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    The Bold and the Beautiful CAST - Sally Spectra Garrison - Daily Updates Archive

    Full detailed profile on Sally Spectra Garrison Played by Darlene Conley on The Bold and the Beautiful Daytime Soap Opera.

    Darlene Conley (CBS)

    Birthday: July 18 1942
    Birthplace: Dublin
    Marital Status: Single. Passed away on January 14, 2007.
    Real Name: Darlene Conley


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    B&B Recap: Julius arrives to bring Nicole home

    Thursday, July 09 2015

    At Forrester Creations, Nicole apologizes to Maya for how she acted when she first arrived in Los Angeles. They discuss their parents. Nicole figures their father was furious that their mother returned without her. Maya talks about her parents fearing what they don't understand. Nicole realizes Maya still wants their acceptance after everything. Nicole wishes they could see how wrong they are. Maya thanks Nicole for being on her side. Nicole takes a call from Vivienne asking her to meet at the restaurant. Maya tells Nicole their parents 'are who they are' and deserve acceptance too. Nicole leaves. Rick joins Maya and they discuss the situation with Nicole. She doesn't want Nicole's relationship with their parents to suffer because of her. She admits their acceptance would mean everything. In another office, Katie advises Ivy to be realistic about Steffy's hold on Liam. If she chooses to move on, Wyatt's not a bad place to land. Ivy says he's been a great friend and Hope was crazy to let him go. She wonders if Katie's playing matchmaker. Katie just wants her to be happy. Ivy won't just hand Liam over to Steffy. In Steffy's office, she asks if Wyatt is there for something business-related. Wyatt asks Liam again if he's stringing Ivy along. Liam explains that he cares for Ivy, but he wasn't ready to let Steffy go forever. Wyatt rants about Liam needing to have all the women. "Pick a lane, dude!" He advises Liam to be with Steffy if that's what he wants, but stop dragging Ivy around - she deserves better. Once alone, Steffy shows Liam a design. He says it's sexy, but toned down from the other stuff. She says it's a lot of fun working together. He says it's the most fun he's ever had. Steffy expresses regret for hurting him and assures him she won't run away again. Elsewhere, Wyatt finds Ivy in need of distraction from Liam; Katie pretty much just told her she's already lost him to Steffy. Wyatt complains Steffy can't see him for Liam; where else will he find another package like her? Ivy feels the same way - she'd like to find another guy just like him.

    Trouble Follows You.

    Monday, October 25 2010

    Amber leaves Nick's office to get back to work on her new line and wonders how she is going to pull it off. She sees a picture of Sally Spectra and thinks she hears Sally's voice telling her they are going to pull off a major victory! She calls Oliver and asks him to meet her at Bikini Beach.

    Brooke Relives the Attack!

    Thursday, October 25 2007

    Brooke continues to relive the attack, describing to Stephanie how Andy followed her up to the bedroom and took her by surprise. She goes through all of it again, the chase down the stairs, the physical attack, "He hurt me, he hurt me so bad. I tried to get him to leave, he wouldn't. He said we were just getting started. I mustered up all the strength that I had..." Brooke tells Stephanie how she stabbed him with the letter opener and he finally ran out the door. Brooke is shaken and sobbing as Stephanie draws close to her. They look at each other intently, each searching the other's face...

    Beginnings & Farewells.

    Friday, January 26 2007

    After today's episode, John McCook (Eric Forrester) walked onto the set and delivered a touching tribute to Darlene Conley.

    Forrester Has A New Owner

    Wednesday, November 29 2006

    Brooke and Ridge come into the office, having finished packing up their portion of the building. Stephanie approaches Brooke and tells her that she knows she didn't have to sell her stock to Nick and it's a gesture she'll never forget. Ridge adds, “We're all in this together, as family!” The rest of the family comes in along with Sally, and the family gathers one last time in Forrester. Stephanie recalls memories of her children growing up in Forrester, and tells them “The four of you have turned out to be wonderful adults!” She goes on to say, “I know you all sacrificed your life's work for me. I'm sorry it had to end this way!”

    Downstairs at Forrester the family gets off the elevator to a round of applause from their employees. Eric gives a speech and tells them “Someday, I'm going to get this company back!”

    Old Memories

    Tuesday, November 28 2006

    At Forrester, Sally, Felicia, and Eric go through the office, cleaning out their personal belongings and company paraphernalia. Eric looks through some papers and sadly remarks to the two women, “Our rights to use Forrester in a fashion related house, are gone.” While going through a box, Sally finds an invitation to one of their best fashion shows ever, “ La Villa Este.” Felicia looks at the invitation and hands it to Eric. He briefly reminisces about the event, and remarks that it was one of his and Stephanie's greatest moments.

    Taylor is Free!

    Monday, November 20 2006

    Back at Taylor's, Storm, Felicia, Eric, Stephanie, Ridge, Sally, Thomas, Phoebe, and Thorne celebrate Taylor's return. Thorne asks Ridge “How is this going to be if…” Ridge tells him "I'm not going to throw a wrench in your happiness, I just have one stipulation, don't call her Doc”, “That's the stupidest nickname I've ever heard”, Thorne responds. Eric asks Taylor to tell them how she feels now that she's free. Taylor gives a speech where she thanks them for Storm, and Darla, and tells them that she knows she cannot solve her problems with alcohol.

    Filled With Suspicion

    Monday, October 23 2006

    Thorne questions Shane about being there the night Darla died. As Stephanie begs Thorne to listen to Shane, Taylor screams that she already confessed. Shane admits that he was there, that he saw the whole thing, Phoebe's car broke down on PCH, Darla showing up to help Phoebe… Shane says that Darla fell back into the road just as Taylor came around the curve, that there was no way that Taylor could have missed Darla.

    The judge orders Thorne and both counsels to meet with him in his chambers. Phoebe jumps up and throws herself into Shane's arms, thanking him profusely. Reporters question Shane, and Stephanie tells them to back-off. Hector and Harry arrive. Stephanie fills Hector in on what's happened, says that if Taylor goes to trial Shane's testimony is essential. Taylor screams that she won't put Thorne through a trial, that she's already confessed.

    While Phoebe is talking to Harry, Shane asks Stephanie what she thought of his speech, says that they have a deal, that he better get what he wants.

    The judge comes back into the room. Taylor thanks Stephanie for bringing Shane here, but she can't put Thorne through anymore hurt. Stephanie tells her not to give up. When Thorne and the lawyers take their seats, the judge says that the hearing will continue. The prosecutor asks if Taylor wishes to change her plea. Taylor stands up, looks to Thorne… Stephanie tells her that Thorne wants her to fight this, and Thorne nods yes to Taylor! She tells the judge she wants to change her plea to not guilty.

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