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    The Bold and the Beautiful CAST - Dayzee Leigh Forrester - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Dayzee Leigh Forrester Played by Kristolyn Lloyd on The Bold and the Beautiful Daytime Soap Opera.

    Kristolyn Lloyd (CBS)

    Birthday: January 11, 1985
    Birthplace: Houston, Texas
    Marital Status: Single
    Real Name: Kristolyn Lloyd
    Height: 5'4"


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    B&B Recap: Crazy In Love.

    Monday, December 02 2013

    At Eric’s, Hope calls the guests together to give thanks to the day’s celebration while Liam and Wyatt both think they should celebrate Hope for being so incredible. They gush a bit until Bill breaks it up. Hope puts the focus back on Rick and Caroline, who surprise the guests by announcing their impromptu wedding. Eric offers to play the piano while Dayzee, Hope and Maya lead Caroline off to get ready. Charlie and Pam get to work on the wedding cake in the kitchen. She licks the batter off his finger and then they kiss. Bill finds Brooke outside and tells her he isn’t giving up. She tells him it’s over, but he is sure they will get back to where they were.

    The girls lead Caroline to the guest house. Caroline knows that her two moms will be sad about missing the wedding, but is sure they will understand. On the bed is her gown and the girls all gasp. Bill joins the girls after getting Caroline’s text and agrees to walk her down the aisle. Maya, Hope and Dayzee leave and Bill tells Caroline that Rick is a lucky guy to be marrying a Spencer. If he had a daughter he knows she would be just like Caroline. They hug.

    Back inside the Forrester Mansion, Quinn addresses Stephanie’s portrait and assumes they would not have liked each other. Eric joins Quinn and she comments how lovely the picture is. He agrees. Meanwhile, Maya runs into Rick by the stairs and tells him how happy she is for him. Later, Eric and Brooke gush over how handsome Rick is as Pam calls attention to Caroline’s entrance. The wedding march begins and she enters with Bill. Brooke hands Caroline a bouquet made from Stephanie’s rose garden and Bill walks her down the aisle. Rick tells her she looks beautiful. Carter begins the ceremony and after commenting on their ups and downs leads Rick and Caroline in their vows. Rick remembers the first time he saw her. Rick almost gave up on them but she didn’t because she knew how good they were together. Every moment with her is a gift and Rick promises to protect and cherish it forever. There isn’t a dry eye in the house as Caroline thanks everyone – the Forresters and Logans are her family now. She adores Rick and knows they will have an exciting marriage. They exchange rings and promise to love each other forever. Carter pronounces them husband and wife and they kiss.

    B&B Recap: Happy Thanksgiving!

    Wednesday, November 27 2013

    Everyone gathers near the Forrester table. Wyatt places the diamond around Hope's neck, whispering that it's okay, Eric knows. She gazes at him. Nearby, Rick asks Caroline to marry him today - Carter can officiate. She agrees enthusiastically. Hope looks over where Bill, who is seated beside Katie, unsuccessfully attempts to switch seating places. Eric gives the floor to Hope. She asks everyone to say something nice to the person beside them. Liam tells Ally how impressed he is by her. Ally tells Thorne how important his is to her. Thorne tells Maya he's excited she's back at work. Maya compliments Carter's determination, and Carter tells Charlie he's a rock star for saving the diamond. Charlie compliments Pam's lemon bars and her pretty face. Pam says Donna is the most annoying person she's ever met...but she's her best friend! They hug. Donna thanks Eric for everything he's done for her and kisses him. Eric tells Dayzee she's been a blessing in all their lives, and Stephanie that her spirit is alive and well there today. Dayzee compliments Rick for running the company, and Rick tells Caroline they'll always remember this day. Caroline thanks Brooke for being there for her. Brooke reminds Katie of their mother's Thanksgiving feasts - Katie was always thankful for family. Katie tries to pass on her turn, but Hope insists. Katie thanks Bill for fathering her child and the good years together. Bill returns the sentiment, telling Katie she's a great mom and made him a better man, before turning to Quinn and saying he respects her for raising Wyatt alone and for starting her own business. Quinn compliments Wyatt on how far they've come together. Wyatt talks to Hope about Big Bear and makes her beam by saying she affects people and brings out the best in them. Hope turns to Liam and says he's amazing - a genuinely good person; everyone loves him. "Happy Thanksgiving!" They all toast, hug, and pass the food. Liam later tells Hope that nobody else could have pulled this off. He kisses her.

    B&B Recap: She's My Cherry Pie.

    Tuesday, November 26 2013

    At the Forrester mansion, Hope and Ally work while Thorne and Eric reflect on Stephanie's portrait. Caroline and Rick arrive. Caroline thanks Hope for doing an engagement party - and for inviting her Uncle Bill. Dayzee comes in and they talk about what a great job Marcus is doing abroad. They all chat about the big celebration tomorrow. Pam arrives with Charlie - they've been cooking up a storm to prepare. She talks about Charlie's nut roll and he compliments her cherry pie. Rick shouts, "Whoa!" Everyone laughs as the pair heads to the kitchen. Ally asks Hope how she juggles two hot guys and wonders how she'll handle it tomorrow. Hope says she won't handle it - she'll enjoy it. Later, Charlie grills Eric about the security at his house. Nearby, Caroline tells Hope she'll throw her an engagement party - whether it's for her and Wyatt or Liam. Quinn and Wyatt drop in. Thorne raises his eyebrows when Quinn greets Eric with a kiss. They chat as everyone pitches in to prepare the house. Eric tells Quinn to consider herself part of the family. Rick and Caroline reflect on the potential for drama tomorrow. Wyatt tells Hope it's nice to be part of a family. Ally watches.

    It's Good To Take Chances.

    Thursday, October 17 2013

    Hope notices Maya at the boutique and says Rick should be back soon. They talk about how much they miss Maya, and Maya misses working on the line. Hope gets pulled away and two girls asks Maya for her autograph. They hope she returns to model for HFTF. Nearby, Hope tells Wyatt they are running out of inventory - it's amazing! She calls him a genius. Dayzee arrives and says she told Marcus she'd send him pictures in South Africa. Hope and Wyatt walk off and Maya tells Dayzee she doesn't know where Rick has gone. Dayzee has a quick video chat with Marcus. Maya is frantic to find out where Rick has taken Caroline. Meanwhile, Hope and Wyatt congratulate each other some more. He remarks that it's good to take chances in life. They share a champagne toast in front of the diamond. He thinks the line will completely sell out. Hope credits the power of the diamond. Wyatt says if the people weren't there he would kiss her right now. He vows to wait for her to get over Liam. Across the room, Maya tells Dayzee she feels she's made a huge mistake. She's not sure she'll ever get over Rick. Dayzee says Carter will be hurt, but it's better he knows now. Wyatt realizes Maya is waiting for Rick, and tells Hope he doesn't think he'll be back today. Hope goes over and tells Maya Rick's not coming back.

    Watch It Like A Goat.

    Wednesday, October 16 2013

    In her apartment, Maya fondly recalls happy days with Rick. Dayzee arrives asking about wedding plans. Maya admits to Dayzee that she can't stop thinking about Rick. She talks about how she should be a part of the Hope For The Future line. Dayzee asks, "And a part of Rick's future?" She wonders if Maya's having second thoughts. Maya talks about everything that's happened to her since she came to town. She admits she feels differently about Rick than Carter - she misses the way Rick looked at her; the way he's probably looking at Caroline. Dayzee says he seems to be happy with Caroline, but there's only one way to know for sure.

    Dirty Little Secret.

    Monday, August 26 2013

    By the runway, Pam tries to entice the buyers into trying lemon bars. They are pleasantly surprised. Rafael tells Carter he saw Maya giving him the eye from the catwalk, and urges him not to give up. Carter flashes to their kiss. Marcus, Dayzee, and Othello discuss whether it might be Rick's last day as president. Marcus says running the company means a lot to him. Marcus gets a call and learns the truth - the orders are pouring in.


    Friday, August 23 2013

    Maya walks the runway at Forrester. There's still no reaction from the audience. Pam whispers to Eric that perhaps they should cut the music and have a lemon bar break. Thorne and Thomas watch Rick. Thorne says the show's tanking. Caroline reassures Rick that the lack of applause doesn't mean they won't get orders. Marcus notices Carter staring at Maya and calls him out. Carter flashes to kissing her. Rafael notices and hightails it over to Caroline, who says if Maya's cheating on Rick, she'll make sure he finds out after she helps him keep his job. Thomas and Thorne skulk around making note of the silent crowd. Carter compliments Maya. Rick hollers that the showstopper is coming up. Hope models the airy coral gown. She thanks them all and offers to answer questions. There are none. Jarrett is the only one to applaud. Thorne and Thomas exchange a look. Caroline tells Rick to be proud. Thorne and Thomas confront them. Thorne reminds Rick that Eric is making a decision based on the reaction of the press and buyers. He's feeling pretty confident.

    Big Night.

    Monday, August 12 2013

    Rafael tells Maya at the premiere that he has to begin the showing without Rick. Carter says it's her big night. It later concludes and Rafael thanks everyone for its success. He hands Maya the mic to say something. She's brief and Carter takes over. Dayzee and Pam give Carter praise. Rafael says Maya needs to get it together even though Rick isn't there. She says she can't do this and darts out. Rick arrives and Pam cheerfully informs him that he missed the premiere. He is looking for Maya. Pam states they left and to give Maya some space. He dashes out.

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