    Marcus and Dayzee kiss their way into Rick's office, where Amber asks if they know where Rick has gone - he's not answering her texts. Dayzee advises she give him breathing room. Marcus goes to get wedding dress sketches. Dayzee and Amber discuss Caroline. Amber says she doesn't stand a chance with Rick, but Dayzee thinks she's facing an uphill battle. Dayzee is stunned to hear Amber mention Hope as an ally again. When Amber looks at the online pharmacy, Dayzee warns the drugs there can be compromised and really mess you up!

    Sweet Caroline.

    Thursday, April 05 2012

    Hope re-enters the Forrester mansion and laughs uncontrollably when Dayzee asks how she's coping. Liam gives her a strange look. Rick finds Caroline alone and offers to show her around L.A. She accepts. Amber watches, and then chats Caroline up afterward. She tells her Rick is a player. Across the room, Hope tells Bill, Katie, and Liam that Amber's not so bad - she's just annoying. Stephanie approaches Caroline and warns her about Amber - she loves her, but she makes bad choices. Ridge appears and compliments Caroline on the foundation video. He says he'll tell her more about her aunt. Meanwhile, Hope crosses the room to Amber and asks if her adorable baby is sleeping. Amber suggests they become friends. Brooke looks over when Hope laughs out loud at something Amber says. Brooke warns Amber she sees through her attempt to butter up Hope. Amber thinks Brooke should understand how it feels to be her. Brooke orders her to leave. Amber refuses.

    Welcome To The Family!

    Wednesday, April 04 2012

    At the Forrester mansion, Ridge, Brooke, Eric, and Stephanie wait for Caroline and guests to arrive. Bill and Katie come in with Caroline. Eric and Stephanie introduce themselves and tell her they're sorry her mother had to leave town. Brooke takes Caroline to show her around and Stephanie tells Ridge it's like having Caroline back. Later, Thorne and Taylor have arrived. Taylor wishes Steffy could be there, but says it's too soon. Nearby, Brooke talks about how cute Liam and Hope look together. She then asks Rick to get Caroline some champagne. Caroline and Hope discuss Hope's recent difficulties. Marcus and Dayzee appear and Eric introduces them to Caroline. Suddenly Amber appears with Rosie. She hands the baby to Marcus and pulls Caroline into an embrace welcoming her to the family!

    Later, still at the party, Brooke apologizes for Amber, but Caroline says she's been lovely. Stephanie makes a welcome toast to Caroline. She thanks everyone and says she feels so at home. Brooke talks about passing on the torch to the younger generation at Forrester Creations. Amber hollers that she has something to add - she'd like to welcome Caroline to Los Angeles. Everyone rolls their eyes as she goes on about how she's sure there will be room for her at Forrester - she and Rick will be more than happy to let her learn from them. Caroline thanks everyone and says she never imagined she would get the chance to work at Forrester. She mentions how much she likes Katie and says she wishes she could have grown up with her cousin Liam. She says she never knew her Aunt Caroline, but she feels her presence there. Bill tells everyone that Caroline is on the board of the Caroline Spencer Cancer Foundation. Stephanie says they'd all love to be involved. Caroline shows them a video featuring her late aunt that she made for the foundation.

    As the party continues, Brooke appeals to Rick to consider Caroline as more than a collaborator. Rick reiterates that he won't kick Amber to the curb - in fact, he wants her on the payroll as an employee. Ridge refuses, telling Rick to pay her out of his trust fund. Nearby, Caroline shows Liam and Hope her foundation's website. Hope steps away to get water and then slips outside. Her hands shake and she takes a pill. Inside, Thomas admires Caroline from a distance. Taylor tells him she sees that he's smitten. Thomas admits it. Ridge joins them. Thomas criticizes Rick having a line - he's not a designer like him. Ridge agrees Thomas should have another shot. Thomas asks to work with Caroline. Brooke continues to work to get Rick to dump Amber. Rick looks at Amber and then Caroline.

    Speaking From Experience.

    Tuesday, April 03 2012

    Still at Forrester, Amber holds the remainder of the pills she ordered and flashes to fillng up Hope's pill bottle. Dayzee enters, sees Amber put something in her purse and asks what it was. Amber says it's a design she was working on and asks to see Dayzee's engagement ring. They talk about wedding plans. Amber tells Dayzee she might have a Forrester wedding of her own - with Rick. Dayzee is surprised to hear that Amber may have an ally in Hope. Amber goes on to tell her how much she's changed. Dayzee disagrees when Amber tries to tell her they're very much alike.

    And The Rest Is History.

    Monday, March 26 2012

    At the Forrester mansion, Brooke and Ridge prepare for Eric and Stephanie's anniversary party. Stephanie and Eric come down and think back on the past as they look at their framed photos. Taylor and Thorne arrive, followed by Rick, Thomas, Marcus, and Dayzee. Brooke holds the toast for Hope and Liam, and they arrive. Brooke and Ridge unveil the anniversary gift - a painting of Eric and Stephanie. Felicia arrives, much to the delight of Stephanie and Eric. Brooke greets Pam at the door. Stephanie walks over. Pam tells Stephanie it was Brooke's idea for her to come. Stephanie and Pam make amends. Taylor gets Steffy on a video call. Ridge talks to her and calls Stephanie over. Steffy tells her grandmother it was better that she stay in Aspen, and that she's her inspiration for not giving up on her marriage. After, Stephanie turns to look at Hope and Liam and seems struck by a thought. Ridge and Brooke recall their wedding when she rode up on horseback. They embrace. Thomas and Rick make a toast to Eric and Stephanie's best years being ahead. Eric responds by toasting his wife, the foundation of their family. Stephanie says they've raised a bold and beautiful family, and toasts Eric, who has always been the love of her life. Brooke and Stephanie remember the past and embrace after Brooke tells her she loves her again. Nearby, Liam talks to Steffy on Taylor's phone - she tells him she loves him and not to forget her. Ridge rejoins Brooke and they flash back to when they met. Brooke says, "And the rest is history." Eric plays piano and serenades Stephanie as the Forresters look on. He then wishes her a happy anniversary and they embrace.

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