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    The Bold and the Beautiful CAST - Sally Spectra Garrison

    Full detailed profile on Sally Spectra Garrison Played by Darlene Conley on The Bold and the Beautiful Daytime Soap Opera.

    Darlene Conley (CBS)
    Sally Spectra Garrison

    Actor: Darlene Conley

    Who played Sally Spectra Garrison over the years

    Darlene Conley (March 16, 1989 - November 29, 2006)

    Useful information on Sally Spectra Garrison

    * The queen of nicknames! Nicknamed “Sal” by Darla, “Doll” by Stephanie. Sally called Stephanie “Highness” or “Queenie,” and called Felicia “Fifi.”
    * Stole Forrester Creations designs.
    * Hated the Forrester family and wanted to take them down - later became Stephanie Forrester’s friend.
    * Lost her company, Spectra Fashions, on a bet.
    * Wheelchair-bound (due to a real-life leg injury)
    * Had a catchphrase – “Hello, Stephanie!”
    * Responsible for Steph’s short hairdo, after a disastrous cut while drunk and alone in Stephanie’s office.


    Past: Executive Assistant at Forrester Creations
    Past: Former co-owner of Spectra Couture
    Past: Former Acting Head of Logan Designs
    Past: Owner of Spectra Fashions


    An optimistic Sally began her own fashion house, Spectra Fashions, with her husband Adam. The couple had a daughter, Macy, who would be a great support to her mother. Going up against Forrester Creations, Adam had to go to desperate ends to finance the venture and this included borrowing from loan sharks and mixing himself up with organized crime. When he was caught by the police, he was forced to go undercover for them. Eventually, the mob discovered his betrayal and he had to vanish from Sally's life to save his own.

    After his disappearance, Sally found herself struggling and alone with her little daughter. Desperate to pull herself up from debt and disaster, she began to steal designs from other firms, rapidly making her the arch nemesis of Forrester Creations in the process. This strategy was helped along when she covertly hired Clarke Garrison, then a Forrester designer, to steal original designs for her which she would then pass off as her own. The designs he gave her turned out not to be Forrester's but his own and, when they were well-received, she brought him in as her designer under the name Beau Rivage.

    Although Sally dubbed Stephanie Forrester a variety of nasty names, 'Queenie' and 'Highness' among them, she and Eric enjoyed a friendlier animosity, one which was frequently exacerbated by Sally stealing his designers. After she stole Clarke away, she went after Eric's daughter, Felicia, after he refused her designs. Although he reconsidered, Felicia had already joined with Sally. While this hurt and embarrassed him, he publicly offered to buy her out of the contract. Sally refused and managed to push her way further into Forrester territory thanks to substantial charity donations and trickery which allowed her to run joint fashion shows with them. On one famous occasion, she even managed to back an embarrassed Eric into singing a very public duet with her. She also had the help of Clarke and her son CJ to sabotage Forrester shows and embarrass the company.

    In an attempt to catch her in her deceptions, Eric went so far as dating Sally, but even falling in love with him didn't stop her. Becoming even more determined, Eric proposed to her and, as soon as the ring was on her finger, she ordered the stolen designs pulled from her show. When an outraged Stephanie discovered the ruse, she confronted Sally and smashed her wedding ring (which was actually made of glass). While she was heartbroken, she understood why Eric did it and retained her affection for him. This would include pushing him toward Lauren Fenmore, although this was as much a matter of revenge on Stephanie as anything else. It would go as far as sending naughty photos of Lauren and Eric to Stephanie with her loyal surrogate daughter Darla's help.

    In a last desperate attempt to save her company, she put everything she had into young Thomas Forrester's designs, which turned out to be a flop and cost her dearly in her battle with Forrester Creations. Darla provided Sally with much of her support in the later years. Particularly during Sally's strained marriage to Clarke. Darla, like Sally's daughter Macy before her, was married to Thorne Forrester and the pair did their best to look after her. Even after Darla tragically died, Thorne had Sally live with him and his daughter while she dealt with an illness that left her in a wheelchair. After her company collapsed, she went to work as a receptionist at Forrester, but her health was failing. During the time, she and Stephanie buried the hatchet and Sally became part of the Forrester clan, helping fight against Sheila Carter and growing close to the young children in the family.

    Sally moved to the South of France where she occasionally send Clarke and Stephanie updates on her exploits, which often includes cabana boys.


    Adam Alexander (divorced)
    Clarke Garrison (divorced)


    Jack Hamilton
    Eric Forrester (he misled her)




    Macy Alexander (daughter with Adam - deceased)
    Clarke Garrison Jr. (son with Clarke Garrison)
    Darla Einstein Forrester (always thought of as a daughter)



    Thursday, July 09 2015: B&B Recap: Julius arrives to bring Nicole home

    At Forrester Creations, Nicole apologizes to Maya for how she acted when she first arrived in Los Angeles. They discuss their parents. Nicole figures their father was furious that their mother returned without her. Maya talks about her parents fearing what they don't understand. Nicole realizes Maya still wants their acceptance after everything. Nicole wishes they could see how wrong they are. Maya thanks Nicole for being on her side. Nicole takes a call from Vivienne asking her to meet at the restaurant. Maya tells Nicole their parents 'are who they are' and deserve acceptance too. Nicole leaves. Rick joins Maya and they discuss the situation with Nicole. She doesn't want Nicole's relationship with their parents to suffer because of her. She admits their acceptance would mean everything. In another office, Katie advises Ivy to be realistic about Steffy's hold on Liam. If she chooses to move on, Wyatt's not a bad place to land. Ivy says he's been a great friend and Hope was crazy to let him go. She wonders if Katie's playing matchmaker. Katie just wants her to be happy. Ivy won't just hand Liam over to Steffy. In Steffy's office, she asks if Wyatt is there for something business-related. Wyatt asks Liam again if he's stringing Ivy along. Liam explains that he cares for Ivy, but he wasn't ready to let Steffy go forever. Wyatt rants about Liam needing to have all the women. "Pick a lane, dude!" He advises Liam to be with Steffy if that's what he wants, but stop dragging Ivy around - she deserves better. Once alone, Steffy shows Liam a design. He says it's sexy, but toned down from the other stuff. She says it's a lot of fun working together. He says it's the most fun he's ever had. Steffy expresses regret for hurting him and assures him she won't run away again. Elsewhere, Wyatt finds Ivy in need of distraction from Liam; Katie pretty much just told her she's already lost him to Steffy. Wyatt complains Steffy can't see him for Liam; where else will he find another package like her? Ivy feels the same way - she'd like to find another guy just like him.

    Monday, October 25 2010: Trouble Follows You.

    Amber leaves Nick's office to get back to work on her new line and wonders how she is going to pull it off. She sees a picture of Sally Spectra and thinks she hears Sally's voice telling her they are going to pull off a major victory! She calls Oliver and asks him to meet her at Bikini Beach.

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